My bestest friend in the whollleee wide world is coming to LA tomorrow!! So in her honor.. here is a little throw back Thursday for ya. We have pictures dating back to 1998, but I had to rely on Facebook for these bad boys, so they are all fairly recent.. 

I haven't seen her in 4 weeks! Which is actually quite a short time for us lately.

Especially since the last time she was here was 51 weeks ago!! But who's counting.. 

She's my bestest friend and my maid of honor. She gave me the MOST AMAZING bachelorette party. ever. 

And was there to calm my nerves during my SEVEN bridal showers.. 

She will forever be the one to do my make up for any special occasion.. 

And we clearly like to share clothes.. 

We ruled the world trekking across Europe back in 2006..

This... is just too much. hahah 

Couldn't have done three weeks in Europe at the ripe age of 16 with anyone else.

We've got a LOT of concerts under our belts.. 

This was wayyy back in 2004. This. night. If you only knew.. 

She's "my person" .. My go to. The first one I turn to. 

She was there every step of mom's cancer journey and wore her breast cancer pin proudly.

She has the sweetest heart and the most giving spirit. 

And I couldn't imagine anyone "getting me" anymore than she does. 

Couldn't be me without you. 

Now hurry up and get here!! 


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