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Five on Friday!

Hey y'all! So I have found a new (to me) blog that I am in looove with! Christina over at Carolina Charm is just the cutest!! So I am trying out a new link up with her and a few other ladies called "Five on Friday". (ALSO - three blog posts in one week?! I'd say I am officially back on the train!)

one. this wine glass. When we lived in California I was pretty much an exclusive Napa cab drinker. But now that we have moved back down South, it is just wayyyy too hot to sit on the patio with red wine. So I have purchased alllll the cheap sav blanc from Trader Joe's and I use THIS glass that you store in the freezer to keep it iced cold. Seriously, so worth it. If you're a white drinker, treat ya self. You won't regret it :) 

two. ms. jenny. Ohh my heart. Maddie's daycare owner back in California was sooo in love with our girl. She treated her like her own and always had such a special place for Maddie Jane. We text back and forth weekly with updates. I sent Jenny this picture the other night of MJ squeezing the bunny we lovingly call "Jenny Bunny" that she gave MJ on her last day..

It just breaks my heart that our girl won't have Ms. Jenny regularly in her life. The sweet lady that kept me when I was younger, Ms. Dorothy, was at my wedding!! I am so going to do my best to stay in touch with Jenny!

three. girl time. Last night I met Kayley down in Vinings to get our nails done. It was SO good to catch up with this sweet friend and have a little girl time. We talked non-stop for two hours straight. Love when you can just pick right back up where you left off. 

We went to this super boujee place (totally appropriate for us, right K? HA) It was gorgeous and SO clean and actually cheaper than a couple of little hole in the wall places I have been to around town. We pinky promised to make it a monthly thing. AHHH being home is good. So good.

four. eating from our garden. AJ and I have loved having fresh herbs again and are doing pretty well with our tomatoes too! We actually have so many herbs, we are having to give them away to keep them cut back enough to grow!! 

This week AJ had a sandwich with tomatoes and fresh basil from our garden. There is just something so good about eating things you grew yourself, right?? 

five. our home. Everything is slowly, but surely coming together with our home!! Last night I picked up this lamp and succulent from A Classy Flea for $40 total! (Need to hide those dang cords..) I am sooo close to having everything decorated. Just a couple more touches and I can do a home tour on the blog! 

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! We have been going or had company every single weekend since we moved, so we are SO excited to just stay home! See y'all back here next week!!


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What's Up Wednesday

 Like every month, I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for their What's Up Wednesday link-up!

1. What we're eating this week...
Monday: We hit up Buford Highway Farmer's Market and stocked up on fish, pork, chicken to last us three weeks for under $60!! So Monday night, we had grilled herb stuffed tilapia and sauteed mushrooms. We are LOVING having a grill on the deck.

Tuesday: Last night we finally busted out our Vegetable Spiralizer we got for Christmas and made Turkey Bolognese with Zucchini "Noodles". It was SO good, SO healthy, and SO cheap (like $4 for both of us!) We will definitely be trying this guy out on more vegetables!

Wednesday: We are having grilled chicken quarters (that we got for $1.50 for a three pack!!) and roasted fingerling potatoes. See a theme here? We grill every night, ha!

Thursday: Last week I also stocked up on Trader Joe's favorites while I was in the city (#OTPproblems). Their fried rice is so much easier, so much tastier, and so much cheaper than when we do it on our own. Total win all around!! We are throwing in some shrimp, a fried egg, (and maybe a little yum yum sauce, oops!) and calling it a day :)
Friday: Rounding out the week with some grilled butterfly pork chops and roasted corn.. Because y'all.. It is 3 ears for a dollar and SO sweet right now!! You can find it on our menu every week until Labor Day.

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
Our mini-vacation with the Jones' family. You can read all about our #jonespartyof20 trip HERE.

Also still thinking about what a great weekend we had for Father's Day!! You find that recap back HERE.

 3. What I'm loving... 

My new hair!! Last Friday I chopped off 9 inches and it feels SO good. I get so bored with my hair.. I have been super short, insanely long, blonde, brown, RED. And it is so dang hot, drying this mop was pretty painful. So I have been itching to do this big chop for quite some time!! 

I donated my hair back in 2013 and knew I wanted to do it again. So I was waiting to make sure I had enough. I sent these locks back to Children With Hair Loss like I did last time. Love this organization and that they are providing wigs for sweet kiddos FREE of charge. 

4. What we've been up to...
Well.. we bought a car! We sold our Volvo back in California because it was just not worth bringing it across the country. We have been looking for a small SUV for a few weeks and I kept coming back to the GMC Terrain. When we found a STEAL of a deal up in Cartersville one day, we packed the family up, grabbed Chick fil A and headed up north to get this beauty. I am loving it!! 

In addition to Father's Day... and a Lake Weekend.. we have been doing a lot of outdoor sitting. Maddie calls this her "bath" and strips her clothes off every chance she gets to get in.

Accompanying our many evenings sitting on the deck, grilling up yumminess, and taking "baths", AJ has been serving up some great cocktails too. We have declared a new cocktail recipe per week is on the To Do list! 

5. What I'm dreading... 
Nothing right now! Life is good and the living is easy!

6. What I'm working on...
Keeping our herbs, flowers and tomatoes alive! They struggled a bit while we were on vacation, but I am being pretty diligent on their TLC. 

Last night we picked our first crop off the tomato plant!! Fingers crossed I can keep my green thumb up :)

7. What I'm excited about...
This girl has finally adjusted to daycare!! We spent several mornings dealing with complete meltdowns at school, but she is a pro now! She goes right in, washes her hands, and sits down at her table to wait for breakfast. So proud of her and her resilient self!! 

8. What I'm watching/reading...
Beverly invited me to join her monthly book club and I read this month's book in a DAY. It was such an easy read and the end really surprised me. We have plans to watch the movie next month! You can read more about it and buy it HERE.
July's book club book is The Nightingale. I have picked it up a couple times and just can't get into it. I need some good alone time to really dig in.. Hint, hint hubby :) You can read more about it and buy it HERE.

On the TV front, I have completely given up on The Bachelorette. I just could not get into it this season.. and I can't dedicate several hours a week to a boring show.. SO AJ and I have finally started the new season of Orange is the New Black. So far, so good.

9. What I'm listening to...
Podcasts! AJ and I have been podcast binging a lot lately while we do chores, work, etc. While he is more into the crime shows, I have been enjoying some girl talk. I love the LadyGang.. three girls, gossiping about pop culture, with no filter. Yes ma'am.

Also loooving Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. She is hilarious on SnapChat, so I was pretty pumped to hear about her podcast. And let me tell ya.. it doesn't disappoint.

10. What I'm wearing...
A grand total of ONE picture of my outfits this month.. BUT I finally have my closet organized and should be better about putting together fun outfits and remembering to take pics, ha! I ordered these shoes and the jury is still out if I like them or not.. 
Similar Shoes 

11. What I'm doing this weekend...

We finally have a weekend at home with no plans!! We have had things going on since we moved, so we are excited to spend some time together as a fam.. most likely on the back deck or downtown Woodstock:)

12. What I'm looking forward to next month... 
Celebrating the 4th of July in our little town, Mom and I are going to a concert together, Honey is coming to visit, and we have several dinner dates with friends planned. Loving summertime in Georgia :) 


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Jones Family Weekend at Lake Oconee

With our ever growing family, that consists of a lot of kids these days, planning a summer vacation is pretty tricky. We normally do a week at the beach (usually Edisto), but this year we simply could not map out an entire week that worked for everyone. So we opted for a long weekend at close by Lake Oconee so everyone could come and go as their schedule allowed. AJ, Maddie Jane, and I got there Thursday evening after a pretty easy drive down from Atlanta.

Friday morning we took it easy as family members were slowly trickling in. We spent the day tubing, floating, wake boarding, and eating a LOT.

Oh this picture means the world!! Maddie Jane and her great grandparents who are simply the BEST.

Saturday was more of the same. SO much relaxing, card playing, and eating, ha. Maddie Jane definitely did not lack in the attention department!!

On Sunday AJ and I snuck away to the Ritz to meet up with Brit and Ben for lunch. How stinkin cute is this baby Mama!? I was SO happy to get my hands on Huddy for the first time!

And that is a wrap on Jones Family Vacay. It was short, but easy.. And I will take any time with that wonderful family of mine. So thankful for Grandma and Granddan for getting this huge house for us to enjoy for a few days!

It felt SO weird that we just had to get in the car and drive home. No planes or calculating time zones or readjusting.. Man oh man, it's good to be home. I'll be back tomorrow with a whole bunch more for What's Up Wednesday! 

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