In Fashion Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Y'all!! As always, I am linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!! 

1. Matilda Jane
I am OBSESSED. Anybody have a tiny little girl? I just need to buy you some of their absolutely adorable clothing. Three words. ruffled. flared. pants. ahhh I die. And it is so mix and match - you can pair anything with anything! like I said. Obsessed. 

And.. they have adult clothes too. Just purchased my first pair of crazy pants. Can I get away with wearing these to work?? I am def going to try.. 

2. NOT my favorite - Grey's Anatomy 
Whyyy Shonda Whyyy??? I have been watching this show since 2005. Every single week. And you have killed off just wayyy too many characters, and I was okay until now. I draw the line at McDreamy. You are destroying the very foundation of the show!! 

I don't know if I can recover from this.. 

3. THIS shirt. 
I wear it way too often. I just can't get enough of it - It's my absolute favorite, stripes. It is super comfy and soft. It has structure but not too much. And it has zippers. I love zippers, and buttons, and well any unnecessary accessory. ha I need it in another color. Hint hint, mom :) You can buy it HERE in black and white (it's sold out in red and white). 

4. Team Kaitlyn
The Bachelorette promo just came out and like the rest of the world, I am totally #teamkaitlyn. I really can't even believe they are doing this - it's a sick joke. Surely the guys will pick her right? Watch the promo - Kaitlyn is already voicing her (very valid) opinions on how dumb this is.. 

Hardly a day goes by without talking to Anna Kat. We share a love of plain clothes, a pet peeve of being called Anna, chowing down on seafood, tswift car sing alongs, carb overloading, and a good screen shot. She is constantly helping me with blog ideas and will be quick to critique when I post something dumb. I have been loving this girl since I was 14 and became her most favorite babysitter ever. #BabysittersMakeBestFriends 

heyy my favorite shirt again

First person I hugged at my wedding reception 

Trying to talk her into moving to Cali one trip at a time 


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  1. I had no idea that Matilda Jane sold adult stuff. Those pants are so cute!! The next Bachelorette season sounds crazy ...but I'm sure I'll get sucked into it! lol. Have a fabulous weekend! :)

    1. Everybody needs a little crazy TV in their life to feel super normal! Haha have a great weekend!

  2. You'll love your adult MJ pants! I have a pair of Finn pants and LIVE in them! Plus, they make really cute clothes for my girlies!!! I cried and cried when McDreamy died! Cannot believe they killed him off!!! AGH!

    1. I am counting down the days until they get here!! Have a great weekend!