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Easter Throw Back Thursday

Man oh man do I love a good Throw Back Thursday. Mom and I had so much fun reminising over these pictures. I am definitely going to stock up on some pictures while I am home this weekend to keep these throw backs coming! 

Baby Anna-Grace

1991 - Age 1 
Mom started me off on the monograms early 

1992 - Age 2
This haircut... WHY Mom WHY

1993 - Age 3
I don't look very amused.. I still make this face all the time! 

1994 - Age 4
Mom said at this age I wanted to be a school teacher 

Baby AJ 

1995 - Age 4
AJ still makes this face after a few drinks 

1997 - Age 6
E said AJ's ambitions at this age were to become a part time taxi driver, part time Nintendo programmer 

1999 - Age 8
Alix is seriously the cutest kid EVER! I hope our babies look just like her!

Anna-Grace and AJ 

Our first Easter together - 2010
AJ had just shaved his head for St. Baldricks 

Second Easter together - 2011
uhh no clue what we did this year?? 

Third Easter together - 2012
First Easter with Molly! She was too busy running crazy to join the picture.

Fourth Easter together - 2013
This was a weekend packed with wedding showers. We were clearly tired of smiling. 

Fifth Easter together - 2014
We spent Easter in Vegas for AJ's birthday! 

And I suppose this year's will have to be a screen shot of our FaceTime! 


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