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What's Up Wednesday

 Like every month, I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for their What's Up Wednesday link-up!

1. What we're eating this week...
Well this week I am in Nashville for work, so I am eating alllll the fancy things. Last night we went to Husk and it was amazing! And how gorgeous is this restaurant!? 

I had Ol' Fuskie Crab Rice.. think perfectly cooked/seasoned rice with some crunchy edges, freshly steamed crab, onions, garlic. YUM. And that pretty drink over there is called The Kramer.

My coworker Kaylie got the pulled pork sliders with pork skins and pickeled red onions. She had me drooling over them too! 

Tonight we are going to Pharmacy Burger which I have heard nothing but amazing things about. 

  2. What I'm reminiscing about...
I love when old blog posts pop up in my TimeHop. Today one year ago, I was writing about my baby girl being 9 months. How is time flying by so quickly!? 

3. What I'm Loving...
While I've been in Nashville, AJ is holding down the fort at home just fine. Love that man of mine and how great of a Daddy he is .. AND I love my daily morning pictures! You see those hair-dos!? #daddyoftheyear

4. What we've been up to...
SO much. Like TOO much. My head is kinda spinnin at this point, and I am so ready for a lazy weekend!! 

I talked about our parents' only weekend back HERE


I talked about our couple days at the lake HERE.

5. What I'm dreading... 

That drive back to Atlanta.. it's so curvy and always packed with 18 wheelers and it is supposed to be super rainy on Friday! On the drive up here, I took a tiny detour to have lunch at Rain in Chattanooga .. it's the sushi restaurant Maci from Teen Mom always goes to. Just letting my freak flag fly high today! hahah 

6. What I'm working on...
Even though I am missing my girl and hubby like crrazzyy this week, I am working on enjoying Nashville! Last night we headed out to Acme after dinner and it was gorgeous! 

The weather was perfect, and downtown was pretty much a ghost town. 

It was so nice to have that rooftop up there practically to ourselves! 

7. What I'm excited about...

Getting back home and having a lazy weekend!! While I am missing my girl it totally made my week to open up my notebook and find Maddie doodles in there :) 

8. What I'm watching/reading...
For our book club, I read The Nightingale. It has out of this world reviews and most people say that it is the best book they have read all year.. I just couldn't get on board. I struggggled through it. Maybe I just don't have an appreciation for things set so far in the past? Who knows. But check it out for yourself HERE.

Now I am reading a much easier book, If You Only Knew.. Great, light chick lit! I'm about half way through, but it's a page turner for sure. I think Kristan Higgins is going to be an author I come back to time and time again.You can snag it HERE.

9. What I'm listening to...
Podcasts per usual! One of my favorites was Oprah's Super Soul conversations with Present Over Perfect author, Shauna Neiquist. She talked about the strive for perfection and how it can ruin your life. It spoke to me on so many levels and really made me think. You can (and totally should) listen to it HERE.

10. What I'm wearing...
I did an entire work wear post back HERE, so I don't have many pics. But the ones I have, I reallyyyy like. 

I got so many compliments on this outfit!! The shirt is old from Target and those are my go to Vince Camuto dress pants..  I was wearing THESE shoes so often, that I bought them in black too! And y'all they are 50% off! I almost want to buy one more pair for when I inevitably wear these out!! They are that good.

I threw this cutie little outfit together for date night. I think the shirt, shorts and necklace are all from Forever 21??? HA. I've never worn this combo together, but I'm totally digging it!! Similar shoes can be found HERE.

11. What I'm doing this weekend...
A lot of relaxing combined with the best weekend of the ENTIRE YEAR... college football starts!!!! I cannot wait to cheer on the dawgs on Saturday from my cozy couch! 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month... 
FOOTBALL. Holy cow y'all I live for the fall months and being glued to espn every Saturday. On top of all the goodness, we have another parents' only weekend (complete with a double date night and 2Cellos concert!!), hosting a baby shower at our house, and kicking off the wedding shower season for my bestie! It's going to be another packed one and I'm so excited about it :) 


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Catching up..

Wooo y'all. I am tired. I am writing this from a hotel room in Nashville after driving 762 miles in the past 6 days.. 531 of those with a toddler. WHO knew the third week in August was going to be so insane when I started booking all these things months ago!? MJ's face below would have been the look I would've given if I had only knew! haha! So let me go back a little bit... 

Last Tuesday night we headed to the Pryor Family Reunion at Lake Keowee in South Carolina. We had a pretty uneventful ride and headed out to the lake with our cousins the first thing Wednesday morning. 

Maddie Jane looooved being with those boys and definitely held her ground at being rough and tough. No vacation is ever relaxing with a toddler, but we really enjoyed spending time with AJ's family that we really never see.. some we had never even met! 

Maddie Jane has a little cousin about 9 months younger than her and they played so well together. So sweet seeing tiny little relationships form. 

I think the highlight of both Maddie Jane and AJ's trip was kayaking. 

That girl floated around with her Daddy for almost an hour! I would have loved to hear what all they were talking about :) 

Thursday night we had a big celebration for AJ's Uncle Buzz and Aunt Diane's 50th wedding anniversary. And what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with trying to get 30 people to all smile at a camera in 90 degree heat!? hahah 

I snagged a behind the scenes pic of the grandchildren group shot and I can only imagine that the big group looked about the same! 

We all survived and will be so happy that we captured this time together (and remembered that it was real life with a bunch of tiny kiddos!!) 

Maddie Jane insisted that "Baby" make it into every single family photo.. Mind you this baby doll isn't hers and she discovered it 5 mins before the shoot. #pickyourbattles 

These outtakes are just too good not to include ha! 

Everyone's reward for smiling for the camera?? Lasagna! Maddie Jane thoroughly approved. 

Elizabeth and Mary Grace are the oldest of the grandkids and were just SO sweet with MJ. Elizabeth was my savior in being able to get anything done! She helped me out soo much!! 

And Friday morning we were up at the crack of dawn to get to Sandersville. We took a very interesting route home that included a couple dirt roads, ha! 

We dropped AJ off to get some work done before his video conference and Maddie Jane with Grandma Audrey and Mom and I went to Dublin. She had a hair appointment that I tagged a long to, got my nails done and had an ahhhhmazing lunch at Company Supply. 

We got back to Maddie Jane wiiiide away and chomping on some Dairy Lane ice. 

Then we headed to Brentwood for their 500th football game. 

They recognized all the past football players and cheerleaders and it was pretty cool to stand by my husband on that field! (I want to say we were the only couple??) 

Maddie Jane only made it through the first quarter (which was still wayyyy past her bedtime), but she loved every minute she was there! 

Especially the big run out with cowbells and smoke extinguishers. 

That girl. Those piggies. I die. 

Alright, next stop. (Are you tired of reading yet??) We went to Lake Oconee Saturday to host a baby shower for my sweet friend, Brittany. 

It was so great seeing so many of my girlfriends, their husbands, and showering our girl! She is going to be the BEST Mama and I cannot wait to meet Hudson in just a couple weeks! 

After that shower, we hopped in the car and drove to Atlanta. We dropped Maddie off at AJ's dad's house, did a quick outfit change and headed to a wedding shower for one of AJ's fraternity brothers. 

Take one and two with the ginormous fans keeping us cool in that Georgia heat. Love these Fiji wives so much and that we get to do all these simple little things together again!! 

We stayed in the city Saturday night so AJ could watch the fight with his Dad and finallyyyyy made it home to Woodstock Sunday morning. I came home to a bunch of dead plants so I went ahead and got fall flowers planted. And bought groceries, and unpacked our clothes, and washed clothes, and cleaned the house and repacked my suitcase... 

Then last night we went out to a great little family dinner to spend some time together before I was on the road again this morning! Isn't that little kids meal boat cute Maddie got at that sushi restaurant?? 

I am in Nashville now for work through Friday and I am SO thankful I didn't plan anything for us to do Labor Day weekend, because I am pooped!! Happy Monday friends!! 

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