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April Birchbox Review

So I've told you guys before how much I looovee getting my Birchbox every month. My sweet sister in law, Alix, got this subscription for me for Christmas and it has seriously been the best thing ever. I have decided to give you an insight as to what comes in these boxes each month.

Might I add how cute the actual box is.. I don't want to throw it away!

Whish Shave Cream
Let me preface this whole schpill with the fact that I normally shave with only water. I HATE shaving my legs, so I do it as quickly as possible (and most of the time do a terrible job!). So this is blueberry shave cream, yes blueberry!! haha Fortunately, it doesn't smell too strongly. (It actually comes in six different flavors.) It lathers pretty well and you can get a really good shave with it! I will note that I cut myself, which I never do.. Ehh I prob wouldn't spend $20 on a big bottle of this. But.. 
You can purchase it HERE.

Beauty Protector Oil 
I talked about a very similar product made by this company on one of my Friday Favorites. I discovered it in my very first Birchbox and immediately purchased the larger bottle. This product is a little different.. it's an oil and you only need a TINY bit to go a long way. It would be great to tame the crazy hair some people are cursed with, but I prefer my spray protector. The spray doesn't get your hands all oily and it also acts as a detangler. I think this would be a great finishing product for those ladies with the "fly aways". #ImBlessedWithStraightHair #IDontKnowWhatImTalkingAbout
You can purchase it HERE.

Temple Spa: Beach Be Still Calming Face and Body Balm 
This face cream smells amazing and feels soo good when you put it on. You know that tingly, calming feeling. However, I didn't feel like my face was moisturized 5 minutes later. Living in dry Southern California, I have to put on moisturizer twice a day. While this smells great, I just need something a little stronger to leave my face feeling moisturized all day. If you have naturally oily skin, this might be the product for you!
You can purchase it HERE.

 Cynthia Rowley : Beauty Brightening Illuminator
I try to have my make up routine to under 10 minutes. I don't enjoy putting on makeup, I don't like having a ton of goup on my face, and really I would just rather spend that time in the morning sitting on the couch watching the news. However, this little product is a quick and easy addition to your routine. You put it over your make up to add some extra highlights (shininess) to your cheeks, nose and temple. I'm probably not adding this to my daily routine, but I think it would be a fun addition on a night out on the town!
You can purchase it HERE.

So this box was actually a terrible representation of my love of Birchbox! I didn't fall in love with any product.. but I did have fun trying them out! And let's be honest, the best part about all of this is getting a package in the mail!!

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