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Holiday in Dixie - Cotillion Time!

We got up at the crack of dawn on Friday to head to Louisiana (3:30am!!). Two planes and seven hours later we made it!! 

So first things first when we arrived in Shreveport - hair done and a venti iced skinny vanilla latte. 

AJ made us a yummy meat and cheese plate to snack on during the afternoon getting ready.

So I got this dress from Rent the Runway.. the waist fit perfectly, but under the arms looked like bat wings!! My AMAZING mother in law popped a few stitches in and it fit like a glove!

All ready to go! Isn't he is so dang good lookin!?

In the limo ready to go! The selfie game was strong this weekend!

Isn't this arrangement gorgeous!? I am a sucker for a white arrangement.. You should see my wedding pictures, ha!

And the ceremony begins! This is the King of the court.

Alix and her escort!

Like I said.. selfie game strong. Lexi peacing in the background haha

Jesters throw beads out after the ceremony. No, we did not receive these in traditional New Orleans fashion... 

Good looking siblings! Excited for my babies to have these genes!!

Oh, how we have missed Southern food. AJ is chowing down on some quail. I was OBSESSED with the cat fish that night.. oops

He hasn't quite got the serious face look down yet.. haha

Pryor girls and their red manis! Ahh and I got to wear Gran's ring that I wore in my wedding!

The theme for this year's Cotillion was Roaring 20s, so very appropriate feathered arrangements!

After the ceremony and dinner, the ball room turns into a dance party with a live band. We had SO much fun dancing the night away! Love this man so.

Day Two - Holiday in Dixie Parade and Queen, Prince, Princess party. 

At the parade that we kinda missed.. Sorry Lex!!

Party hosted by the Queen, Prince and Princess. Amazing apps and more gorgeous arrangements.

Same band from the night before - they were from Atlanta, but I cannot remember their name for the life of me!

And that's a wrap! We ended our night early-ish because we had yet another 6am flight the next morning. So, so much fun with the family in Louisiana!


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