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What's Up Wednesday!

Idea grabbed from Mel @ Larson Lingo

What I'm reading...
Wild! I have heard so many amazing things about this book. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I definitely wanted to get this read in before doing so. Because we all know.. the book is ALWAYS better! If you're not familiar with the story.. Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) hits a midlife crisis with a broken marriage, self destructive behavior and loss of her mother. In order to start new, she decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.. alone. Excited to dive into this book over the next few days!

What I'm looking forward to...

These two coming to see me!! Love, love, love that my relationships made at my first job out of college are still going strong today. The girls I worked with at Prestige were not just co-workers, they were truly some of my best friends. I miss seeing them every day more than anything. So excited to have both Amanda and JTuck in LA this weekend!

What I'm watching...
19 Kids and Counting!! And yesterday Jessa and Ben announced they are expecting! So happy for this cute little family. She is due November 1 with her first baby.

What I've been up to...
Watching a LOT of TV. AJ has had to work late the past two nights. He needed to get some time in on this million dollar microscope. In order to use it, his department has to "rent" it and it cost a lot of $$. So if he goes at night, it's half the price! I have missed him at night, but haven't been too upset eating chicken nuggets and catching up on my shows!! Of course with my favorite side kick..

What I'm listing to...
all the good music on the ACMs! Sunday night I watched a ton of amazing performances.. well like 2 hours of it and then fell asleep. But I did get to catch this HOTT woman sing! I love her, and her lyrics, and her style, and her attitude. And I pretty much just want to be her, haha!

What I'm wearing...
Blazer: Express
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

What I want - you guys help me! 
So.. I still have not worked on the couch collage. I am really just waiting for my mom to get here in a few weeks to do it for me. But I DO want to order a few things ahead of time.. Which one of these do you guys like?? I am so indecisive..


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  1. Love the Arrows and the State of Georgia! Paige and I had a collage over our couch and we had a mirror and a clock in the mix. Just a suggestion :) Love you!