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What's Up Wednesday

Idea grabbed from Mel @ Larson Lingo

What I'm reading
Beyond Belief : My Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape
Now, I am almost always reading the latest romance novel or feel good mommy story, but sometimes I just need to change it up. This popped up on my Amazon suggestion list and decided to give it a try! It's sucking me in pretty quickly! I cannot BELIEVE what I am reading!!

What I'm looking forward to

Cotillion! This weekend we are going to Louisiana for Alix's Cotillion. It's a weekend full of balls and parties and drinks!! Who doesn't love getting dressed up and having a cocktail?? Here is a throwback from AJ's Cotillion in 2012.

What I'm dreading
More flights! I still haven't recovered from my whirlwind in Georgia, now we are headed to Louisiana! Now don't get me wrong, I am ABSOLUTELY looking forward to being in Louisiana and putting on my fancy dress and spending time with my in laws, but those flights, ugh. And there is not a direct flight from LA to Shreveport, so we will have a layover in Dallas both ways. And 6am flights at that.. I do this to myself! It is not one's fault but my own!! But at least I get to see these people!

What I'm watching
This is actually what I should be watching.. I am THREE weeks behind on this show. Every night I fall asleep early and have to let another show go on the DVR and this one keeps getting pushed to the end of the list. So anxious to know what is going to happen to Jack!

What I'm listing to
I could listen to Dave all day, every day, with out ending. We have been to a DMB show every year since we started dating. (September will be year number 6 of DMB shows!) Actually a Dave concert is how we got back together after that little hiccup, and I walked down the aisle to Crash, and our first dance was this song.. So yeah, he kinda plays a big part in our relationship. haha

What I'm working on 
Expanding my shoe collection! haha But seriously, I got both of these pairs of shoes for less than $75 TOTAL at Nordstrom Rack. Obsessed with that place!!

These are Aldo and look super nice but are made of really soft material. 

These are Chinese Laundry and SO comfortable despite that 4 in heel! 

What I'm annoyed by
Laundry and packing! I do not know how two people accumulate so much laundry. I can only imagine how you moms out there feel! I normally save laundry for the weekends, but with all this traveling I have to do it now. And not to mention I have to go to the basement to do laundry.. and constantly have quarters on hand..

What I'm hoping for
That one of these dresses fits!! After much, much, MUCH debate over my Cotillion dress, I ended up ordering from Rent the Runway. They send you two sizes, so fingers crossed one of these fits when I get to Louisiana!! Taking a back up dress just in case..

What I'm wearing 
Sweater: Target
Dress: Forever21
Booties: Nordstrom


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