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Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night AJ and I hosted a dinner party at our house for some coworkers and their significant others. We did a true Southern theme for out mostly New York/California crowd. 

Appropriately with the Masters just ending, everyone loved hearing that Pimento and Cheese was a famous dish served in August in each year.  

One of my mom's staples at every tail gate is Texas Caviar. If you have the Brentwood Cookbook - it's in there :) 

Every year, I make AJ a key lime cake for this birthday. I almost cut it too close, and was icing this bad boy about 15 minutes before the guests were to arrive. 

Hydrangeas are my FAVORITE flower! Having them at the party was great, but they were dead by Saturday morning! 

Hubby was excited to finally be utilizing our little bar and to play bartender for the night. 

All set up so nice and cute. Love getting to use so many of our wedding gifts, FINALLY! 

Texting mom for moral support.. of course she wanted to know what I was wearing. (New JCrew shorts y'all, they are amazing. Go get you some STAT!)

Happy Birthday Age! So glad we were able to sneak a little birthday action into the party.  

Mmmm I love seeing that color. I made the cake extra tangy this time, so it went REALLY well with the sweet cream cheese icing. 

Mid-party action shot. Everyone loved the meal and getting together in our home! I was so happy to finally be able to show off all our hard work we have put into our new place. And loved getting to show off my cooking skills too!! 

Saturday we had a super nutritious McDonalds breakfast (oops!) and did the weekly grocery shopping. We did a lot of snuggling and watching TV the rest of the day, I was pooped! (We watched both the Imitation Game and Intrasteller.) Saturday night we checked out Fresh Corn Grille and it will absolutely be one of our staples now. Fresh, simple, and cheap! 

Sunday we went to church and had lunch at Souplantation and did even more of this.. The whole family was exhausted from our week of deep cleaning, cooking and prepping for the dinner party. Gearing up for another week and getting ready for our house guests this weekend! 


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  1. I'm so glad your dinner party was a success! It looked like a lot of fun. I can't wait to make my trip to Cali one day. Haha. Xoxo :)