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What we're eating..

The past couple nights we have had some seriously yummy meals, and they were all things I've never put on the blog. So.. I decided to write them down to reference later when we are in a dinner rut! Also I'm trying to lose the pesky 10 lbs I gain every single summer, so I'll be adding a healthy tag to this to reference next summer, ugh. 

Mexican Zucchini Boats
Zucchini at Kroger is so cheap and so fresh, so I doubled down on it. This meal is insanely easy. Split the zucchini in half and pre bake them for 15 minutes or so. Next brown some beef/turkey, pork, and add taco seasoning. Pile that in the "boat," add mexican cheese, and pop back in the oven to broil. Top it with green onions and a little sour cream and voila! 

 Salmon Burgers w/Avocado & Bacon
I was soooo skeptical when I found these salmon burgers in the freezer section at Kroger, but they are on repeat now in the Pryor household! Last time we had them with big ole fluffy potato rolls and an aioli and they were MUCH better but.. tight pants = no carbs. So you bake the patties and the bacon on a sheet pan in the oven, smash an avocado with a pinch of salt, and pile it all together with a simple side. And dinner is ready in like 25 mins. 

Zoodles Chicken Stir Fry
For zucchini round two, we used our spiralizer and made zoodles. AJ marinated the zoodles with Asian sauces (soy, rice wine vinegar, etc.) and set them off to the side. We sauteed red onion, green beans, mushrooms, and chicken and mixed them all together. We served them with green onions AND I had it for lunch the next day. Delicious! 

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Life Lately

Playing catch up again! Summer time is just so stinkin busy, and I've been constantly chasing my tail the past few weeks. Here is a big ole photo dump, and a little bit of caption from our life lately..

We have been spending a lot of time with our sweet neighbors - Maddie Jane and Natalie are just the cutest little pees in a pod. LOVE being part of such an awesome neighborhood! 

While E was here, we all went to the Fox to see Book of Mormon. It was SO good! I laughed until I cried.. the jury is still out on this jumpsuit though.. I FELT so cute in it, but doesn't photograph well..

We also grabbed dinner with Bruce while E was here. We had some of the best sushi at Monkey 68 in Roswell! 

MJ had a girls day with Honey while she was here and they came up to the Avalon to see me and have lunch. Annnnnd Honey may have bought Maddie Jane every pair of shoes in Gymboree, ha! Man oh man I could say a million words about having my mother in law here for two weeks. She was such a blessing and helped out with so dang much! We love you, Honey!! 

I hopped down to Sandersville last Saturday for one of mom's retirement parties. Big post on her retirement coming soon! 

I rolled out of bed in Sandersville and hit the road back to my girl. That whirlwind called for messy hair, burgers and ice cream! 

Monday I met Amanda to hand MJ off to go to Grandmas for the week. She LOVES those Turner boys something fierce. (And she is so dang bossy.. no idea where she gets that from.. She said "Barrett cuddle with me! Mommy take a picture!" .. I shudder to think about her teenage years..)

MJ kept up with the boys for TWO days full of playing, splash pad, and baseball. I got a text from Grandma last night saying she feel asleep at 6pm before bath or bedtime (and she didn't wake up until 6 this morning)! 

I miss that girl SO much, but she is having the time of her life with her cousins, Gigi, Grandma, Granddaddy, and alllll the other visitors in and out. Summers at Grandma's house are some of the BEST memories I have from childhood. Maddie Jane is SO lucky to have a grandma and great-grandma who are both such a BIG part of her life!! 

And until we get our girl back... Age and I are going on back to back date nights! And I couldn't be more excited :) 

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Atlanta Zoo

We had been discussing going to the zoo for forever and finally nailed down a day to go while Honey was in Georgia. We are now members (thanks Honey!) so we can go into the park early on Sunday mornings before its hot and crowded. Little Miss had NO idea what she was in for!! 

She hopped in and out of the stroller at every exhibit. Sometimes the terrible twos are really tough.. and some days they are just so stinkin special.

FAVORITE picture from the day. That girl does not lack in the personality department.

I have a picture in this exact spot about 20 years ago.. I need to find it and do a comparison!

E wanted me to capture the moment she got within 10ft of a snake! ha! 

The gorilla exhibit was definitely my favorite. Those creatures are so human-like it's insane. I could have watched them for hours! 

Maddie Jane's first dippin' dots experience! 

The petting zoo was precious.. I think MJ could have spent her entire day brushing the sheep and goats!

We were headed out the park and E suggested we swing back by the elephants one more time.. and I'm so glad we did!! We caught "Kelly" the elephant getting a bath. We got to see her do all of her commands up close and personal. SO cool.

And no trip to the zoo is complete without swinging through the gift shop. I was so surprised when MJ chose a lion to come home with her! 

It was the BEST day at the zoo! We have plans to go back several more times this year! 

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, guys!! Still playing a bit of catch up on the blog.. I've got TEN Friday Favorites to get us back on track :)

1. Simpler Wines
Our community pool doesn't allow glass containers, so I have been looking for some yummy drinks to be able to throw in a cooler. My FAVORITE I have tried thus far is the peach Simpler Wines from Trader Joes. Not too sweet and has a nice fizz!

2. Maddie/Molly Relationship
Maddie Jane and Molly have kiiiinda had a love/hate relationship over the past two years. But now they are becoming best friends and it is the sweetest! Maddie Jane gets so excited to see her every morning, is constantly loving on her and playing fetch, and every afternoon asks me to take her picture with Molly, ha! 

3. This face mask.
I have a big basket of face masks, samples, travel size things (usually from Sephora points) to try out now and then.. I snagged his one the other night and guess what the main ingredient was?? KAOLIN! For anyone who doesn't know.. my home town is the kaolin capitol of the world! I happen to be the 2008 Kaolin Queen, hahaha

4. Bike time in jammies
The day after the fourth I did not have to go into until noon. So we took the morning super slow in our jammies and had some special time before I took MJ to school. 

5. Neighborhood pool
Last Saturday we had the neighborhood pool all to ourselves! I guess everyone was on vacation?? We ALL jumped off the diving board a million times! And I proved to AJ and MJ I can still do a back flip!

6. New air fryer
I have been looking into air fryers for forever and after discussing it with E, she had one sent to our house for her visit! We have tried french fries, chicken nuggets, zucchini and corn so far. The fries were my favorite and corn least favorite. It's pretty much the same concept as putting something in our oven, but doesn't require pre-heating and cooks MUCH faster. (And way healthier than frying things with oil!)

7. Family date
On Sunday we went on a family date to Catch Air and then had Mexican for lunch. Maddie Jane was in complete amazement that something so great even existed! It was such a great place to escape the heat and burn off all her energy! 

Also.. why does she look five years old!?! 

8. A good summer read
I pretty much exclusively read books on my kindle. But when we were in route to Hawaii, I picked up THIS paperback (and didn't get around to reading it!) But I read the entire thing last weekend! There is just something so good about an easy romance novel, with pool water soaked pages, on a hot summer day... 

9. Framily date
On Tuesday night, we met Bev and Ben at Kaleidoscope for a little framily dinner date. We try to get nights with those guys in at least once a month! 

Their selfie after taking our picture, ha! Love these two so stinkin much.

10. Honey's Here!
Honey has been here all week and it has been SO nice! She has helped me get so many projects done, ran a million errands, cooked delicious food. She is going to a friends this weekend, but I am excited to have her around for another week! I lucked out in the mother in law department - so thankful for her!! (And of course I've taken zero pictures this week of her.. I'll do better next week!!)

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