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Bev’s Bach!

Last weekend we went to Highlands, North Carolina for Beverly's Bachelorette party. It was the perfect combination of relaxing, partying, fancy clothes, and pajamas. It doesn't hurt that our littlest friend is pretty easy to please! Love, love, LOVE celebrating this girl and her stinkin perfect match of a man. Here is a little video I put together along with a big dump of photos. Enjoy! 

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day started off with quite the bang when Maddie Jane came downstairs to find Daddy had gotten her yet another elephant, ha! I introduce to you Elphie IX. Little girl is so so obsessed with all things elephant. We then FaceTime'd Gigi because she had left her this cutie little outfit and her all time favorite.. STICKAS!

Age and I did a quick little gift exchange (thanks babe!!!) and we headed out the door on our way. TOTALLY didn't expect these beauties to show up in my office. So thankful for that man of mine.

At work we were tasked with making old school Valentine's boxes for v-day swaps. I was super lame and used a bag instead. Andddd Maddie and I shared the same box of unicorn Valentine's cards. haha!

Maddie Jane had a big party at school complete with allllll the sugar and pizza! And was pleased as punch that she got ANOTHER balloon from her teacher!

Nine years ago we had our first Valentine's dinner together in Athens, GA. We ate chicken nuggets on plastic heart shaped plates.. we have had MANY fancy date nights in between.. but now we've pretty much come full circle. We would much rather save date nights when restaurants aren't packed with pre-set menus and hellooo, not on a Wednesday. So dinner at home it was! Shrimp (for me), steak (for Age), and creamy mushrooms on heart shaped plates from the Target dollar spot.

And that's a wrap! Short and sweet. I'm about to head to Highlands, NC for Beverly's bachelorette weekend! So, so excited to celebrate this super special friend of mine. 

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Weekend Scenes

Friday afternoon I picked Maddie Jane up from school and she was PUMPED to be facing forward for the first time. (Well in my car.. earlier that day on the way to school in AJ's car, she cried hysterically...) Now every day she excitedly proclaims, "I'm a big girl!!"

That evening we had AJ's sister Alix and her boyfriend over for drinks and dinner. We popped some rose and had some amazinggg scallops! 

Saturday morning sweet pup and MJ took it easy while I was checking off my to do list around the house. Love their sweet little friendship (or maybe I should say MJ dictatorship, ha!)

Left Maddie Jane home to nap with Age and I met up with two of my favs! Kell, Allie and I had brunch in Buckhead then perused Target. It was THE perfect way to spend my Saturday. 

That evening the dinner parties continued and we had Beverly and Ben over! 

We had pork tenderloin with a blackberry ginger glaze (holy yum) with polenta and allll the red wine. Bev made to-die-for bacon wrapped dates for an app, as well as fruit pizza for dessert!

When we were house shopping, I plugged every address in to ensure it was 5 miles or less from these guys. Anddd now, we gloriously live 3.1 miles from our fav couple. #framily

Beverly brought over these gorgeous tulips too! I can not get enough of these things lately - I have multiple vases of them throughout the house!

Maddie Jane tried to stay up to hang with our company, but eventually had to crash. Found her like this when I went to check on her later that evening, ha! 

Sunday's forcast was for rain So when we woke up to semi clear skies, we took advantage of that small window and headed towards the park! 

This park has been closed for awhile now due to some storm damage, and I was pumped to see it was back open. We you can find us here every weekend until it gets 95! 

After a change of clothes, lunch and a nap for MJ, we went on a little Target shopping trip. 

And I came home and made ALL the food. I am going to Bev's bachelorette this weekend and signed up for dinner one night. SO I made a lasagna and an alfredo bake for that (and stuck it in the freezer), then made an alfredo bake for a family in our neighborhood that just had a baby AND we had lasagna that night for dinner. It took several hours, but totally worth it that all that work is behind me! 

We wrapped up our Sunday with some painting by Picasso Maddie Jane. She LOVES to paint and we weren't too upset to be outside some more before the rain came. 

I hope you guys are having an amazing Valentine's Day! I will post all our love day hoopla soon. Spoiler alert: Maddie Jane may or may not have received her 9th stuffed elephant. 

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Life lately

Friday morning Mom drove up to Atlanta and had lunch with me at work then picked Maddie Jane up from school. She was so excited to see her Gigi and they had a fun little girls afternoon. I got home from work and we declared it happy hour! 

After MJ went to bed, we had a girls night. Complete with matching PJs, face masks and catching up on Scandal. Words can't even explain how special my friendship with my mom is - I can't wait to do the same with my girl. 

Saturday morning we were up early for Maddie's favorite activity.. dress up! She is on a big Frozen kick right now, so anyyything that will make her look like Else, she is all about.

Then we headed to Athens for the Gym Dawgs meet! Mom took me to Gym Dawgs meets all growing up and I continued to catch some while I was in school at UGA too. Mom and I were both excited to get Maddie Jane to Athens for the first time! 

I graduated SIX years ago, and still had not walked under the arch! (If you walk under it before you graduate, you're cursed to never graduate! People take this very seriously, ha! The steps to the side of the arch are dented in from students only using that path.)

Maddie Jane was absolutely beside herself when we got to Stegman. Her eyes were huge and she just could not stop dancing! Her favorite part was definitely Hairy Dawg. (Also, it was a pink out for breast cancer!)

On the way to Athens I would say, "Go Dawgs!" and MJ would say, "Shh, quiet!" but it took just one trip to Athens to convert my little jacket to a dawg! 

Once we got back home, I grabbed AJ for a little date night while we had our free babysitter in town :) We went to the jewelry store to get my ring fixed then popped into a random sushi restaurant for dinner. And it was the BEST I have had in Atlanta! (Katana near Lenox for you locals..)

It was a wild Saturday night and we were home by 7:00pm, ha! 

The next morning it was freezing cold and raining, so we decided to stay in our PJs by the fire ALL day long. It was glorious. Gigi left later that afternoon and we opted to watch the Super Bowl from home with the yucky weather and MJ's looming bedtime.

Monday afternoon Maddie Jane was entertaining as always -- singing, dancing, talking up a storm. LOVE this age and her little personality. 

All the heart eyes.

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Five on Friday {Maddie Jane Edition}

Happy Friday! I wanted to change up my Friday Favorites a little bit and do five things about Maddie Jane. She is constantly growing and changing, and I swear that personality is blooming by the minute. So here are five things about our girl!

1. She is creative. 

Maddie Jane is all about a pen and paper. She is constantly asking to "collllor" - the brighter the pen, the better. We have caught her a couple times coloring on the wall or counter tops, but thankfully nothing a magic eraser couldn't get off. This past weekend we finally busted out the paints from Santa, and she was in HEAVEN. But she is her Mama's girl and absolutely freaked out when she got it on her hands. Same thing goes if she spills her drink or snack.. she immediately starts crying because she made a "MESSSSSSS"

2. She is fearless. 
Like a little too fearless. She is constantly crawling and climbing on anything and everything. I say "be careful" at least sixty times a day. She has zero fear. And way too often she does trust falls to us off the changing table or down the stairs. One day she is seriously going to bust it! This week she went to the dentist for the first time and handled it like a champ! She literally giggled the entire time. And she was rewarded with her favorite thing ever - STICKAS!

3. She is either on or off. 
As Honey loving calls her, "Busy Bee".. She doesn't sit still. She is ON THE GO all the time. She has so much energy, it exhausts me watching her sometimes! Little girl is always moving.. her favorite thing right now is twirling and is pretty adamant about having on a shirt or dress that is good for twirling! And the second she hears a good song, she is busting out the dance moves (poor thing has her Daddy's moves unfortunately..) But because she is so busy, she sleeps HARD. Every night she is out by 8pm (in her big girl bed, eek!) and is dead to the world till 6/7am.

4. She looks like Daddy, but acts like Mama. 
She is AJ Pryor's twin! I catch them making the same faces at me all the time. But her attitude, is 100% Mama. She is giggly, and cuddly, and sassy and just a complete DIVA. And I love it so stinkin much. I actually went back and read some old blog posts from when she was just a few months old and I said she wouldn't be our shy child. Isn't it crazy how you already can tell such distinct character traits at such a young age?? She is the life of the party.

5. She loves BIG.

Maddie girl knows her people. We (finally!) get to see our friends and family so often now, that she knows who her people are - and she loves them BIG. (This was one of my biggest fears in California.. that she wouldn't know all the people in our lives that are so incredibly special..) She will walk around the house singing about her Gigi and CC .. every day when we pull into the driveway she says "Honey, where are you!?" And when she gets to see them, she SQUEALS in excitement. She gives the best hugs, and the cheesiest grins when she gets to be surrounded by her favorites. She has such a big heart, and such a sweet soul, and I am so incredibly proud that she is ours.  

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