Friday Favorites

Happy Friday guys!! Woo we made it! I have been battling a serious head cold all week, so I feel like this week took forever. So pumped it's Friday and that Maddie Jane and I are headed to Sandersville! I got a hodge podge of things from my phone today.. hang with me! 

First FAVORITE of the week is that super cute picture up there ^^. Maddie Jane is serious about a book before bed (and usually a book IN bed too)! Love watching them from the hallway before bedtime. 

I so want to dig around in my mom's old pictures this weekend, because there is a picture almost exactly like the one above of me. It was a tradition to either make cinnamon toast or cheese toast on Saturday mornings with my mom. And it is an absolute FAVORITE that I get to recreate that with Maddie girl! 

Mom and I have been picking up 2nd hand Matilda Jane clothes we find on sale ever since Maddie Jane was born. And finally our girl got to wear our FAVORITE brand for the first time last weekend!! 

Oh these pictures.. Maddie Jane is such a ham! She loooooves getting on our fireplace and performing. 

That little big personality is my absolute FAVORITE. She doesn't meet a stranger, and will always be the life of the party! 

Saturday night we had an impromptu dinner party with some of our FAVORITES - Kayley and Brent. (And Emmy too!!) 

We grilled burgers and AJ had them conveniently ready right at half time! 

Have I mentioned lately how happy I am to be back in Georgia!? 

Crazy hurricane weather means we get to wear rain boots! And those shoes are Maddie Jane's FAVORITE. She was crying her little eyes out Tuesday morning, but the second I pulled those out, she was ready to go!! 

Maddie's other FAVORITE... Mama's make up! That girl watches me like a hawk, and has totally figured out what to do with each thing! 

Next FAVORITE.. shoes! This girl is such a tom boy and is rough and tough to the core. But she loves, loves, loves shoes! And Gigi sent her some this week! Those little booties.. I DIE.

Maddie's FAVORITES are for sure these kittie cat ones! She walks around saying, "Meow, meow" hahah! And Gigi sent a bunch of fall clothes too! What would we do without awesome Grandmothers!? 

And lastly a not-so-favorite.. our poor pup Molly is injured. We have no idea how it happened, but she slipped a disk in her back. On Wednesday evening she started acting really weird, following me everywhere, panting, crying, and then was up allllll night long. She was so pitiful and we watched the clock counting down the hours until the animal hospital opened. Of course I convinced myself she had some awful life ending disease, so we were relieved to find out it was something more manageable. She is on strict bed rest for 4 weeks and has pain meds. This type of injury is fairly common in smaller dogs and can result in paralysis or even death. So we are so incredibly thankful to have caught it early. Please say a prayer for our sweet girl that everything heals perfectly! 

Y'all have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday :) 

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Workin It Wednesday :: Transitioning to Fall

Hey Y'all! I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their monthly series, "Workin It Wednesday!" Today we are discussing how to transition your wordrobe from summer to fall. Now when I lived in California, I didn't really have to worry about this.. You could wear the same things 365 days a year. Now that we are back in Georgia, I have to think a little more on how one outfit will work when it's 50 degrees in the morning and 80 in the afternoon.. So let me show you some of my favorites!

Light Weight Sweaters
(Affiliate links to this outfit below..)

Here are some of my favorite sweaters that are currently on my wish list! As you can tell, I am a sucker for the slouchy look.. and it's always going to be stripes or a neutral color! I could see all of these dressed up with a cute necklace and booties or dressed down with leggings for weekend errands. And the old California girl in me llooooves sweaters and sandals. 

(Affiliate links to similar items below.) 

So I have a vest addiction. Liiiiike, I probably have at least 20 in my closet currently. I really, really love the layered look. I love mixing textures, and colors, stripes, and solids. Below are some of my recent favorites.. I have some similar, but I could def add a few of these to my closet for good measure :) I like that these give you a little warmth in those cool mornings, but you aren't dying come 3pm.

(Affiliate links for similar items below..)

Saved the best for last... booties! I feel like you can add booties to any outfit and it instantly screams fall. So when we have those unusually high days in September and October, I throw on a summer dress with booties and there ya go! I have four pairs of booties in my closet currently, but I could definitely add a few more. I picked up those super light ones from Old Navy this year for a steal!

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In 10 on 10

10 on 10

On the 10th of every month I take 10 pictures to try and capture the everyday parts of our lives. This 10th fell on a Sunday which hasn't happened before.. so take a look into a typical day with us! ONE is up above.. Maddie Jane getting "ready" for church haha! 

TWO -- for real ready with a little help from Mom and Dad. And girl miiiiight be a little vain and have a thing for the mirror :)

THREE -- an after church selfie. She was all smiles after having so much fun in Wumba Land! 

FOUR -- eating my lunch and watching the sermon from church. I am a substitute teacher for middle school and got to hang out with the sweet Special Needs kiddos during the service. 

FIVE -- Molly sleeping above me on the top of the couch! Everyone took a niiiice long nap after church. Even ME :) 

SIX -- a falcons' nail biter win!! All our teams won this weekend :) 

SEVEN -- Maddie Jane helping me take the trash can to the curb. (And below, promptly falling down the drive way and scraping her little nose :( ) 

EIGHT -- Picked up pizza and headed to the Pittmans for a little baby shower planning sesh. 

NINE -- milk, Ping, and a little movie time before heading to bed. 

TEN -- finishing the night with the dreaded planks. A little behind on my 100 minute monthly goal. 

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In Decorating Five on Friday Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

EEK how cute is that baby girl!? She looks so grown up with her new little outfit :) Mornings with her are my FAVORITE.

A clean baby in brand new pajamas is my FAVORITE. We went to the outlets last weekend and this was the first time Maddie Jane has helped pick out her clothes when shopping. She got monsters and puppies.. tomboy much?? 

I went to the car wash to vacuum allllll the cheerios out of my car. When I went to run through the car wash, I realized I didn't have my wallet. The sweet owner paid for my wash! Now that place is definitely my FAVORITE car wash, ha! 

At work I run our wellness program.. I finally got my act together and created some wellness challenges for people to earn points (in addition to their step points). This month we are doing 100 minutes of planks and drinking 15 gallons of water (240 glasses). It hasn't been an easy feat, but the accountability is my FAVORITE.

And this weather.. absolutely my FAVORITE. This is by far the best time of year in Georgia.. Such perfect weather to play outside every afternoon! 

Last weekend we tried out shopping at Aldi in an attempt to really find our favorite products/best prices. Some of their stuff is insanely cheap and some not so much. Definitely worth going there for milk, eggs, canned goods, condiments. My FAVORITE thing we found was the Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels. hooolllllyyyy cow. YUM.

I snagged this banner from the $1 section and grabbed a white pumpkin from Target as well. Adding a little Halloween/Fall to our house has been my FAVORITE. Love starting to collect stuff for every season now that we actually have a house! 

AJ has been in Colorado this week, so it's just been me and my girls. I have gotten lots of extra snuggles in every night and it's been my FAVORITE. Pretty thankful this girl has been an angel while Daddy was gone :) 

Happy Friday you guys! I am working a half day then off to the dentist for a ton of work this afternoon.. ugh! Hope y'all have a great weekend and GO DAWGS.

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In Blue Apron Hello Fresh Recipes

All things food. 

This is such a random assortment of stuff, but all food related, so stay with me here.. 

I never got around to talking about the end of my Nashville trip. We went to Pharmacy burger and ohhhhh my goodness. Y'all, that burger was out of this world. I'm a HUGE sour cream fan, so the stroganoff burger was right up my ally. 

Next up.. Hello Fresh. We did Blue Apron for several months back in California. (I talked about it back HERE.) We received a 50% off coupon for Hello Fresh, so we decided to give it a quick two week try. First thing we noticed: better packaging. Unlike Blue Apron, I really appreciated that everything was in one bag and labeled. 

With this meal, all the ingredients were great. (However, when we made the burgers the next night, our greens were completely wilted and gooey.. akk!) In terms of meat, exact same quality as Blue Apron - even same brand of some things! 

These cod cakes had an amazing flavor and used a technique that we would have never done so on our own.. so major bonus points for that! However, they completely fell apart. Another thing to add, Hello Fresh requires a lot more kitchen gadgets than Blue Apron. We have more gadgets than we know what to do with, but might not be ideal for others.. 

We have one more week with it, so I hate to prematurely give my verdict BUT.. I don't think we will renew our subscription. Too many hiccups happened for us to pay more than we would at the grocery store for meals. It did provide us with a wonderful couple date night before AJ had to go out of town again! 

Lastly.. meal prep. I know some people hate planning/prepping meals, but I actually love it! I plan our week menu for dinner and AJ executes, and then I plan out my lunches and I get them packed on Sunday. This week I was super boring and did the exact same thing for every day, because that's just how my ingredients panned out... Tuna salad, tomatoes in olive oil and vinegar, and mozzarella cheese. (I also packed bread and avocados to makes toast for breakfast and wheat thins for my tuna..)

Often times I use leftovers for my lunches.. A few weeks ago I had BBQ chicken, sauteed tomatoes and starwberries. I do notice that my fruit can struggle by Friday, so if I am having that I will wait to pack those lunches.. Also, THESE boxes are amazing for meal prep - microwave and dishwasher safe! 

Another idea -- The pre-made bagged salad is great to split into two trays and pair with another side. This one was from Trader Joes and I paired it with some leftover squash casserole. I use THESE great salad dressing cups so nothing spills.

Two of my favorite things.. "snacks" for meals and dipping! These is a favorite lunch.. Chips, guac, veggies, and ranch. Put some lime juice on your guac so it doesn't brown! 

Thanks for reading that crazy random post! See you back here for Friday Favorites on this glorious short week!! 

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