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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, guys!! Still playing a bit of catch up on the blog.. I've got TEN Friday Favorites to get us back on track :)

1. Simpler Wines
Our community pool doesn't allow glass containers, so I have been looking for some yummy drinks to be able to throw in a cooler. My FAVORITE I have tried thus far is the peach Simpler Wines from Trader Joes. Not too sweet and has a nice fizz!

2. Maddie/Molly Relationship
Maddie Jane and Molly have kiiiinda had a love/hate relationship over the past two years. But now they are becoming best friends and it is the sweetest! Maddie Jane gets so excited to see her every morning, is constantly loving on her and playing fetch, and every afternoon asks me to take her picture with Molly, ha! 

3. This face mask.
I have a big basket of face masks, samples, travel size things (usually from Sephora points) to try out now and then.. I snagged his one the other night and guess what the main ingredient was?? KAOLIN! For anyone who doesn't know.. my home town is the kaolin capitol of the world! I happen to be the 2008 Kaolin Queen, hahaha

4. Bike time in jammies
The day after the fourth I did not have to go into until noon. So we took the morning super slow in our jammies and had some special time before I took MJ to school. 

5. Neighborhood pool
Last Saturday we had the neighborhood pool all to ourselves! I guess everyone was on vacation?? We ALL jumped off the diving board a million times! And I proved to AJ and MJ I can still do a back flip!

6. New air fryer
I have been looking into air fryers for forever and after discussing it with E, she had one sent to our house for her visit! We have tried french fries, chicken nuggets, zucchini and corn so far. The fries were my favorite and corn least favorite. It's pretty much the same concept as putting something in our oven, but doesn't require pre-heating and cooks MUCH faster. (And way healthier than frying things with oil!)

7. Family date
On Sunday we went on a family date to Catch Air and then had Mexican for lunch. Maddie Jane was in complete amazement that something so great even existed! It was such a great place to escape the heat and burn off all her energy! 

Also.. why does she look five years old!?! 

8. A good summer read
I pretty much exclusively read books on my kindle. But when we were in route to Hawaii, I picked up THIS paperback (and didn't get around to reading it!) But I read the entire thing last weekend! There is just something so good about an easy romance novel, with pool water soaked pages, on a hot summer day... 

9. Framily date
On Tuesday night, we met Bev and Ben at Kaleidoscope for a little framily dinner date. We try to get nights with those guys in at least once a month! 

Their selfie after taking our picture, ha! Love these two so stinkin much.

10. Honey's Here!
Honey has been here all week and it has been SO nice! She has helped me get so many projects done, ran a million errands, cooked delicious food. She is going to a friends this weekend, but I am excited to have her around for another week! I lucked out in the mother in law department - so thankful for her!! (And of course I've taken zero pictures this week of her.. I'll do better next week!!)

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Fourth of July

I was getting my post ready for Friday Favorites tomorrow and realized I had not blogged the 4th of July!! Oops!!! So let me give you a real quick recap of our first 4th in Dunwoody :) 

The parade in Dunwoody was scheduled for 9am, so we grabbed some Starbucks and walked around to find a spot to catch the action.

We def made a mistake of sitting at the end of the route, so the parade didn't really get to us until 9:45.. it was HOT, and we didn't have much to entertain MJ.. she did great all things considered! 

This girl has turned into a 100% Daddy's girl lately. She calls for him if she wakes up in the middle of the night, wants him to pick her up, and he is the ONLY one who can push her on the swing. And well... I'm not complaining, ha! 

We headed home for a nap, grilled up some burgers, then we hit our neighborhood pool party! 

It was PACKED, but we had such a good time! We stayed till almost 6pm!

After a quick shower, we headed to a backyard party in our neighborhood. I was so busy meeting new people and chasing the nugget, that this was the ONLY picture I snagged. It was SUCH a good night - we met so many families in the same stage of life as us.. similar aged kids.. finding that kind of tribe has been so high on my list for so long. 

And then there were illegal neighborhood fireworks, ha! 

Maddie Jane was pretty unsure of the big fireworks (she kept saying the sky was getting an owie, haha!) but the sparklers were her jam. 

It was a really great holiday, spent all within a couple miles of our house. SO thankful I didn't have to be into work until noon, because we all crashed in bed after 11pm! 

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Life Lately

After leaving Hawaii at 9pm on Friday night and not getting back till 3pm on Saturday, we were pooped! We did a lot of this on Saturday and Sunday.. Then AJ and I tackled the backyard. 

We purchased Maddie Jane a playground right before we left for Hawaii. She showed us (yet again) that she is absolutely fearless, and would climb up every side of that thing at lightning speed. So we knew we need to get something soft under it ASAP for when she inevitably falls. 

We first tacked down garden fabric to keep any weeds, grass, etc from growing. Then we dug a trench around the border and buried plastic edging. Finally we spread 40 bags of mulch over the area. We got a quote to have a landscaper do this - and while it isn't perfect - we are so glad we saved the couple thousand dollars and did it ourselves!! 

I gave Maddie Jane a doctor's set for Christmas and she didn't have much interest. Now she wants to play doctor with everyone!! Especially Molly, ha!

Kell Bell and I had drinks last Tuesday. We hit our two weeks rule right on the dot. Words can't even describe how special it is to have your best friend a couple miles away. 

In Hawaii I primed this pineapple corer (little influence from all the fresh fruit and maybe a glass or two of wine). And let me tell ya, it works SO WELL. You can find it HERE. Also.. we are back on the Blue Apron train.. this steak and miso butter was out of this world!! 

Friday night we hit up the neighborhood pool until we got rained out.. 

And Saturday night we went on a date! 

We met up with Alix and Nico at Mercedes Benz for the Atlanta United game. While I'm not totally sold on soccer, being in the the Benz is just mesmerizing. That stadium is the BEST.

We also got to meet up with Zac for a drink! Another thing - drinks and food at the Benz are both so affordable. They did such an amazing job when creating an entire experience at the stadium.

On Saturday AJ tried out a new poke place with me, so on Sunday I went to ramen with him. 

And on Saturday afternoon we had our neighbors (well couple houses down) come over for a play date. Maddie Jane and Natalie are about 6 months apart and have the sweetest little friendship! 

I had just a few minutes in between play date and the dinner we were hosting.. So I soaked up this little backyard for a sec... 

Then Gramps and K came over! We hosted dinner for them as a thank you for keeping Molly while we were in Hawaii. 

And last night we continued the hosting train -- AJ's cousin Austin from Shreveport is in town so we had him (and Alix/Nico) over for dinner. 

He pushed Maddie on the swings, helped her with dinner, read her stories at bedtime. Just THE sweetest cousin and so glad we get to see him again in a few weeks. 

And that's all!!! WOO. So much going on. We are pretty excited that we are having a low key 4th of July.. parade in Dunwoody and hanging out at our community pool. Hope you guys have the best day with your friends and family tomorrow!! 

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