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Friday Favorites

How do short weeks feel like THE longest weeks ever!? I am literally dragging to the finish line today and counting down until I can get in my bed! Here is a random assortment of my favs this week! 

1. Old Navy Finds
Old Navy is always a hit or miss for me and my last haul was 100% a hit. I am loving incorporating some fall colors into my wardrobe and pretending like fall weather will be here soon, ha!

2. Play time with our girl
Maddie Jane and Molly both have soooo much energy, and this sweet park near our house covers them both! MJ is especially a big fan of the little creek that flows through it. 

 3. First Mani! 
Last Friday I took Maddie Jane to get her first manicure. I was verrrry skeptical, but she was absolutely perfect. Like.. I wondered if she was still my child, she was so well behaved. Her mani was only $4, and she has already scratched it all off, but I am def taking her again next time! 

4. The greatest Honey ever!  
Honey stayed with us two different times this month, and that woman is a Godsend! She helped me so much getting our house ready for viewings and her relationship with MJ is just so special. Don't know what we would do without her! 

  5. Naked Pallet
I know I am like 5000 years late to the party, but I finally got a Naked pallet. It was on sale last week at Sephora for $27 and I finally felt like that was low enough (but still pretty ridic) to snag it! I have been loving trying out all the different shades this week! Now someone come teach me how to contour.. 

6. IDR Family
Our Atlanta office absolutely knocked it out of the park (pun intended) this quarter. We achieved our Q3 goals in August!!! So we hit up (again pun, hahah) the Braves game on Wednesday! So incredibly proud of this team and completely turning the ATL office into a powerhouse! 

7. Daddy will be home TONIGHT!
Ugh, I hate ending on not 5 or 10 but that pretty much sums up this week. AJ started his new job this week and it was my first of many weeks single moming' it. I can normally handle this pretty well but .. the trying to keep the house absolutely spotless for showings with a two year old, working around the clock, and some medical stuff going on.. I am worn me OUT. We are literally counting down the hours  until Daddy gets home!! 

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In AJ Home Moving

We're moving... again.

Back last December when we finally purchased our very first home, we thought we would be in it for at LEAST five years. We completely re-did the backyard, put in hardwoods, installed a playground for MJ, plantation shutters, the works! And well life happened... 

AJ was contacted on LinkedIn about a job in Charlotte, NC and we both literally laughed out loud. There was NO way we were going to move to North Carolina when we had finally made it back to our beloved Atlanta. So AJ threw out an astronomical number and said he would move for that and they said.. okay, done. We were blown away and then this ridiculous idea became more of a real possibility. 

He interviewed with them, but everyday leading up to that, it still wasn't real to us. But then he fell in love the company, the technologies, the team, and the insane opportunity that this would afford him professionally and us financially as a family. 

I had originally thought I would just stay in Atlanta and AJ would commute back and forth to Charlotte each week. (It's only a 3.5 hr drive.) But then reality set in and raising an almost three year old, a dog, working full time, and running a household seemed like a very daunting life. So we spent the last two weekends in the Charlotte area looking around at different neighborhoods, and I'm finally on board! 

We have a big FOR SALE sign in our yard in Atlanta and we are closing on this gorgeous house at the end of the month. It's in a smaller town outside of Charlotte, called Huntersville. (Where AJ's office is located.)  This area is so incredibly affordable - we are getting DOUBLE the square footage for the exact same price as our ATL house. We have some renovations to do, and I am excited to put my touch on it. 

My company is also incredibly generous enough to allow me to work remotely part time. I feel so incredibly blessed that AJ's job is going to let me scale back on working and spend more time with my girl. We are going to enroll MJ in a small half day preschool and she will get to pal around with me in the afternoons! 

If you would have told me this two months ago, I wouldn't have believed you for a second. Never say never, huh? Life is crazy and I am so lucky to have some amazing friends and family rooting me on from the sidelines to keep rolling with what life throws. 

Here's to the Pryors moving to the Queen City!

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Life lately 

Big catch up on the blog.. a few weeks ago it was just one of those days where absolutely nothing went right. And my sweet friend Brit sent me this edible arrangement. I am so stinkin lucky to have some of THE best friends. 

And that terrible week continue to get much better with Taylor Swift!! Kell and I met up for dinner (mexican, duh) and headed to Mercedes Benz.

Our seats were at the verryyyyy top, but oh my goodness, it didn't matter! One of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to! 

We may or may not have cried at the end. NBD.  Almost to the day of our 10 year friendaversary. Besties for life. 

The next morning I def wasn't feeling 22.. But a little Panera date with this girl sure helped :)

We went to a members only night at the Zoo. And Natalie came with us on her first adventure without her parents. These two were perfectly behaved! 

I crack up every time I see this panda bear's photo bomb! 

Love Maddie Jane cracking up at her bestie's jokes. 

One morning we grabbed a yummy breakfast with Bruce. Maddie Jane ADORES him! 

And Auntie Paige came over for a visit! 

Oh the sass... SO MUCH sass.

And we tinked to some crazy life happenings.. 

And we showed some more sass... 

And had doritos in martini glasses, ha! 

Bev came over for a little date.. 

And we headed down to Sandersville for a surprise 30th birthday party for Kyle and Judson! 

Maddie Jane made a short appearance and was just beside herself that there was a real life stage! 

And I had a date with my equally book loving mother in law to see Crazy Rich Asians. 

The movie was SO good and I never want to watch a movie again without a bottle of champagne and a huge bowl of popcorn! 

And then she was off to DC, but helped me create THE most epic cheese plate before she left. 

LOVED hosting the girls this month for book club. We read The Wife Between Us and I would 10/10 recommend. 

And that's life lately.. a big ole hodge podge! Maybe I will get some order around here.. but I doubt it :)

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In Birthdays Family Gigi

Peyton's Birthday | Gigi + CC time!

Last weekend we headed down to Forsyth for Maddie Jane's favorite person's birthday - Peyton! I still can't believe that sweet little nugget I held sooo long ago in the hospital is ELEVEN!

Peyton requested a fishing party, and Amanda put it together so perfectly! 

It was at one of their friend's farm/event venue. And Miss Maddie Jane was beside herself that there were real live horses!! 

Ugh this outfit. She insists on wearing her "CC shoes" (read: camo crocs that look exactly like CC's that he gave her for Christmas) every single day. She had on a cute pink dress, so I tried to pair some sort of outfit together to match the camo, ha! 

Peyton had SO many of his guy friends in attendance, and he seriously paid way more attention to Maddie Jane than his guests. That boy has a heart of gold! Love their sweet relationship.

And if the horses weren't amazing enough, she got to ride on a gator down to a pond and went fishing! Have you ever seen this much excitement in a child's face?!

She loves her CC so much! 

He and Daddy were the biggest help with MJ and her Frozen fishing pole! 

Mom and Chip came to our house to stay the night and the next morning we took a stroll to Waffle House. 

LOVE this girl's sass, and my sweet Mama. What a wonderful 24 hours with some of my favorite people! 

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