Monday, July 24, 2017


On Friday night we met my niece Carson and her mom downtown Woodstock for dinner. Carson lives in a little town about 30 miles away, so we already have big plans to make this a regular thing. 

After dinner we grabbed froyo to soak up a little bit more girl time before bedtime. Carson is the sweetest, most well mannered teenager I have EVER been around, so I definitely don't mind her rubbing off on my girl! There were some big crocodile tears from MJ when we had to leave! 

Sunday morning we met Amanda, Peyton and his friend Mac downtown at the College Football Hall of Fame for Peyton's birthday! Maddie Jane definitely thought she was just as big as the boys! 

A girl after my heart. We LOVE football. Can NOT wait to call the dawgs with this one on Saturdays :) 

She hasn't let go of that cow since Saturday, ha! 

Love FINALLY doing life with this one again. Amanda is not just my cousin, but my bestest friend in the world. She waited a looong time to go to the hall of fame with me! (And we agreed we had to come back without the kids so we could actually look at everything, ha!)

So proud of her cow!! 

The museum was so interactive. So many places you could take pictures, do TV tapings, re-enact radio castings of famous games, sing and dance to your fight song.. and it was all saved on your All Access Pass so you could download at home! 

We headed back to our house for an MJ nap and pool time for the boys. Meanwhile, I did a little bit of gardening. 

MJ and I joined the boys in the pool, and then we went to Mellow Mushroom and did pizza along with cupcakes and then the boys went to SkyZone and stayed up into the weeeee hours of the morning hanging out in our basement. Of course, I didn't get a single picture of all that fun! 

After such an eventful Saturday, Maddie Jane and I did a LOT of this on Sunday. 

And we had our first ever baking session together! We baked cookies to take/meet the neighbors. Hope they don't mind a little bit of slobber in their cookie batter, ha! 

And we did lot of playing outside in the baby pool. (All the heart eyes for those curls!!)

And Mama let her have one more cupcake to top off a pretty stinkin great weekend. AND we were celebrating because DADDY COMES HOME TODAY!!!!! We are just a tad bit excited :) 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Five on Friday

Hey Y'all! I am back here for Five on Friday. This Mama is running on fumes and is THE driver of the struggle bus this morning. Big ole salute to you single mamas out there. Not having AJ here is kicking my tail!! Three. More. Days.

ONE. Eeek! I got my new planner in the mail! I normally get an Erin Condren planner every single year. This year I was just bound and determined to not spend that much money on a planner and ordered a $5 one off amazon. And well.. here I am. I made it half the year before caving. At least now I have one until Dec 2018! So I'm saving money right?! Lesson learned. Erin Condren planners are WORTH IT.

TWO. This fiddle leaf fig!! I have been wanting one for foreverrr and just could not bring myself to spend $100 on a stinkin indoor plant. But I found the one on Prime day for $12!!!! I was so skeptical, and thought it would be crap, but look at this beaut! Of course mine is already sold out, but I would totally recommend buying from this company. I like THIS one, and THIS one. And, you can find the cute basket I put it in HERE.

THREE. Okay I will admit, these bowls don't look that appetizing, ha! But I want to just brag on my amazing husband for a second. He does pretty much all of the cooking around here. And when he goes out of town, he knows I usually stick to frozen chicken nuggets or chips and salsa for dinner. So before he left, he fixed homemade pesto for my tomatoes (that I have literally DRANK) and curry turkey meatballs. That guy. Man I miss him. 

FOUR. Girlfriend time!! With AJ gone, I have busied all my afternoons with girlfriends. Tuesday, Brenna came over so I could finally give her back her stuff and give her a little thank you gift and well of course, wine and cheese, ha.  

Then on Wednesday, Kelsey and I FaceTimed for an hour. Man I miss her so dang much. She's my person. She knows everything and I can just be me 100% of the time. So I promptly got off the phone and booked my trip to LA to see her before I go to Vegas. HA! (She's gonna kill me for this pic. Whatevs.) 

And thennn on Thursday Kayley and I took Maddie Jane to downtown Woodstock for the Flip or Flop premier block party. You can read all about it HERE.

FIVE. When things just work. As I've mentioned, I am struggling sooo hard today. And the Starbucks drive through is just so stinkin close to Maddie's daycare. So this morning I was of course running late, but I decided to take a chance. I slid right in, not a single person in line, I had a free drink on my app (aka I got a venti with an extra shot) and I was through there in 90 seconds flat. That my friends is the big man upstairs lookin down on me. #blessed

I hope ya'll have a great weekend! We have dinner tonight with my niece, big birthday plans tomorrow (including a sleepover!) with Peyt and brunch with another girlfriend on Sunday!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Flip or Flop :: Atlanta! 

So tonight is the premier of Flip or Flop Atlanta. And the couple hosting the show just happens to be from our cute little town of Woodstock! So they had a block party tonight for the premier and Kayley and I took Maddie Jane! 

We of course had a little Mexican before heading to the block party. Just give this girl allllll the cheese! 

MJ doesn't meet a stranger! She joined the band the second we got there! 

I've been wanting to try the Pie Shop downtown Woodstock for forever. It's owned by GCSU grads, so it's almost like a little bit of my old hometown in my new hometown!

Love this sweet friend of mine and that we get to spend so much time together now! 

It was such a fun night! They had a screening on the square, but Maddie Jane just can't make it that late. I got her home and in bed, and I'm watching the premier now. Did you guys watch?? What did you think? 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This and That

Just a little post to get some stuff on the blog before I forget it! A couple old things that never made it on the blog and then some new stuff from this weekend! 

Up first, my girl before dinner at the Avalon a couple weeks ago! Auntie Paige made her this cuuuute little dress. 

We had an amazing dinner at Brine and then of course had to get ice cream from Jeni's! 

A random night of drinks and cards with my man. Love making date nights happen any way we can :) 

A little garage door pic last week before church. 

We have been soaking up that pool in our little neighborhood. It has been SO nice to have!! 

Mini Mama. That's all.

Two weekends ago, AJ's cousin Austin from Louisiana, came and stayed with us. Hate I didn't get a picture of the two them! But I did snag one of the deeeeelish grilled chicken AJ whipped up.

Last week Maddie Jane watching and waiting for Gigi to arrive!! 

GGrrr, can't get this dang picture to turn around to save my life. Nevertheless, this cheese plate was SO good. And thankfully I am STILL snacking on it :) 

Paige was in town so she hopped over to Woodstock to see us! And surprised Maddie Jane with a play date with Warner! 

While E was here, Bruce joined us for dinner one night. Maddie Jane LOVES Bruce and insists on snuggling up with him! (And post bath time bows.. she loves those too. The tackier the better, ha!) 

After Maddie Jane went to bed we had an ahhhmazing steak, lobster, salad, bread dinner. It was SO STINKIN GOOD. I even busted out my pewter plates we received as a wedding gift!

Obligatory post dinner porch sitting. 

Sunday we went over to Buford Highway for the farmers market and had dim sum at Canton House. That place is so good and such a cool experience ordering straight off the carts.

Proud of this girl for trying so many new things too! Of course her favorite was the rice though. 

Post nap, Maddie girl tried out her new swimmies! (The puddle jumper pulls her back sometimes.. these that I picked up off the $1 rack were actually much better!!)

Honey wrapped up her whirlwind trip with ice cream on the deck and an amazing tuna nicoise salad AJ made with all of our yummy goodness from Buford Highway. 

It's been a jam packed few weeks and things aren't slowing down any time soon! AJ is in Chicago for the next week doing an experiment. I am holding down the fort solo and have tons of dates with my girlfriends planned to pass the time!