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What’s Up Wednesday

The last Wednesday of every month I link up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. These posts are always a doozy, but my favorite to go back and read! 

1. What we're eating...
I change up where I grocery shop each week.. Sometimes Kroger, sometimes Buford Farmer's Market.. this week it was Trader Joe's! I love the variety of changing it up each week.

Saturday: We grilled out! Brats and asparagus

Sunday: Homemade pizza - dough, sausage, sauce and cheese blend all AMAZING quality from TJ's

Monday: I was at book club and MJ/AJ ate.. something? ha
Tuesday: Butternut squash ravioli and sauteed mushrooms
Wednesday: Grilling again because it's 75 today!! Chicken and salad
Thursday: Riced caulifolower and orange chicken or mushroom chicken TBD
Here are some of my TJ favorites! Their freezer sections will not let you down!! 

2. What I'm reminiscing about...

Our date night! We have been really good the past couple months about doing date nights every 3-ish weeks! We are firm believers on continuing to "date" even in marriage. Last Friday night Ms. Sam came over to watch Maddie Jane and we had a SUCH a good time! 

We started the night at the St. Regis for a cocktail. It's been on my list to go to for forever, and it did not disappoint! Such a nice ambiance -- now we need to save our pennies to be able to go to Atlas next door to the St Regis bar :)

After some yummy cocktails, we walked down the street to King and Duke. I had been once before and it was just as good as I remembered!

Then we weren't quite ready to go home, so we walked across the street for one last stop at Gypsy Kitchen. I was worried it was going to be too cold.. but the heaters made it perfect!

3. What I'm loving...
There is a lot in this picture I'm loving!! This man, the full bellies we had after leaving brunch with Bruce and those new earrings I have on!! (They are 50% off at Nordstrom Rack right now - get them HERE

Also love this little girl who refuses to wear anything but a "twirl, twirl" (dress) and spends all her waking hours doing this.. 

4. What we've been up to...
This week I have been at a SHRM conference. I have been totally geeking out at all the HR knowledge and soaking up every bit I can. It was in Atlanta so I have been able to come home each night :) 

There were tons of vendors there for benefits, payroll, team outings, etc. Six Flags happened to be one of them and I snagged this Wonder Woman pink cape for Maddie Jane!  She has been running around the house "flying" ever since!

5. What I'm dreading...
More potty training! Taking the potty to Sandersville this weekend - maybe Gigi or Namma can talk her into going on it -_-

6. What I'm working on...
Keeping our house spring like! I did one round of flower planting back in February, but will have to re-plant those soon.. And I have been getting tulips each week at the grocery store. They just make me so stinkin happy! 

Just something about keeping fresh flowers in the house that's good for the soul.

  7. What I'm excited about...

This weather!! We have had some cold snaps, but I thiiiiink the nice warm weather is here to stay! We will be spending all our time outside until it gets miserable hot. 

Our backyard isn't even close to where we want it to be (we were so spoiled by our last house) but we are steady working on it and maybe it will be there by summer 2019.. 

  8. What I'm watching/reading...
This week I had book club! We read The Nightingale - well I read it like 8 months ago. So it's not super fresh on my memory, but I remember it being one of the worst books ever! hahaha I am in the vast minority in my book club (and Amazon reviewers too). All the girls looooooved it, so maybe check it out for yourself? ha! Next up on the list is Little Fires Everywhere, which I have much higher hopes for!

9. What I'm listening to...
Right now the birds chirping outside and it's GLORIOUS. 

10. What I'm wearing...
 I hope this is the last time I show sweaters for awhile! As comy and cozy as they are.. I'm over them! 
11. What I'm doing this weekend...
All things Easter! We are headed to our hometown Friday afternoon to spend time with the fam and I am pumped!! (Also have a birthday party and baby shower to attend!) This past weekend we went to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt and Maddie Jane was a rockstar! Here is a big ole photo dump, but they are all just too stinkin cute not to post.. 


   12. What I'm looking forward to next month... 
Hopefully doing a little of this!!! 

And maybe a little of this! HA but seriously, we have some fun stuff going on next month! One of my bestest friends in the world is getting married! And we will have a parents only weekend for that at Lake Oconee. And our favorite guy has his birthday in April! Trying to get a date night nailed down for that :) 

Thanks for sticking in on that one! Maybeeee I'll be back here for Friday Favorites. Maybe.


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In Family Maddie Jane Weekends

Life Lately

A few weeks ago there was a HUGE water main break in DeKalb county, so Maddie Jane's school was closed. And I got to have an impromptu little lunch date with my favorite girl. 

We've had a LOT of dance parties in the kitchen lately - always to "Let it go" and "Do you wanna build a snowman?". And Maddie Jane constantly telling Alexa, "ONE MORE TIME!"

I planned a little party at work to celebrate our fifth year in a row winning Best of Staffing!

Maddie Jane had spring school pictures, and I was pretty bummed with how they turned out. The fall ones were WAY better, so I didn't waste my money on these.. 

Maddie Jane got a cute new shirt in the mail - it's 100% accurate. Fruit snacks and powdered donuts are her love language. 

Doesn't she look SO BIG!? I can't get over how fast it all goes.

Last weekend we started potty training... and it was an epic fail. We were trying the intense three day method, where you completely stop diapers and go right to underwear. She went FIVE times on the potty Saturday. We were PUMPED and feeling pretty arrogant about our parenting skills.

 And then she just quit - cold turkey. Never went in the potty again. So after hours and hours of sitting like this. And cleaning up mess after mess, I threw the towel in. (Did I mention that AJ left for a business trip on this day too!?) So I brought out the diapers and she literally started cheering! So... we are going to keep encouraging her to go, but I'm in no rush to do that weekend over again -_-.

I did sneak away on Saturday for a couple hours to get my hair done.. LOVE it.

And thankfully it was gorgeous last weekend so we spent a ton of time outside ( a lot of the messes were on the grass!!)..

I turned her water table into a sand table and she had been building up a storm! 

Camo crocs (courtesy of CC) and a Belle dress! Girlfriend has her own sense of style.. 

AJ was gone from Sunday to Wednesday, so we had lots of girl time this week.. 

I surprised her with seaweed as an afternoon snack and she was PUMPED. What other two year old is obsessed with seaweed salad!? haha 

And one last morning picture to wrap up this long blog post. Maddie Jane has two requests every single morning these days - a twirly dress and TWO ponies. Love this stage she's in and all her little quirks. Happy Friday friends! 

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In Family Gigi Weekends

Georgia Aquarium 

A couple weekends ago Gigi and C along with Lindsey and Ashton came into town to go to the aquarium with us! Maddie Jane had never been before, and she was completely awe struck the second she walked in. 

My step sister, Ashton, is so good with Maddie Jane! 

MJ jumped from person to person (whoever would hold her!) so she could get up close to alllll the fish. She immediately spotted out Dory and was just beside herself! 

We had to take a little snack break because she was getting cranky. I totally didn't think this trip through when I planned it on day light savings... 

Maddie Jane's favorite stuffed animal is Ping that Honey got her - she NEEDS him to sleep at night. Well she was pretty tickled there were penguins everywhere, because of their special puffin exhibit currently at the aquarium. 

PURE JOY. Love that girl and her excitement so much!! 

Gigi and Lindsey went and saw the dolphin show but there was noooo way Maddie Jane was going to wait in a line at this point. We will definitely be going back to do that soon - they said it was amazing!! (And better planned around sleep, ha!)

After the aquarium, we headed home for lunch and to celebrate Lindsey's birthday! It was such a special day and so glad so of our favs were there for Maddie Jane's first aquarium trip! 

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