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Oh My Maddie girl.. You are SO much fun! How in the world has seven months already flown by!? You are our little ball of energy and the focus of everyone in the room. You have so much personality and do not meet a stranger! You are such a good baby.. we are constantly getting compliments on how well behaved and content you are. (And thank goodness, because this month you went on your 7th and 8th flight!! World traveler baby!) You are pretty equally Mama's and Daddy's girl and love us both BIG. You love your puppy Molly and she is definitely one of your biggest fans. You are so happy - constantly giggling, squealing, laughing and smiling. You are growing and developing SO fast, and every day we are blown away by something new you are doing. I can not believe I was chosen to be yours, but I will forever be so incredibly thankful! We love you Maddie Jane!! 

We are milk allergy FREE!!! Thank the Lord, hallelujah! Most kids grow out of milk allergies, so the pediatrician gave us the green light to try a different formula. We did it this past weekend so we could monitor you and you didn't even bat an eye! Not a care in the world with the new formula! So then we decided to be really brave, and try the powder version while we were at it. And what do ya know.. you didn't mind one bit. So we have gone from being strapped to a refrigerator, constantly purchasing $11 bottles of formula, to now having the ease of taking some powder, grabbing water on the go, and coming in at a whopping $4 a day!!! And all conveniences and money aside, we are OVER THE MOON we don't have to worry about that sensitive tummy of yours any longer!! You sneak a little bite of ice cream here and there and some cheesy grits are on the menu this weekend :) You LOVE food! You suck down those pouches like nobody's business. You are picking up puffs and huge chunks of watermelon every afternoon and shoving them in. As you can see.. we let you eat naked these days! You are a mess!!! But we want to give you free range to figure this all out on your own.

Typical schedule:
6:30 am: baby food (pureed fruit, cereal, oatmeal), couple sips of formula
9:30 am formula bottle
12:30 pm fruit/veggies pouch and bottle
3:30 pm formula bottle
5:30-6:30 snack on any and everything we will give you while we are doing stuff around the house (watermelon chunks, puffs, bits of whatever we are cooking, baby food)
8:00 pm formula bottle
10:00 pm top off "dream eat" bottle

You have been through a LOT this month. Between changing from west coast to east coast time, two weeks later switching back, tummy virus, diaper rash, teething, and sleeping in a million different places that were not your bed, we were prepared for some sleep issues. We had some rough nights in the mix (think getting up every 2 hours, ahhh!!), but all things considered, you did really well!! I'd say majority of the time you wake up once a night (3am), take a bottle, and go right back to sleep, some nights its twice, and some nights you sleep through the night. There is no rhyme or reason... We can't figure out a sure fire way to get you to sleep through the night, but we are so thankful when you do! You nap like a champ though! Every morning and afternoon you take solid 1-2.5 hour naps. We hear horror stories all the time of sleep issues and we are beaming with pride (and not bleary eyed with sleep deprivation) of how well you do in the sleep department! 

Whoa girl, talk about developing like crazy over the past month! I can't keep up with you! You are constantly rolling, moving, shaking and putting every.single.thing. in your mouth! You get up on your hands to crawl, but can't quite figure out how to move. So you usually resort to rolling to get to where you want to go - and girl you are fast! I can't take my eye off you for one second! You can sit really well on your own if we sit you up, but you can't quite get to that position by yourself. Laughing - oh my goodness that laugh. You think everyone is hilarious and laugh almost You are getting so close to your first word.. you're making the mmmm sound, so maybe the first word will be "Mama!" But you have also gotten so close to "hey" or "hi"so many times too! You have really started to figure out toys - pushing buttons, pulling/spinning objects. So amazing watching you figure out the world. You learned the "Where's Maddie???" game this month from Gigi and it is SO much fun watching you interact with everyone!! 

You wear size 2 diapers, mostly 6 month clothes, but can still wear 3 month dresses/tunics. 

You LOVE your toes, especially shoving them in your mouth. You LOVE being thrown in the air by Daddy and have the cutest squeal every.single.time. You HATE having to wait for your food and will throw a fit if we don't get something on that tray stat. You LOVE sugar and kisses and when we blow raspberries on your tummy. You LOVE stroller rides and being outside. You LOVE bath time.. really just any kind of water will do for you.. my sweet water baby could play all day long in the water. You LOVE attention - you can play on your own, but you need someone close by. You HATE it when Mom/Dad doesn't have their eyes on you :) You LOVE your jumperoo and we have to get you a walker asap!! You LOVE books, one to chew on and one for us to read. You LOVE your Mama and Daddy BIG and we feel the exact same way sweet girl.

(Apparently this was the month of wide open mouth pictures! Haha!)

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What's Up Wednesday

The last Wednesday of every month I link up with Mel at The Larson LingoShay at Mix and Match Family, and Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To

1. What we're eating this week.. 
BASIL!! Y'all our basil plants are out.of.control. So we have been trying to get creative around here.. 

Saturday: Pan seared cod and these little crostinis .. AJ used a bunch of basil to make pesto (This is WAY out of his character to be so precise.. he knew I would be taking a picture, ha!)

Sunday lunch: BLT! Freshly toasted baguette, heirloom tomato, and homemade pesto mayonnaise - you can give this to me all.summer.long.

Sunday Dinner: Pork chops w/onions and Mexican street corn .. SUCH an awful picture.. I may have taken it about three bites in while watching OITNB.. oops

Monday: Angel hair pasta with steak and pesto.. tired of basil yet? Yeah me too.

Tuesday: Macaroni & Cheese with broccoli and tomatoes. Found this recipe in Food Network Magazine.. fun twist on a classic, and hearty enough to be a main dish! 

Wednesday: Shrimp fajitas with mushrooms and corn.. I always take pictures of recipes while I'm flipping through magazines. It's an easy reminder and I don't have to go search it down online to put on Pinterest. 

And Thursday AJ is on his own because I have a work event and Friday our kitchen is closed!! That's enough cooking for one week! 

2. What I'm reminiscing about..
Last 4th of July with this cute little bump :)

3. What I'm loving...
Our healthy girl! We had her 6 month check up (three weeks late) last week. She is still pretty tiny, but growing proportionately from where she started! 

Height: 25.5=2" (11%)
Weight: 14 lb 9.4 oz (14%)
Head: 17.09" (72%) 
Sorry girl, you get that melon from your Mama! 

My how doctor's appointments have changed! Use to be a sleeping baby.. now we are saying every.five.seconds. "Maddie Jane, don't put that in your mouth!"

4. What we've been up to...
A little brunching with Auntie Devri.. 

Story time with Daddy.. 

And Mama working from home a day or two trying to beat this awful cold we perpetually pass around our house.. 

5. What I'm dreading...
Our power bill!! Holy, moly it is HOT. Usually it doesn't get this hot in LA until August/September. It is going to be a long, expensive summer. Our pitiful wall unit is putting in some WORK!

Fortunately it is cooler in the mornings, and we get in some fun times like this :) 

6. What I'm working on...
Helping Maddie with her fine motor skills. She is doing such a great job picking things up! (Especially when said things are yummy treats :))

7. What I'm excited about...
Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to try Maddie on a different formula. Usually kids grow out of milk allergies, so we got the green light to give it a try! And thank the sweet Lord, baby Jesus - we are stinky, expensive formula FREE!!

We went from this.. costing us $11 a DAY. 

To this.. coming in at around $4 a day!!! 

BEYOND excited for the change.. SO happy we don't have to constantly worry about dairy products around our girl, we are saving money BIG TIME, and we don't have to constantly worry about having a fridge/freezer pack everywhere we go! 

8. What I'm watching/reading...
I'm sitll hanging with this girl every Monday night.. NO clue who she is going to pick! 

AJ and I started back on this train.. Much better than last season

And I have picked up this book to read three, maybe four times and just cannot get into it. It has rave reviews so I am going to try ONE more time, but I might have to just move on to the new one by my favorite author - Mary Kay Andrews :) 

9. What I'm listening to...
Thinking about football season with this song on repeat..

10. What I'm wearing...
Between Memorial Day and 4th of July, I feel the NEED to get my red, white and blue on!! Here are some fun things I have been wearing embarrassingly a LOT lately.. 

This skirt is from JCrew factory that I picked up at the outlet in GA.

Pants AND shirt from JCrew Factory. And of course I can't find any of it online.. 

And this cute dress is a super old purchase from Ross.. I get compliments on it every.single.time. I wear it.. and it cost $14! Wam, Bam, Thank You Ma'am.

11. What I'm doing this weekend... 
Drinking a lot of these on my balcony thanks to our blooming mint plants :) We still haven't figured out what we are doing for the holiday weekend! We have never been in LA during the 4th, so not quite sure what to get into.. A whole bunch of nothing is just fine with me!! 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
July is so easy going compared to our May and June and I am SO HAPPY. A bunch of lazy weekends filled with the beach and pool! 

I know I left some numbers out, but man oh man these posts take a lot!! And I have to start on a whole other one to post tomorrow for baby girl's SEVEN MONTHS update. Where do all the hours and days go!?!? 

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In Decorating Father's Day Maddie Jane

AJ's FIRST Father's Day

Thankfully, we got home from Georgia on Saturday night so we were able to spend all of Sunday at home for AJ's first Father's Day! 

I had contemplated buying him a new Keurig for Father's Day, but talked myself out of it.. Ours was almost 10 years old and was working okay, and I thought we could get a little more out of it.. And on cue, I went to make a cup Sunday morning, and it didn't work! So I ordered one from Target and sent AJ to go pick up his second gift, ha! 

And our new rug too!! We have been on the search for a new rug with Maddie Jane almost mobile. Ours was so old and refused to come clean.. I found this one at Target for $120!! I'm so obsessed with this print.. you can find it obnoxiously everywhere in our apartment. 

Maddie Jane and I stayed home while Age ran errands.. Cleaning, unpacking, etc. That little clip in her hair.. I die!! She looks so grown up!! 

We headed to Westwood for sushi and tried out the new hand roll bar, Kazu Nori! It is owned by our favorite place, Sugar Fish.. They only do hand rolls and there is only about 20 seats around a square bar.. Surprisingly we didn't have to wait at all. It was SO good, SO fresh, and a little cheaper than Sugar Fish.. We will absolutely be back!

So incredibly thankful this man is Maddie's Daddy. He is so attentive, caring, and hands on with our girl. It is the best feeling in the world knowing he will be there for her every step of her little life. I sure did pick a good one y'all! 

Post lunch calls for an outfit change after drooling over sushi rice, and a nap! That sweet baby was so happy to be back in her bed and has been sleeping HARD!

We ended such a special day with Daddy snuggles and the NBA finals. And we all had minimal clothes on because it is HOT in LA. I mean we are suffering over here with our little wall unit and 90+ degree heat in our top floor, sun facing apartment. Say a prayer that it cools down ASAP, before I force AJ into moving us into a hotel! 

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