Happy Birthday AJ!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite person, my better half and my partner for life! 

 I am so incredibly blessed to wake up beside you each morning and cuddle beside you every night.

We have been so many places this year, and done so many things. No one else I would want to see the world with than you!! (And no one else could deal with traveling me.. ha)

I am so very thankful for your mind and wit. One of the most attractive things about you is your love of knowledge and your desire to teach others. 

Every year on your birthday, I reflect and think WOW this has been an amazing year, but the next is going to be even better! And time and time again this proves to be true. 

Your sensitive touch and sweetness with our nieces makes me so excited for you to one day be the father of our children. 

However, I only love you 51 weeks of the year.. you're lucky your birthday isn't the last week in November.. 

Your love and generosity never ceases to amaze me. You constantly make me feel loved and special when the rest of our family and friends are 2000 miles away.  

And you always welcome me home with loving arms.. 

Did I mention you are incredibly good looking? I am so SO proud to be your wife!!  

You know everything about me.. from my best trait to my biggest flaw and still love me so. 

We have those good belly laughs, watch stupid shows and make weird voices. I am forever grateful for how much you make me feel like ME. 

Thank you for being you Age. I love you more than all the stars in the sky. 

I hope you have an amazing birthday babe!! I can't wait for what your 24th year has in store for us! 


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