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Easter Weekend!

Holy cow!! What a whirlwind weekend I had! So so thankful to be able to fly home so frequently to see my family and friends. It was a jam packed three days - drove close to 500 miles total to see as many people as possible this weekend! 

Got to Atlanta at 5:00am on Friday and the first stop was to wake up the Turner boys. 

They could not believe that I "drove" all the way from California just to have breakfast with them.

 Next stop - Flair for Hair!! I have tried to get my hair done in California four times now, and every single time I hate it and it cost at least $160 JUST for color. 

LOVE my girl Amber in Milledgeville! Y'all check her out!

DAIRY LANE is always at the top of my To Do list. Grabbed some for me and Kate and headed to meet Mick! 

 Isn't this the cutest little thing you have ever seen???

 Sweet boy let me snuggle with him for hours. I soaked up every minute with him, because I know he will look totally different next time I make it home. 

Next stop was Wrightsville to see my sweet friend Kelli and finally meet Ms. Sadie! These two babies gave me a sore arm and some EXTREME baby fever! 

Girls night at the Brick!! So happy my sweet Mama came along. 

 Oh how it warms my heart to have all three of my precious nieces together with me!

Lovesss you guys!! Thanks for staying out with me BritJ

My sister in law and my big sis. Love these two and their sweet babies! 

Saturday morning the girls had an Easter egg hunt at Deepstep Church 

This FACE!! (Insert smiley emoji with hearts for eyes)

This girl was all about huntin the eggs 

Dairy Lane for lunch again #noshame 

Mom treated me and Lindsey to pedicures for Easter on Saturday afternoon :)  

Sunday morning after church - the wind was being a little crazy 

Strawberry cake mom and I tagged team for Easter dessert. 

 The Spread! 


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