In OOTD What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday

Idea grabbed from Mel @ Larson Lingo

What I'm reading
I'm still working on reading The Hypnotist's Love Story, while also reading a ton of blogs! A few of my favorites:

What I'm reminiscing about
Old Easter memories! Here is a sneak peak of the Throw Back Thursday:Easter Addition I am doing on the blog tomorrow! Little AG circa 1994 :)

What I'm looking forward to

Going home!! I am getting so spoiled with my visits back to Georgia - this will be the third time in 3 months! I tried to plan my visit around Mick's arrival, but I'm a little late. So ready to meet him and see my little mama, Kate!
I am pumped for breakfast with these guys. 

And ready to do a little Easter egg huntin' with these girls. 

What I'm dreading
This four hour flight! I try to take red eyes home.. it's the most efficient. I have plenty of time to get to the airport after work, so I don't have to take off and I am not missing valuable time with my family, because well the flight is in the middle of the night. But man oh man does it suck. And to top it off, when I land at 5:22am my body really thinks it's 2:22am. #exhaustion

What I'm watching
Last night was the two hour special of 19 Kids and Counting - Jessa's Wedding! While their beliefs are a little extreme, they are truly good-hearted people and I thoroughly enjoy watching their lives unfold.

What I'm listing to

As usuallllll, I'm always months behind the country bandwagon, but I am OBSESSED with Sam Hunt. Thanks Paige :)

What I'm annoyed by

April Fools Pregnancies -  There are so many couples out there who are going month in and month out without being blessed with pregnancy. Be sensitive to these families and their struggle. It's not a laughing matter. Read a great article HERE.

What I'm hoping for

That this month of craziness goes smoothly! Georgia this weekend, Louisiana the next, AJs birthday festivities the following weekend and finishing the month off with a visit from Amanda and Jessica. (And May is just as hectic!! ahhh)

What I'm wearing 
Yesterday's Outfit
Blazer - JCrew Factory
Shirt - Forever 21 - $3!!
Pants - Target
Shoes - DSW
Today's Outfit
Top - Forever 21
Sweater - Target
Pants - Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes - Bakers (like 5 years ago!?)


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