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Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday Y'all!! As always, I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!! 

1. Blow Dry Bars 
I am so so obsessed with blow dry bars. It's absolutely perfect if you are feeling lazy before a dinner out or pampering yourself for a big occasion. Just sit back, have a cocktail and look amazeballs in under an hour. Make up yet to be done at Blo in Shreveport...

2. Spending time with AJ 
Crazy what one weekend apart from each other can do. Bla bla I know I'm being mushy, but hey! I LOVE my husband!! It was great spending one on one time with him last night while pup was at daycare. 

3. Red Gel Manicure
Or as AJ calls it my Elizabeth nails. (His mom is always rockin a red mani!) I normally have nude or light pink nails, but I wanted to give a pop of color to my black and white dress tonight!

4. Joanna Gaines 
Oh my goodness, I was already obsessed with this woman, her family, and her show Fixer Upper on HGTV. Now I am even more blown away by her testimony I saw floating around Facebook this week. What a powerful message to send on waiting for God's timing. I know I sure needed to hear this (this week and every week)!! 

5. My siblings! 
Apparently it is national sibling day! I am technically an "only child" by my mom and dad, but I have been blessed with other siblings in the un-traditional way. I have two half siblings that are some of my biggest supporters and have given me the best nieces in the world. I have two sister in laws that actually look more like me than my blood siblings! The sweetest brother in law in the world that always takes the time to genuinely ask how I am doing. And the sweetest step sister who has allowed me to finally play the big sister role that I have always wanted to be!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!! Check back next week for all my Louisiana fun!! 


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