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TWO months!

Oh Maddie girl, 
I cannot believe you are two months old! This month has gone by wayy more quickly than the first one. You are changing so quickly!! The biggest (AND BEST) part of this month was your smile! Oh sweet girl, that smile covers your entire face. Sometimes we have to work to get it out of you, but it makes every sleepless night and temper tantrum so so worth it. 

Molly girl is like night and day with you now. She is so attentive to you and gets very worried when you are crying. I just know your first word is going to be Molly or doggy. You guys are growing to be BEST friends! 

You are definitely a Mama's girl and will pitch a fit if you want me. You LOVE bath time and would stay in there all night if we would let you. You also LOVE being in your carseat, but only if we are moving. LA traffic can cause you some serious distress - I'm right there with ya girl. 

You are a hungry girl and when you want food you You are eating around 3 ounces about every 3 hours. Sometimes you won't finish your bottle and other times you are begging for more. It's definitely Mama's personality to only let you have exactly 3 ounces every 3 hours on the dot, but sometimes I give in :) You drink the super sensitive (super expensive) formula and you are still SO gassy. We will see what the doc thinks when we take you on Tuesday. Mama is eager for you to supplement your diet so we can keep that tummy full! 

Sleep is a rollercoaster around here. At the beginning of the month, you were pretty predictable.. waking up every three hours on the dot to eat. When we got to Georgia and you were in a new place and your clock was off we had a BIG struggle getting you to sleep at all at night. After about a week in Georgia, not only were you back on schedule, but you were sleeping 6-8 hours straight!!! Of course, the second we came back to California you were off again. After two night of you waking up every hour Mama headed straight to Target to buy the same rocker/sleeper we were borrowing from your boyfriend Mick. Last night we were right back on schedule of waking up every three hours on the dot. After knowing what it feels like to sleep 6-8 hours straight, we are crossing our fingers and toes to get you back on that schedule!! 

You are really starting to interact more with people, lights and sounds. You love lying on your new play mat, especially when you are faced toward the mirror. You can sit up in your bumbo for 5 or so minutes - that neck is really get stronger!! Your favorite toy by far is the light up jungle that is attached to your crib. You could stare at it for hours and you get TICKED when it automatically turns off (so does Mom and Dad, ha!) You are just starting to open up those little fist and grabbing onto stuff (especially Mama's hair). You are awake during the day a lot more these days and trying so hard to show us that personality! 

Two Month Photo Drop

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In Friday Favorites Maddie Jane

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and I'm finally linking back up with NarciErika and Andrea for Friday Favorites!! I am pounding out several blogs tonight because Mama has a BIG glass of wine and we are baby wearing.. our FAVORITE way to keep Maddie Jane content. 

I posted this a couple days ago in Instagram. I cannot believe my baby girl has grown out of her newborn PJs.. Oh be still my heart!! Those Gap ones are my FAVORITE and I am so sad to see them go. See you again one day with baby number two clown pajamas :) 

Being back home in our routine is my FAVORITE. Morning snuggles watching the news with a big ole cup of coffee. Mmmhmmm.

I could eat sushi because it is my absolute FAVORITE. It eases all those mommy emotions of not having my girl tucked away in the womb anymore.. Give me all the sushi.. and wine. 

Santa dropped this in my stocking and man oh man is it some good stuff. Nightly bubble baths are my FAVORITE. I look forward to that time of day when Age takes over and Mama gets some peace and quiet. 

Oh this girl probably doesn't get enough lovin these days. She is really warming up to Maddie Jane and follows me everywhere I go. She loves snuggling in the nursery with me .. That puppy dog face is my FAVORITE. 

Today I finally got out of my PJs to have a lunch date with my FAVORITE Cali friend Devri. Putting on some real clothes and makeup can really do the heart good.. And mhmm that denim on denim girl. All Target. Everything. 

This guy is my FAVORITE husband, ha. Oh how we look forward to when Daddy comes home every afternoon!! This afternoon we were counting down the seconds. Right after Maddie, Molly and Mama went to sleep the repair man knocks on the door and wakes everyone up. Waahhhhhhh!

We had a little happy hour next door to celebrate Friday. Oh that sunset! And my girl being on her best behavior at the restaurant.. my FAVORITE. 

The real reason we were next door (the mall) this afternoon was to pop into Apple. Age finally got a new laptop after six longggg years. The smirk on his face booting this bad boy up was definitely my FAVORITE. (Also my favorite.. turning in all of our old Apple products to get several hundred dollars worth of credit towards his new laptop!)

Check back tomorrow to see Maddie Jane's TWO MONTH update. Holy cow I cannot believe it's already been two months with our girl!!

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In Maddie Jane Travel

Georgia Trip - Part 2

And so the Georgia trip continues... 

My sweet Granddaddy with Maddie Jane. Him spending some one on one time with my little girl means the WORLD to me, and I will treasure this picture for years to come!

Friday night we headed to Atlanta to see some friends and family before AJ's flight back home. Auntie Kell came to see us (didn't get a picture, ahh!!) and MJ met her Gramps (again no picture.. such a fail for this Mama!!) We had an amazing suite at the Marriott in Midtown and Maddie girl "saw" her first snow!! 

While we were in Atlanta, we were able to get together with several of AJ's fraternity brothers and their wives/fiancés/girlfriends. 

These people.. I met majority of them my sophomore year in college. I never would have guessed these bunch of Fiji's and their formal dates would turn into my lifelong friends. We have navigated beer pong tables and hand grenades in New Orleans to black tie weddings and having babies (well I have had a baby.. I am trying SO hard to get some of these girls on that Mom train with me!!) I would give the WORLD to do life with them every day and sure hope that becomes a realty in 16 or so months... 

Saturday morning after Daddy headed to the airport Maddie J and I met up with Auntie J for brunch. Love, LOVE this lady and so incredibly thankful for the friendships I am able to keep across 2000 miles. 

When we got back to Sandersville, we headed to Miss Sadie's 1st birthday party!

Gigi got in some lovin! 

And Sadie girl had a ball chowing down on her cake. LOVE that sweet baby!! 

SundayAunt Kit Kat and Aunt Loulie came over to meet my girl. I started keeping them when I was just 14 years old.. we spent summers together, took tons of trips to Hilton Head, had over night slumbers on school nights when their parents were away.. and now I consider them way more than kids I babysat, or even little sisters, they are truly my friends. Love them so much and SO proud at the amazing ladies they have turned into. 

We had one last trip over to Aunt Amber's and Uncle Bubba's house before we left. And my sweet Kylee Kate got to hold "Ma Jane" 

Uncle Bubba got the baby fever.. 

This nugget showed off her big girl panties.. 

And Papa and MJ took a little snooze...

Our Georgia trip was cut short when AJ's business trip was canceled and I decided to head back to California to have our family together. It was a tough decision to leave our family and friends early... but poor Maddie was worn out from all the going! After all, for most of the first 8 weeks of her life it was pretty much just the three of us. Not to mention, I didn't want to parent alone if I didn't have to!! It's bittersweet being back in LA, missing everyone SO much, but happy to be back in our routine in our little home. 

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In Maddie Jane Travel

Georgia Trip - Part 1

Maddie Jane's first big plane ride happened at 6 weeks! Aunt Paige had a trip already planned to LA, so we planned our trip back home around hers so I would have some help on the plane. 

We LOVE having Auntie Paige in California. She is the BEST house guest. She doesn't care what we do or where we eat AND she gets up at 5am to help with Princess Maddie. 

Getting through security was the hardest part of the trip. They made us take the carseat and stroller apart, take MJ out of the carseat (of course she was soundly sleeping and this caused screaming), they then went through all of my milk and tested it.. and THEN had to pat someone down because I would not let them open my unopened milk.. NO WAY I could have done it without her. Oh TSA you never cease to amuse me.. 

Once we were on the plane it was smooth sailing. I timed her feeding to happen right at take off so we had no issues with her ears popping. She snoozed peacefully the entire flight, only to wake up and eat again at the three hour mark. Mama was relaxed drinking a glass of wine and watching The Intern! 

Getting the seats right behind first class is now a MUST traveling with her. It made life so much easier having the extra leg room and freedom of not interrupting anyone in front of us. 

Mom was waiting at the top of the escalator and surprised us by bringing along Amanda! We were SO excited to finally get our girl on Southern ground! 

The next day the visitors started pouring in to meet our girl. Cousin Tyler is one of Maddie's favorites! I think she likes his squishy-ness :) 

We are staying at my Grandma's house during these three weeks. She is so in love and has been a God send helping me out!! 

We headed out to Katie's one night last week to meet her and Mick. SO much joy having our babies together. I couldn't do motherhood without our constant texting going on. So blessed having her on this journey with me! 

And Mick wanted to get his hands on his girlfriend so badly!! By our next visit, I'm sure she will be able to keep up with him! He is on the MOVE.

Thursday and Friday we headed to Forsyth to stay with the Turners. These boys were SO attentive to Maddie. Love their sweet little caring hearts so much!! 

Look at that smile!! Peyton was willing to help out with anything! He cleaned the whole house in anticipation for Maddie and was right beside me with every feeding and diaper change. 

Friday Amanda and I ventured up to Locust Grove to do some shopping at the outlets. I have not been getting out of the house much for extended periods of time, so I'm having to get creative on the warming bottles front.. 

I grabbed AJ from the airport Saturday morning and of course our first stop in Sandersville was the Dairy Lane. Can't wait for this nugget to experience the good stuff! 

Auntie Laurie came all the way from Alabama to meet MJ! So blessed to have so many sweet friends in my life!! 

All of us grandkids learned to drive on Grandma's driveway. And the training starts when you're pretty young sitting in your mom's lap! I cannot even imagine Maddie being big enough to do this!! 

Saturday night we had an oyster roast. I waited a longggg 9 months to get my hands on some yummy oysters!! Maddie hung out a little bit until it got too chilly outside. 

Love this family of mine and a simple Saturday night! 

CJ and Carrot :) 

LOVE this man. Parenting was HARD without him here. A few days away makes you really realize how much you need someone!! 

Sunday we had our first photoshoot with Kasie Tanner. She is AMAZING. She is so good with babies, totally understanding of miss thang's temper tantrums, and makes sure to get every single detail. I cannot wait to get the pictures!! 

Sunday night we went to dinner with my Dad's side of the family. Big cousin Ridley could not wait to get her hands on MJ! Isn't this the sweetest!? 

Auntie Bev and Ben came and saw us on Monday!! This little girl is SO loved by SO many people. Would give anything for her to get this much lovin all the time! 

And now we need a few days to just snooze... 

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