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Weekend Wrap Up & FINALLY a Menu Monday

Happy June everyone! I can not believe how fast this year is flying by! This weekend we did absolutely nothing spectacular. It was 48 hours of eating, sleeping, and just hanging out with each other. And it was HEAVEN. 

Friday afternoon I did all the laundry then grabbed AJ from campus. We headed over to one of our favorite spots - Fresh Corn Grill. Their salmon was exactly what this mama was craving (after driving around Westwood for 15 minutes trying to figure out what exactly I was craving... haha)

Saturday morning we hung around the house and I made some fruit dip to go with my strawberry obsession. You blend together cream cheese, cool whip, and marshmallow fluff. It is SUPER easy and SUPER yummy. 

Saturday night we roasted ribs in the oven and AJ made some homemade cornbread. He is not a baker -- he normally leaves anything to do with measuring up to me. But he wanted to give this a try and it turned out great! Crunchy and soft and a little sweet. 

I made some peach cobbler for dessert. The peaches out here just aren't like the ones in Georgia. It was good, but just not right.. 

Not sure who was having a party, but we got a little impromptu firework show from our balcony on Saturday night. 

Sunday morning I made one of my childhood favorites, cinnamon toast and of course paired it with strawberries. It really looks like all we did this weekend was eat, oops! 

 Molly was REALLY into Game of Thrones last night. That pup loves watching TV! Meanwhile, I was reading a book with one eye open. I accidentally picked up the wrong bottle to wash my contacts with and grabbed hydrogen peroxide. We had to flush my eye out forever and then it was a red swollen mess the rest of the day. I am a walking hazard to myself!! 

Menu Monday - 06.06.15
I know I have been so MIA from Menu Monday for the last few weeks. I just have not been able to bring myself to eat a lot of things we normally cook around the Pryor household. I have been feeling better lately and have been trying to research Pinterest some things we both will like. They are all not healthy, or genius recipes, or cost effective... and a lot of them go against my no box meals rule, but I guess that's just me becoming a mom. Learning to not have hard set rules.. Going with the flow more often... And realizing that everything doesn't have to be perfect or by the book...

Sunday : Hamburger Patty, Mac & Cheese, and Side Salad
Box mac and cheese always sounds good to me. I normally go with Velveta, but I grabbed this Kraft kind instead and man oh man did it take me back to my childhood. Specifically summer camp at Ms. Croome's house! I also have been wanting a cold element to my meals lately, so a side salad or pasta salad seems to do the trick. This ground beef was on manager's special for $3 and made the perfect patties for me and Age.

Monday : Chicken Sausage and Sweet Potatoes
Tonight we are going to try out this kind of sausage. AJ will just cut it on the bias into bite size pieces and sear it in the cast iron. We have some sweet potatoes left over from last week, so I'm just going to pop them in the oven on 425 for an hour and a half. (*Poking holes in them with a fork and NOT covering them in foil makes the potatoes cook much more quickly.) 

Tuesday : Fish Tacos
This is a tried and true Pryor recipe. We have tortillas left over from last week, so I am using them twice this week so they will not go bad. Sear your fish in the cast iron (I like to use cod or tilapia) then throw them on a tortilla with lettuce, mango salsa, and a little sour cream. This meal can seriously be made in 15 minutes. 

Wednesday: Hogs in a Hammock
We should just call this week clean out the kitchen week. I had some cheese hot dogs in the freezer, so I put Hogs in a Hammock on the menu to get rid of them. You just wrap the dogs in crescent rolls and follow the baking instructions on the package. Because these are a little sinful, I'm pairing this dish with some fresh fruit.

Thursday : Pizza Quesadillas
My last meal of cleaning out the fridge week is pizza quesadillas. I found this gem on Mix and Match Mama's recipe site. We are putting mozzarella, ground sausage and pepperonis into tortillas and popping them on the George Foreman. All of these ingredients we already had in the fridge, so this recipe was a great find to change things up a little from regular old pizza. This week, we only spent $40 on groceries just by doing a little cleaning out! 


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