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What's Up Wednesday - Baby P Edition!!

FINALLY!! I can blog about what I actually want to blog about.. this sweet baby that is in my tummy! AJ and I are SO excited to meet this sweet bundle of joy in December. 

This will be the last What's Up Wednesday. Next week I will start Hump Day, Bump Day so my friends and family can keep up with my growing belly and all the craziness with being pregnant. 

What I'm reading
Google.. way too often. I google every little thing that I'm feeling, what I look like, what I'm thinking. People say it's dangerous, but what I have read has been pretty spot on with what my doctor says. Like is this belly too big for only 8 weeks?! (Answer: No. I just pop out more quickly than others..)

What I'm reminiscing about
Wine! Just kidding.. I really don't miss drinking much unless we are are in social settings. We have had a few get togethers where AJ has made me ginger ale's with a lime to keep the pregnancy under wraps. Or when Paige was here last week, Age concocted me some fun mocktails like this one.. 

What I'm looking forward to
Finding out the gender of the baby!! I really do not have a preference one way or the other, I'm just ready to KNOW! I call it a he all the time.. I just have that feeling it's a boy. But who knows!! Hurry up July! WE couldn't help but buy a little something gender neutral for sweet Baby P :)

What we've been up to 
Lots of doctors appointments! I just happened to have a fertility specialist as my gyno, so she has been treating me like her fertility patients. We have been able to see sweet Baby P every week for 4 weeks in a row! Next week I'm transferring to a regular old OBGYN and will only get to see the baby once a month. So bummed! This is his/her very first picture at 4 weeks.. pretty much just a speck! 

What I'm dreading
Our five hour red eye flight to New York Friday night. I booked this flight so long ago, I didn't even think about the fact that I could be pregnant. I am having a hard enough time getting any sleep in my bed, I'm sure trying to snooze in that 10 inches of my Delta economy seat is going to blow. 

What I'm watching
In unrelated baby news.. this UGA Spring Football Hype video was just released. If this doesn't give you chills and almost bring you to tears because there are just WAY too many days until the first kickoff Between the Hedges, then you probably aren't a true Dawg fan. 

And I feel sorry for you.

What I'm annoyed by
My lack of meal planning. I have been missing Meal Plan Monday so much! I don't have many cravings, but I definitely have aversions. Like the thought of vegetables makes me gag... or don't even get me started on baked chicken. To not deprive my husband, I have been buying him several steaks/chickens with veggie sides and I have been living off chicken nuggets. It's the one thing I can stomach without fail.. specifically McDonalds chicken selects. YUM!

What I'm making
My one other craving has been sausage. I cannot get enough of sausage - especially breakfast sausage from McDonalds. (Good thing we live across the street from a McDonalds..) Last night we made this bake that has onions, potatoes (CARBS, YUM) and sausage. I loved it AND loved that we could actually share a meal together. 

Recipe: Just toss onions and potatoes in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and any other seasoning you wish (we used Old Bay last night). Place the dish in a 450 degree oven for 45 minutes covered in tin foil. Slice the sausage and sear it in a hot pan. Add the sausage in and bake for 20 minutes uncovered. 

What I'm wearing today
I mean, I'm ready to go full steam ahead on the maternity pants train. I won some Seven maternity jeans on eBay right after I found out I was pregnant (for $15!!!) and they are ALL I have been wearing. My clothes are so uncomfortable.. I mean I could wear them with hair ties/unbuttoned, but why put yourself through that when you can wear comfy stretchy stuff?? Until I am able to get some more maternity stuff in my closet, I have been trying to make stuff work. This is a regular skirt from Target (only zipped up half way, ha!) with an extra long tank from H&M. 

Thank you for reading my blog! I promise to be more interesting now that I can actually talk about what is going on in our lives! Check back periodically to see this bump grow!!  


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  1. Ahhh!!!! I'm soo happy for yall!! You will be the best Mommy!! look ahhhhmazing!!