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Weekend Wrap Up - BFF Edition

My bestest friend in the whole wide world got to LA on Friday for a MUCH needed relaxing girls weekend! We did some balcony sittin then headed over to Room for some sushi. 

Saturday morning AJ made us biscuits and gravy. I had been thinking about this stuff alllll week long. He followed my mom's recipe to a tee and they were beyond perfect. 

Saturdays call for mani/pedis. So nice getting to go with a girlfriend instead of the usual quick trip by myself. 

Sometimes I match.. sometimes I don't. Lovin this pink combo!

Next stop was Target and I totally didn't think about the fact that California people don't even know who Lilly Pulitzer is!! We scored sooo many gorgeous Lilly things!

Paige is the sandwich QUEEN. I'm pretty sure she could only eat sandwiches the rest of her life and be happy. So of course I had to take her to my favorite sandwich place Ike's! 

Pure bliss.

And the weather was GORGEOUS. I had chicken/pesto/honey/provolone, Paige had turkey/pesto and Age had chicken/cheese sticks/marinara. We all needed a nap after this one! 

After a nap and a shower, we drove around LA for an hour searching for a bar to watch the fight. I totallyyyy should have planned earlier for this - as every single bar had a $40 cover and it was standing room only. We ended up back at home, watching it on pay per view with MUCH cheaper drinks. 

We had a late dinner at Rock Sugar, a fancy schmancy (aka not a buffet) Chinese place. haha

After such an eventful day Saturday, we did a lot of this Sunday morning.. 

And we had Paige's second all time favorite food for lunch - Mexican! Unfortunately without cheese dip... California does not believe in cheese dip. I have looked high and low for a place that serves queso with no luck :( 

Little car selfie action running a few errands and doing grocery shopping. 

And the rest of the afternoon was spent balcony sitting, listening to country music, gossiping about anything and everything that has happened in the last four weeks since we last saw each other. 

It was a beyond perfect weekend with my best friend! She has had a rough couple months, and I am SO HAPPY we could have a few days together with no interruptions and doing whatever we wanted. 


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  1. It was perfect! Much needed weekend for us both :)