TBT : High School Senior Year

With graduation right around the corner, my Facebook news feed is full of spring sports banquet, honors day and yearbook dedication pictures. Today, I wanted to throw it back to seriously one of my all time favorite years of life thus far, senior year of high school. 

Our class was a teeny, tiny size of only 18. Perfectly split with 9 boys and 9 girls. These people were not just my classmates, they were my absolute best friends, like my brothers and sisters, Well except those times when we tried to date each other. That was awkward. I think it's for the best that not a single one of us ended up together! ha!  

We were kinda crazy.. we were always into something. And most of the time it involved Amy's cabin or a field in the woods. It's probably still not safe to tell our mothers our stories from that year. Oh the memories.. I think we were all pretty calm in college, because we got into SO much those last few months of senior year. 

We were always together. Every Thursday night before football we would be into something, Friday nights after the game we would go to Waffle House, Saturday night there was some kind of party and any day in between, our parents didn't bat an eye when we said we were all spending the night together. I loved having my mom's house less than a mile from school - it was always the meet up spot.

After we received our college acceptances, we didn't take much of anything seriously. We spent so much quality time talking about life during that year. We truly loved each other with our whole hearts.. I think we were all kinda scared to experience life without each other. A little weary of the unknown doing life without just us 18. I would give anything to go back for just one day. 

Fortunately, our moms were crazy enough to let us take trips. We would go shopping to buy Brittany some more Gap shirts, or with Katie to another doctors appointment or to support Amy in yet another sport. Senior spring break in Tybee. I don't even have the words.. haha 

We called ourselves the Fab 5. We savored every single minute of that year. And holy cow, I can NOT believe it has been 7 years since this picture. Me and Ames have babies on the way in July and December, Kate is finishing up her maternity leave this week with sweet Mick, Brit is furiously trying to plan a wedding before November, and Laursey is graduating from nursing school this week! I love these girls so SO much and could not imagine not still doing life with them. 

K. Bye. 

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