TBT : Mother's Day Edition

My mom is the BEST mother in the world.. I know, I know everyone says it. But seriously, a world without my mom is not one I would want to live in. We have been through more in my 25 years than I could ever imagine for an entire lifetime. With mother's day around the corner, I wanted to do a little Throwback Thursday in her honor! 

She has always encouraged me to travel and see the world. We have been on so many adventures and road trips. From driving to Key West on family vacation or a late night run to Louisville for a Dairy Queen Moo Latte, we have ALWAYS been "on the go". We have probably spent more hours in the car together than anywhere else. All those hours of conversation, drive thru dinners, and on the road homework tutoring sessions, I wouldn't trade for the world! 

Maybe why I like my mom so much is we are literally the same person. We look alike, act alike and always most of the time think alike. Our poor husbands when we are in the same room.. they can't handle there being two of us!! Sometimes we can drive each other crazy for being so hard headed!

Nasty cancer rocked our world 7 years ago, but it truly was a blessing in disguise. We spent so much time together in hospitals and chemo treatment centers and we truly learned what we were made of. After that season, we felt like we could conquer the world! I have never been more proud or in awe of the woman she is and absolutely love that she is constantly reaching out to help others with this disease. I strive every day to have that "umph" as she calls it!! Mom, you are my hero!! 

There has not been a single milestone or important date that she has missed out on. She will travel to the end of the world, do whatever she has to do, to be there and make sure every detail about the special day is perfect. She scheduled her chemo treatments around my graduation and college move in day. She made lists on lists and rounded up all of her friends to make sure my wedding was the wedding of my dreams. I will be forever in debt to her..

She keeps everyone on their toes and makes sure everything is in its place. I am so proud that she passed down my go-getter attitude, my insane attention to detail, my OCD organization and my love of taking lead. I just don't understand why everyone else in the world can't load a dishwasher or keep things clean like we do :) 

We graduated college within a year of each other. We were constantly encouraging each other and even took a class together! And what do you know, I ended up in the exact same career as this awesome lady. People ask where I see my career in 10 years or what I want to do with my life.. I simply say, I want to be my mom! 

My mom is my best friend, my cheerleader, my rock I lean on, and the reason I am who I am today. She doesn't just deserve one Sunday a year to be celebrated, she deserves a lifetime of standing ovations. And now I'm crying, so it's time to end this sappy post..

I LOVE YOU MOM!! Can't wait to see you in 13 days!!!! 


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  1. You had me choking back tears after the first paragraph. Wow, the love you have for your mom is awesome. I just wrote my Thankful Friday on my daughters and like you couldn't get through the tears, then I find you on Home of Malones Thoughts for Thursday. You both are blessed to have one another.

    1. Aww thanks so much Michelle! I'm her only child, so we have quite an amazing bond! I hope you have a great Mother's Day!!