In Fashion Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!

As always, I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites! 

1. THESE Converse Shoes
I love a good ole traditional converse shoe. I rock my red ones pretty often. When my mom dropped a not so subtle hint that she wanted white ones for Mother's Day, I went on the hunt. I found these cute ones at Nordstrom. They are slip on and make my feet look less clown like than my red ones. They were marked down to $40, AND I had a $20 Nordstrom Note, AND it's tripple points time at Nordstrom. WIN! 

2. RAIN in SoCal!! 
I don't know if y'all have heard or not, but we are in some serious need of rain out here on the west coast. Last night it rained! I mean it rained hard and was even accompanied by thunder. This neverrrr happens out here, and it was so welcomed! A good thunderstorm is definitely at the top of my list of things I miss about Georgia.

3. McDonald's Breakfast
I we live right by a McDonald's and I want to stop by there everyyy morning on the way to work. I had resisted the urge all week, but this morning sweet hubby took me there to indulge. Another thing we never get out here - biscuits! It was nice to have a little taste of home to start my Friday. 

4. My plants are still alive! 
I have been quite impressed with my ability to keep these little suckers alive. I have to water them constantly (prob against our drought restrictions, oops!) but they make me so stinkin happy. Mom and I were talking just yesterday about taking what you have, sprucing it up a little bit, and enjoying life's little things. We may not have mansions, or a house filled with Pottery Barn, but dog gone I sure do LOVE life when I look at my $2.99 flowers still kickin it after months! 

5. Old Navy Sale! 
I think every time I check out their site, they have some kind of sale going on! I looked today and almost the entire site is 40% off AND you can get women's clothes an additional 30% off for Mother's Day with the code MOMSRULE. How cute is this dress? It looks SO perfect for our beach trip this summer. 

And while I was at it, I grabbed this cute top for my niece, Ridley. Apparently, she is so into graphic tees these days. So I thought this one was super appropriate from her favorite California Aunt! 


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  1. So happy you've gotten rain! I need to stop shopping at Old Navy, it's an addiction...a very bad