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Friday Favorites

As always, I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites! I have been such a slacker lately with the blog. Work has been hectic, always something to get done at night and this mama is just plain ole tired. SO today will be a big dump of everything that has been happening lately! 

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are my absolute FAVORITE, but what's even better is when they are free!! It pays to use the Starbucks app people!

Wednesday night we had a date night to get something I have been craving for forever.. hibachi!! It wasn't Little Tokyo because they don't have my FAVORITE pink sauce, but it was still delish!! And if you are a part of the Benihana birthday club, you get a $30 gift certificate on your birthday every year. And let me tell ya.. that's two of my FAVORITE things - saving money and stretching my birthday out a little longer :) 

Clouds in the California sky are my FAVORITE! It is so so rare that we get to see actual clouds or that liquid stuff that comes out of the sky, so I'm always trying to capture it on my phone. This picture just does not at all do the pink hues justice.

My daily conversations with Paige are my FAVORITE and I'm always showing her my attempts at being a cool mom. I thought this outfit was a nice try.. ha

Spoiling Molly Polly is an absolute FAVORITE. This year she is going to be a shark for Halloween!! When we went to get her costume, I had to grab her some new toys too. Of course the plush pumpkin is already dead three days later..

Oh nursery sitting is my FAVORITE. I do it every single night. Cannot wait till I'm sitting here with my baby girl!! Not sure Molly shares my sentiments. 

Menu planning and eating the yummy dinners AJ whips up is definitely a FAVORITE. Tomato soup and ham & cheese sliders were on the menu Monday. 

Sunday night we had baked salmon and red lobster biscuits. They are insanely easy to make! You can find the recipe HERE

DK's donuts is one of the most well known donut shops in LA and I had my first one Saturday night. The fruity pebbles one was my FAVORITE.

Tuesday night we had baked chicken and mac & cheese. I have tried making mac & cheese about 5 different ways now, and I just cannot find a recipe that we like. This one was Paula Dean's recipe and while it was good, it wasn't exactly what we want. The search continues.. 

This guy becoming a Daddy is one of my most FAVORITE things in the world. He puts together the bajillion baby gadgets like a champ! 

And this view is going to be my FAVORITE when our little family is complete with Maddie Jane in just two short months!! 

Have a great weekend y'all!! 

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