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March Little Things

Well since April is half way through.. prob should get these March little things up on the blog. Pretty soon I won't even remember the details - thanks pregnancy brain! That pic up above was from Iliza Shleshinger in Atlanta - Lexie gave me tickets for my birthday and then the date was moved to March. Fun little excuse to get down to Atlanta for the night! 

I LOVE this girl's personality. She is such a performer and loooooves being the center of attention. Poor baby brother doesn't stand a chance. We joke he won't talk until he is three! 

On Dr. Seuess' birthday, Pamela and I took MJ and Lily to a story/craft time in Davidson. The girls had sooo much fun! Love their little relationship! 

Gigi sent Maddie Jane a big box of new spring clothes and this rainbow skirt with pockets is BY FAR her favorite! 

She has insists on braids almost every day lately for school to match her best friend, Wynter. I struggled at first with her super fine hair, but I'm getting pretty dang good if I say so myself! 

Every single day. Can't stop. Won't stop with the homemade yogurt parfaits! 

The guy is at the grocery store and it cost ONE PENNY to ride. Solid investment/bribe to get Maddie Jane to behave in the store. 

We started swim class in March. You can read all about Maddie's big week HERE.

We had some hibachi for a weekend dinner.. which is ALWAYS a treat around here! 

And started soccer! It's over now- just a 5 week intro class- MJ did great, but I think we will stick to solo sports for awhile :) 

We went to brunch at our favorite restaurant - Block Bistro - three times in March. Ooops! 

Daddy jamming and Mommy getting huge... 

We met some princesses that you can read about back HERE.

AJ and I went on a parents' only weekend to Charlottesville that you can read about back HERE

We've enjoyed the weather warming up! Soaking up alllllll the 70s weather before we are in the 90s! 

There was a gigantic consignment sale up here (over 80,000 items!!!) and I racked up on stuff. ALLLLL this (mostly Polo and Gap) for $50!

My side kick... doing what she does best.. 

Maddie Jane is in a stage where whoever is beside her is her "best friend" -- on this day, it was Molly!

Our neighbor Clara turned 4 and Maddie Jane went to their house for a birthday dinner! 

Then celebrated again the next day at her friend birthday party! These two are soooo cute together! 

And the weather turned back cold and I was back in my uniform. I have worn these same leggings almost every single day with a rotation of 4 shirts. Today it's going to be 80 though!! I'm breaking out my shorts and tanks! 

Naps are rare for MJ these days, so I love snapping a pic. Especially when it includes her best friend Molly.

And rounding off the month in Sandersville for two showers that you can read about HERE!

Per usual, I'm going to do some marathon blogging. So check back here tomorrow and Friday!! 

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Weekend in Sandersville

Last weekend we headed down to Sandersville for a baby shower AND a wedding shower. Love when things work out like that :) On Friday night, Grandma cooked a huge spread and then we topped it off with Dairy Lane of course! Amanda and Barrett were there too and I can't believe I have zero pics of Maddie and "Farrett". 

First shower up - my bestie's baby shower! We hosted it in Milledgeville and appropriately had a nautical theme for these coastal water lovin folks. 

Gigi brought Maddie Jane a little later and she was on her best behavior. Love that girl of mine and that we have finallyyyy turned the corner of the terrible twos! 

It was totally unplanned to be pregnant together (she wasn't trying and I was trying for over a year), but how stinkin special is it that we are both having boys within two months of each other!? 

We rested up all afternoon at Grandma's house before the next shower. Please note the pose, and the new dress she got from Gigi for being such a sweet girl, haha

Shower number two was a couple's wedding shower for Brent and Kayley. Love being able to hop down to my hometown for special things like this! 

Meanwhile... Maddie Jane was with the fam at Herb's. Apparently she ate grits, shrimp, hushpuppies, AND fish. That tiny little girl can put away some food! 

On Sunday morning we were up and out the door by 10am heading back to North Carolina. It will never be lost on me getting to hop down to Georgia to spend time with family and friends. Counting down to the next one! 

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I haven't done a Friday Favorites post in foreverrr! Happy to be back in my blogging grove. Here are 5 quick things that are my favorite this week :) I hope you guys have a great weekend!! 

1. My sweet sidekick(s)

This pup follows me everywhere. Everyone in the family is benefiting from me working part time from home - but I think this pup is liking it best! She just goes from room to room sleeping every chance she gets. 

Between Molly being connected to me at all times, little guy growing rapidly in my belly and MJ knowing her days as a single child are dwindling.. my lap is ALWAYS full. A few nights ago I was soaking it all up while watching AJ work on nursery things. 

2. March Madness
When we moved to North Carolina, I totally didn't think about how big of a basketball state it is. But holllyyy cow, March Madness around here is like November/December in Athens. Between Duke and UNC, the whole state is lit up with anticipation. I think between AJ and I, we have four bracket challenges we are participating in. We have been invited to March Madness parties and everyone's yards is decorated in some shade of blue. Nothing will ever compare to UGA football, but I think I can get behind this energy :)

3. Zucchini Boats 
I have struggled a LOT with food aversions.. I don't want meat hardly ever - if I do, I want chicken nuggets or taco seasoned ground turkey. So I asked my bestie over at The Healthy Peaches to help me get more protein in my diet. We came up with different ways to use taco meat, incorporating more beans, eating beef or bone broth and yogurt! And TMI.. my digestion is wayyy better these days! 

When I posted this pic on insta, I received several requests for the recipe. Here is a hodgepodge of a few recipes I mixed together to get what I was searching for:

1.. Cook 1 pound of ground turkey in taco seasoning and set aside. 
2. Split zucchini and scoop out insides..then use the leftover remnants of taco goodness to saute a half onion and zucchini insides (salt + pepper). 
4. Mix meat, onion, zucchini, 1 can of corn and 1 can of black beans together. 
(This makes SO much that I put half in the zucchini boats and save the other half for the next night to serve over rice.) 
5. Scoop goodness into boats, top with Mexican cheese and cook in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes. 
6. Garnish with hot sauce, sour cream, and cilantro! 

4. Maternity Style
In Charlotte it has been cold wet and rainy for approximately 65 days, ha! I have been wearing the same leggings and three shirts over and over and over. So when it hit 60 last week, I jumped at the opportunity to wear something new!! 

These outfits were from our weekend in Charlottesville. Surprisingly, I snagged BOTH of these dresses at Goodwill for $4 each. I haaaate spending money on maternity clothes and I just couldn't pass this deal up. They are both sleeveless, so I paired a cardigan/jacket with them for the cooler weather.. They are both super comfy and I will be wearing them weekly until July! 

5. Grace Ann Designs
I saved my absolute favorite for last.. I'm opening up a small shop! I have been researching for weeks to find a creative outlet that I can do with my spare time. I thought about monogramming, party planning, even opening a dry bar! But I finally settled on creating handmade jewelry from home. It is very little overhead and doesn't take a huge initial investment. I have been playing around with different textures, materials, and price points in supplies, and I finally have nailed down "my style". I am SO excited about this new venture and I cannot wait to show you guys my designs! 

I am starting out with statement earrings only. I LOVE fun, girly statement earrings, but have a hard time finding ones that are light enough for my ears. I have pretty stretched out earlobes that I am super conscious about, so I also prefer to only wear post earrings opposed to hook. So a majority of my designs with be in this form. Next week I will be doing a giveaway over on my instagram and will be officially launching early/mid April. It would mean the world to me for you to like, share, and follow Grace Ann Designs

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Parents' Weekend in VA.. MJ's weekend with Gigi

This past weekend we had a parents' only weekend to Charlottesville, Virginia. When we saw Mumford and Sons were touring near us we knew we had to go.. we considered the Charleston show, but it was middle of the week, so we bought tickets to the one in Virginia for a weekend getaway! We left after lunch on Friday for the 4ish hour drive through some gorgeous mountains and vineyards. 

We checked into the hotel, and had a yummy Italian dinner and walked around the outdoor mall by out hotel. Andddd maybe stopped at Kilwin's for dessert :) It was so low key and just what this Mama needed. 

The next morning I told AJ he had to pick out breakfast since I had made the dinner reservations. Well.. he picked the BEST meal of the whole weekend. We walked the two smiles to Moose's by the Creek. Super old joint, linoleum floors, taxidermy everywhere, no dish over $9..And it was COMPLETE HEAVEN. I'm still dreaming about that french toast on good ole Sunbeam white bread. Thank goodness we had to walk the 2 miles back to the hotel to counterbalance a tiny bit of this feast. 

We shopped a little.. AJ found a barber for a much needed haircut, we took a glorious two hour nap.. def skipped lunch after that mound of a breakfast we had.. and got ready for date night number two!

We had dinner at The Local - recommended by two different friends. It did not disappoint. The building has been everything from a mechanic, a coffee shop, a photography studio.. and has now been completely opened up for a two story restaurant. Great vibe and would recommend if you are in Charlottesville! 

AJ's local beer and duck.. I had some soup and salad that wasn't worth a pic, but very yummy.. ha!

We had a parents only weekend last month, this month and have another one in May! We joke that Mom is making up for all the time we were in California and couldn't help us out. We are def getting our time in now before baby number 2. We can't thank Mom (and CC) enough for being so willing to always spend time with our girl!! 

Charlottesville is super cute - reminds me so much of Athens (prob bc UVA is there), but with more mountains. TONS of breweries and wineries too that I can't wait to try when we go back in September for my bestie Kelsey's wedding. (She and her fiance both went to UVA.) 

And then concert time! The UVA basketball stadium is an amazing venue.. usually in sports arenas you really compromise on sound quality, but not here! I am already thinking who we can see there next! 

We saw Mumford at Wakarusa wayyyyy back in 2011 - and they are even better now. They jam SO hard, cycle through 20+ instruments, and interact with the crowd so much. SUCH a good concert!! 


We got stuck in the parking lot.. and of course had to get a snack.. and didn't get to bed until after midnight. Suuuuper late for this 24 week pregnant mama, but it was all SO worth it! Love, love, love weekends getting one on one time with my hubby.. and paired with amazing music just makes it that much better!!  

Meanwhile back at home... Maddie and Gigi made unicorn cookies.. 

MJ showed Gigi her soccer skills at practice on Saturday morning..

And of course they went shopping! At the first store, Maddie Jane ONLY wanted to buy baby brother stuff. She picked all these out right by herself. Gigi even said they had to put some stuff back, ha! 

And don't worry... Fancy Nancy didn't get jipped. Because she was SO sweet getting stuff for baby brother, Gigi rewarded her with this insane haul! Again Maddie Jane picked out everything! Fingers crossed this helps some of our clothes arguments, ha! 

OBSESSED with twirly dresses. 

And then she wore THIS get up for their dinner date on the McDonalds playground...

And the weekend was topped off with ice cream of course! 

We woke up suuuuuper early on Sunday morning to get back in time to meet these two for brunch! We had to take mom to my favorite place to get crab cakes benedict :)

Safe to say.. they both had the best weekend and we did too :) So thankful for you Gigi and all you do for our kiddos!!

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