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NC House - Kitchen!

Our new house in North Carolina is coming along slowly, but surely. The one room that is pretty much done.. our kitchen! Didn't have to do much decorating here, just got to pick out allllll the stuff for the contractor to do, which was FUN! Let's take a moment to appreciate the before.. 

The cabinets, the back splash, the awful use of space.. I was so pumped to make this kitchen mine! What you can't see from these pictures is a half wall between the kitchen and living room that we also tore down.. 

What we did to make this kitchen one of our dreams:
-Additional recessed lighting
-Took out light and added industrial hood + gas stove top
-Added several feet to the island
-Changed the counter tops to white marble
-Painted the cabinets white & added new hardware
-Redid the back splash to a subway tile that sometimes looks white, sometimes blue, and sometimes green, ha! 
-Changed out the light over the breakfast area
-Added in an extra ice maker into the island (my fav part! ice-o-holic)
-Stained the hardwood floors
-Enclosed the space between the cabinets and ceiling
-Changed out the sink and fridge
-Added corbels to the island
-Enclosed the cabinets around the fridge
-Painted the walls (like every other wall in the house) Agreeable Grey. 

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Halloween 2018

We had our first big adventure in Huntersville for Halloween. And it did NOT disappoint! Late in the afternoon MJ and I went down the street to play a little with our cousin, Lily, before the festivities began. 

Their playing lasted about 5 minutes, before they deemed in dress up time!! I mean... is this not the cutest doctor and mermaid you've ever seen!? 

This pose. This hair. She wanted to be a mermaid for WEEKS, but it didn't click with her that she needed red hair till about 4 days before. Thankfully Amazon Prime did not let me down at all. (And she has worn this wig about 47 times since. Totally worth the $15)

Last year Maddie Jane pretty much understood the whole Halloween deal, but this year.. it was NEXT level! She talked about it for weeks leading up to it, and she hasn't stopped talking about it since! She would leave each house with stars in her eyes, saying "another one Mommy??"

This picture is her personality to a tee.

It was so so special trick or treating with our family. I absolutely love that these little cousins are going to grow up on the same street and be in the same grade at school. This new NC life is turning out pretty great :)

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In Girlfriends Maddie Jane Molly Weekends

This & That

Still trying to play catch up on the blog. Here is a big dump of what's on my phone from the past few weeks. Up above cutie girl looking so grown up before school one day back in Atlanta. 

When someone first meets Molly, they are like whooaa she is a LOT. However, this is what she does about 21 hours a day... 

Backyard playing.. then Maddie's last day at her school in Atlanta. The little girl in grey is her bestest friend and she still talks about Makayla daily. 

Two nights before we moved, Kell and I had a pretty epic little date night. 

I was in a looottt of pain, but the sweet night with my schnook was worth it!!

On the last night in Atlanta, we had a date night with Bruce at Monkey 68! 

And one last play time with our favorite neighbors! 

And then after a whirlwind (all in one day) move, Maddie Jane started her new school in North Carolina! She was pretty uncertain those first few days.. and cried a lot. But thankfully she is getting more settled and is loving it now! 

Because she only goes to school three days a week, we have time for lots of other fun things! She started her first gymnastics class and she is in LOVE. She pretty much wears this leotard every single day and asks is it "nastics" time?? 

She isn't technically old enough to be in the class (3-5 yo) but she is catching on quickly! 

Mom came to town to help me unpack and decorate. After being there an hour she told me and Age to go on a date night and she would keep unpacking and get MJ to bed. She's a saint that one! So sooo thankful for her helping me move 34849 times. 

The Fogles gave us their piano and it is constantly being played in our house!! AJ is in heaven.

We also did a little pumpkin painting with Gigi. (Nice little trick for littles who do not know better.. I washed this pumpkin and let her paint it two more times, ha!) 

MJ is home with me on Mondays and Fridays. And while I'm not technically working on those days, stuff always comes up. It was wayyy too quiet upstairs for wayyy too long while I was in my office. I went up to find this.....

But a lot of the times she is a perfect angel and sits in my office and "works" with me.

One more Halloween post (maybe tomorrow) and I will be caught up!! Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday :) 

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Kaolin Weekend

Apologies for being MIA.. holy house stuff. Moving is so stinkin stressful. We are ALMOST done with unpacking, decorating, etc!! I cannot wait to get some pictures on the blog! But in the meantime, let's go back several weeks to Kaolin Festival! 

We headed down to Sandersville the weekend before our move to go to the annual Kaolin Festival. It was also supposed to be my 10 year class reunion, but too many people had other plans.. so we postponed. But anywho.. of course our Sandersville trip started with some Dairy Lane.

And seeing our favorites - Kat and Sarah! 

The next morning was the parade, and Maddie Jane was just beside herself!! We got to see Ms Kenzie Kate for a second! 

Her favorite part was definitely all the princesses! She squealed with joy the ENTIRE time! 

It was a whirlwind weekend, and I didn't do a very good job documenting anything else! My sweet granddaddy was in the hospital, so we spent a bunch of time there too. He lit up when he saw Maddie Jane! He is home now and doing much better. On Sunday we took family pics with Kasie Tanner Photography. They are SOOOO good - can't wait to share them all! 

AJ headed back to North Carolina, and we were headed home for our last week in Atlanta solo. Andddd we were all like this  that afternoon! Such a whirlwind weekend, but I love showing Maddie Jane some of those small town traditions!

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Samantha Update - Light the Night

Last Thursday, Samantha finished her 6 months of chemo treatment! (If you are new around here, you can read the initial post about her HERE.) She has handled this journey like such a boss babe. Rocking her bald head (now short hair) and constantly keeping a smile on her face. She has been such an inspiration to everyone around her. She goes back for scans next month, but I am going ahead and speaking it now - I'm sure she is CANCER FREE! We did a little breakfast for her on Friday morning to celebrate her journey coming to an end. 

Then on Saturday, we headed down to Piedmont Park to keep the celebration going at Light the Night. It was such a powerful and moving event.. What a way to celebrate our girl!! 

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