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In Baylor Hump Day Bump Day

Hump Day, Bump Day - 32 Weeks!

How far along? 32 weeks, 3 days

Baby's size? BIG - he is measuring 3 weeks head. Somewhere around 5.5 pounds and in the 80th percentile.... OW

Milestone? He's good to go! We are just trying to get him to stay in until 37 weeks for his lung development!

Maternity clothes? I live in maternity shorts and tank tops.. and this one gray dress that I got from Goodwill for $4. I literally wear that bad boy twice a week, ha!

Stretch marks? Teeny tiny ones on my back... whatever

Sleep? It's okay. I always wake up at least once, most nights 2-3 times. Having some sharp pains and of course multiple trips to the bathroom. LOVE when I can fit an afternoon nap in :) 

Symptoms? Oh the Braxton Hicks are BACK! With Maddie Jane I had them like crazy, and now with him too! Trying to start hydrated to keep them at bay. Lots of pressure in my lower back and lady parts. Also insane heart burn and indgestion to the point of throwing up. I've tried every medicine in the world.. it is, what it is.

Best moment this week? Earlier in my pregnancy, he had fluid on his kidneys that we were monitoring. We went back to the specialist last week and it has completely fixed itself! Hallelujah! And always good to see that nugget and hear his strong heart beat.

Miss Anything? Margaritas.. sushi.. ham sandwich. Being able to eat more than three bites and it not sit on my chest.

Movement? Oh yeah! He is running out of room in there (measuring THREE weeks ahead!!) so the kicks and punches feel like they are going to knock me over! 

Food cravings? fruit, ice cream, water, lemonade

Anything making you queasy or sick? Meat.. yuck. Food is hard in general. Just no room for it.

Have you started to show yet? Oh yeah.. and starting to get sympathy looks. Especially when I tell someone I still have 6ish weeks to go! 

Gender? BOY!

Labor Signs? Braxton hicks, he is head down, definitely feel everything moving getting prepared for that day! 

Belly Button in or out? very out! 

Wedding rings on or off? On and loose most of the time.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy.. but tired. A lot going on outside of this pregnancy that's just hard.. so been emotional. This little guy is coming at great time to bring some light and distraction! 

Looking forward to? His arrival! Not being pregnant anymore! Seeing what he looks like!! With MJ, we got lots of shots of her profile during ultrasounds. He has buried his face making his way down, so we have NO clue what he looks like! So eager to see!!

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In Baylor Girlfriends Parties Pregnancy Work

Baby Showers for Baby Boy!

As part of my whirlwind trip (that I'm going to talk about later this week), I had TWO baby showers! With being baby number two, I definitely didn't expect much "showering", but I am so incredibly thankful for all the love we have been shown!! This little guy is so stinking lucky to be loved by so many already! 

I work remotely, but went down to the office in Atlanta a few weeks ago to meet with my team and get to have a double shower with Michelle who is about 6 weeks ahead of me with a baby girl! 

I'm seriously one of the oldest people at my company (at 29, ha!) so baby showers are few and far between. So we had to make this as fun as possible for these kiddos straight out of college! 

It was such a special time and we received so many thoughtful gifts. Lucky to call this company mine, even though I don't get to see them often! 

Next up I had a "baby sprinkle" hosted by some of my best girlfriends in Sandersville. They swear they just "threw this together" but come onnnn, how stinkin cute!? 

Maddie Jane and sweet Sadie.. they don't see each other often, but when they are together, they have such a good time! 

Love these bestie girls of mine! And how much they love on my children!

Brit's mom, Ms Dianne, also helped host the shower and offered her home and pool area! It was also so gorgeous and perfectly laid back!

MJ wasn't feeling pictures... 

But Brit did capture this sweet one! (Also, I have pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. Should go away within hours of giving birth..That ugly hand brace helps SO much!) 

This girl provided all the gorgeous handwriting you see on the decorations. We have collaborated our small shops together on something and I hope we will be doing a lot more together in the future! Love ya Katie Hammock! 

And that's a wrap! We got a tonnnn of diapers, wipes and diaper genie refills (which I had not purchased one single thing of, oops) and a bunch of other sweet goodies. So, so thankful to be surrounded by so many family and friends during this sweet stage of life. 

One more "sprinkle" to go in Atlanta! EEK

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In AJ Date Night Little Things Maddie Jane Molly

April Little Things

Let's look at a big hodge podge of pictures from my phone that never made it to the blog. Up there .. Maddie girl is eating naked after a verryyy messy spaghetti night. 

And sporting some fake nails and a tattoo from Auntie Kell after a good bath! 

Random little dinner date with the Meisers. These girls are going to be trouble growing up together! They are going to the same school next year, and we are all SO excited! 

One morning I was determined to not only go get an acai bowl (been craving those since California) but I was also determined to walk the four plus miles there and back. I started my walk and about half a mile in it started raining.. 

Did we turn around? NOPE. I just started running and oh my goodness.. it felt SO GOOD! I ended up running all the way there.. 

And well of course there was nothing left to do but to run back after we ate! Over 4 miles I ran.. at 7 months pregnant.. after not running in like a year. It felt SO GOOD. Holy endorphins. 

I could barely walk for three days after that.. but I'll never forget that rainy morning with AJ and Maddie running with me in the rain with that big ole belly. 

We put our dry cleaning in a bag and it is picked up each week and delivered back to our house. Somehow AJ's pajama pants got in there and they came back nice and starched.. ha! 

Random nap time snuggles with my girl... 

Masters Sunday curled up on our couch with my newly hung lights and ferns. 

Molly's bark box this month was Shakespeare theme and I haven't laughed so much in my life at this pup! The creators of that box are good.

Man parenting is sooo much easier when it is nice outside. Every single day we are out in the backyard.. a lot of times a ton of other neighborhood kids are there too keeping MJ entertained! 

She put these boots on and declared herself a "farmer mermaid" -- she also says she is going to grow pineapples, strawberries and ice cream on her farm, haha! 

We celebrated AJ's birthday a day early since we had a date on his actual birthday :) 

With this chickadee insisting on braids so often, my braid game has gotten goooood! 

Ready for date night with Age and sporting some Grace Ann Designs earrings! 

Mocktail for me and bourbon for Age. Love this man of mine.. he is so easy to celebrate.

Pamela's brother was in from Connecticut, so alllll the Pryor cousins got to play! So many kiddos that look alike, ha! 

Maddie Jane had a precious little egg hunt at her school. I am so thankful I can work part time and be able to do these things with her! 

This is her bestie Sage.. according to their teachers, they are inseparable! 

Random pregnancy pic.. I think around 28 weeks. He is BIG and I seriously don't know where it's going to all go.. 

It got up in the 80s, so I snagged this little pool for our backyard. Maddie Jane and Clara play allllll the time. And let me tell ya.. two is so much easier than one. 

We had to move the ferns to big pots on the ground because they were getting so stinkin huge. And I rescued these little hanging baskets from the clearance aisle at Lowes. Happy to report they are alive and thriving! 

Also added one more chair, a pouf, and some succulents/aloe to the deck. I LOVE being a plant lady during the summer.

Maddie Jane was playing dress up over at Clara's house and got this pic from the sitter while I was out running errands. Have I mentioned how much I love our neighborhood?? 

Right before I took this pic Maddie Jane said, "Mommy sit down.. we need to talk!" This girl neverrrr stops talking and I never know what is going to come out of her mouth! 

Naps with baby brother! 

Another date night! (Guys date your spouse.. it is SO important and I truly believe one of the most important parts to a happy marriage!) Also. Earrings! Check out Grace Ann Designs HERE.

My desires for date night: Hobby Lobby and Krispy Kreme. And in between the two I just Yelped a random sushi place. Which turned out soooo good. Can't wait to go back and get the real deal! 

Next morning with Farmer Maddie Mermaid.. just soaking up the absolutely perfect weather! 

I had to capture this rare occurrence where we were out to lunch and she sat and colored quietly... ha! 

And ending this big ole April post with my favorite pup. Can you tell we are practically living outside!? Enjoying every single minute of this mild North Carolina spring before it's in the 90s! 

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