In Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

As always, I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites! 

1. Halloween Oreos
I don't know why, but the holiday colored oreos are just WAY better. I can't stop, won't stop having these every night with a big glass of milk. YUMMO These bad boys are worth every single bit of indigestion. 

2. My nursery glider
I have fretted over finding the PERFECT chair for the nursery. I didn't want the traditional glider, I wanted something that looked like regular living room furniture but glided. AND I wanted to be able to try it out! It was tough finding a store that had several that I could actually give a whirl before purchasing instead of buying one blindly online. Fortunately I found this one at a HUGE Babies R Us about 15 miles from us AND I had a coupon AND E helped us out with it! Winning all around. Now we just have to figure out how we are going to get it from the store to our apartment because they do not ship to home.. 

3. Baby Molly
Yesterday, this bundle of sweetness popped up on my timehop! I cannot believe we got her FOUR years ago! I had been constantly sending pictures of puppies to AJ for about 6 months that year and one day after a football game he was just like.. let's go get a dog! I searched online for a beagle and there was one little girl left from a litter up in Kennesaw. We hopped in the car and got this little runt of the littler and she has been our dog-ter ever since! 

4. Laurie is coming to town!! 
Laurie is coming to LA today and staying with us until Tuesday! We have a weekend planned with good eating, a little sight seeing, and of course football. Good thing she isn't coming the first weekend in October, or we would be enemies!! I seriously have the BEST friends in the worl and I am so stinkin lucky they all come visit me! 

5. Georgia Football
This is going to be a Friday Favorite until January!! I saw THIS VIDEO this morning and may or may not have shed a tear. I love you Athens. Hunker down your hairy dawg! It's almost SATURDAY! 

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