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Friday Favorites!

1. My new water bottle! 
I haven't been great in my drinking water game because well.. I go to a bathroom enough without drinking a ton of water! But Amanda, had this awesome mug at the beach and I fell in love. The cup is Bubba 32 oz mug ($15 at Wal Mart!) and my awesome mother in law made me the monogram. I've consistently filled it up at least 3 times at work and another 1 or 2 at home at night. Drinking water is so much easier with a straw and a cute monogram! 

2. Carson competing in IJM! 
Carson is in Virginia Beach this week competing in the International Junior Miss competition in the Pre Teen category. I wanted to be there to cheer her on so badly, but plane tickets were just outrageous! Thanks to modern technology I have been able to watch the live stream - and she is ROCKING that stage! She has so much poise and a presence about her.. all while being so genuine and down to Earth. Love that niece of mine!! 

These are insanely grainy, but here are some iPhone pics of the live stream. The first is in "Fun Fashion" and the second is "Formal Wear". She will have a final round tomorrow and the winner will be announced. SO nervous for her! But she seems cool as a cucumber! 

Mom and I sent her flowers and so glad they made it there today on time!! And oh my.. all three nieces in one place - SO wish I could be there! I can not WAIT for MJ to be in the mix with these girls!! 

3. My amazing husband and pancakes
I've been moody and needy and cranky this week.. It is ridiculously hot in our apartment and I can not get comfortable to save my life. He handles it all like such a trooper. I owe him BIG time after this pregnancy is over. This morning he ran to grab me pancakes while I was getting ready!! Let me reiterate... he's a saint.

4. Baby girl clothes!!!!
Well more specifically her Going Home Outfit.. I get on these obsessions and just look and look all over the internet at ridiculously cute baby things. This week I have been determined to find a going home outfit.. Mom told me I better stop buying, but I just can't help it!!! I mean look at this stuff.. 

WHAT A WEEK. I am beyond ready for the weekend and some rest!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!! 


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