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Weekend Wrap Up && Menu Monday

Friday morning Dad snapped a photo of his girls in bed before heading to work. I am SO going to miss these lazy mornings with Maddie. 

It has been gorgeous lately!! MJ and I took advantage of it ALL week taking our daily strolls. Friday she had to try out her new shades :) 

Saturday morning we were up early for Starbucks and Best Buy. And holy cow do we have the cutest Valentine's baby or what!? 

On Friday night our cable box kicked the bucket, so we scheduled for Time Warner to come out and install a new one. As soon as we made that call our TV kicked the bucket too! I bought it used when I was a sophomore in college so it has had a really good run, but dang... this was also the day we found out we owe 3k in hospital bills, and we had to buy a new bed this month and had to get AJ a new laptop last month, AND we owe taxes. BLA adulting. 2016 has been a swift kick in the gut so far financially. 

But hey doesn't our new TV look awesome? (And I got it on sale! woo!) And we have this gorgeous girl to show for the ridiculous hospital bills, and a comfy new bed, and AJ can get so much more work done on his new laptop and well I can't find a silver lining with the whole taxes situation, but I'm working on it.. 

Daddy and MJ taking a quick nap in between all of our errands Saturday. Swoon :) 

After getting the TV hung, we headed to the Grove for some outdoor shopping and lunch at Nordstrom. SO yummy. AJ couldn't believe there was a restaurant in Nordstrom. Maybe, just maybe I can get him to go shopping with me more often now?? HA 

Saturday night with my Valentine. AJ watching a movie on the TV and me watching the Bachelor on the laptop. We are pretty romantic around here! 

And topped off our busy day with Chinese take out. YUM. 

Sunday morning our girl was all smiles for Valentines!! 

AJ had my two favorites - hydrangeas and Napa cab. He knows my love language. 

And I know his too.. a nice whiskey and chocolate :) 

We also busted out this nice champagne for the occasion. I would never spend this much on champagne, I'm just a red wine girl. But man oh man it was goooood.

And Molly got her new BarkBox just in time for a little Valentine's surprise herself. It was SO cute and Chinese New Year themed. 

LOOK at this plush take out box!! Molly is in love with it and the squeaky dumplings! 

We had the BEST view for our Valentine's dinner!! Wouldn't have wanted to be ANYwhere else!! 

SEVEN Valentine's with this guy. He's my person. He gets me. And holy cow am I lucky to call him mine. 


Sunday: Steak, Lobster, & Asparagus
This is our go to fancy dinner. AJ cooked every single component to perfection. It was such a splurge with amazing steaks, insanely good wine, and those lobster tails..YUM. Shout out to the guy at Ralph's for cutting us a deal :) 

Monday: Salmon Sandwich
We had buns leftover from last week, so I wanted to do some kind of sandwich this week. AJ seared some salmon, made homemade tartar sauce and finished it off with dressed arugula. This looks expensive but it was less than $4 per sandwich!! 

Tuesday: Mexican Casserole
I found THIS recipe last week on Pinterest. Who doesn't love Mexican food!? This looked like a new spin on the same ole same ole tacos or taco bowls we do around here. AND I'm pumped to have some leftovers to spice up my usual lunch of ham sandwiches.. 

Wednesday: Pizza Rolls
This recipe HERE caught my eye when I was reading the newest Food Network magazine. It is super simple and can be altered to any taste. I have tried something similar to this in muffin tins and it didn't turn out too well - I have high hopes for this one. 

Thursday: Sausage Skillet
I am on a new recipe roll this week!! I found this one in the Food Network Magazine too. It is a Hilshire Farms recipe, but you can find it online HERE. Sausage, carbs, cheese and some veggies only messing up one dish?? Done and done. 

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