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Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and I'm linking back up with NarciErika and Andrea for Friday Favorites!!
1. SALES and Stocking Up! 
I do not like paying full price for ANYTHING. I constantly have my eyes open for sales and deals. I got ALL of these diapers, wipes, and household products for $100 at Target! Often they do a deal where you buy three boxes of diapers/wipes and you get gift cards! woo

And man oh man do I like seeing our closet stocked! So nice knowing I got these for a good price and feels SO good knowing we aren't going to run out randomly in the middle of the night. Because those 3am feedings are STRESSFUL enough! 

And oh our formula.. so dang expensive. But I found a deal on this week if you bought in bulk you got 20% off. So helloooo 12 bottles delivered to our door. Too bad this will only last us about 2 weeks! 

2. Workin on my fitness 
We have been going on daily walks all week around the neighborhood. And holy cow, it has been hot in LA! I have sweated more this week than I have in a year. (Embarrassing!) And Molly has done so well being tied to the stroller!

HAHAHA I don't think Maddie is too excited to be doing squats with Mama! 

3. MAIL!!! 
Oh how I LOVE getting mail. And I have some amazing family members and friends who are constantly making sure I feel the love out here in Cali. Yesterday was an amazing day for mail - pretty sure my mail lady hates me though. She is constantly squishing everything in our box, grr. 

My mom sent Maddie girl the BEST Valentine's Day box! And a little something for me and Age too! I mean holy cow!! Look at all these insanely cute clothes! Maddie Jane is ready for daycare in two weeks (Mama is NOT!). We are so so lucky Maddie has the BEST Gigi in the world! 

Auntie Paige sent Maddie girl a Valentine's box too!! She will definitely be getting best dressed award at daycare. And now she has tons of cute stuff to help out with her growth spurt :) 

AND our canvases came in for our living room! Kasie did such an amazing job with Maddie Jane's newborn pictures (totally need to post them on here). It was so hard deciding which ones to order! 

4. Wayyy too much TV
AJ and I started watching The People vs OJ Simpson this week. I was skeptical.. thinking it may be super corny, but I was hooked immediately. They are doing a really good job of stating facts and using actual footage from 1994. 

I also started watching Parenthood this week. It's a great show to watch with a baby - I can run change a diaper, put a paci back in and not miss some important plot twist. AND I have seen several actors from my all time favorite show Friday Night Lights! 

And this is my current situation.. Blogging, Bachelor and Spinach dip. I have been reading Mix and Match Mama's blog for over a year now, but have never seen the Bachelor season with her brother, Sean! So.. thanks Amazon for keeping all the seasons on lock! 

5. My Smiley Snuggly Girl 
Maddie's personality comes out more and more every day!! She is such a happy baby (except when she's hungry, ha!) And every time she sees her Daddy, this is her reaction! This was while AJ was getting her ready to go out to dinner. 

She LOVES her nightly snuggles in Mom and Dad's bed before her bath and bottle. 

And snuggling with Mommy after her bottles :) Oh sweet girl, I am NOT ready to leave you and go back to work. 

I hope ya'll have a great Valentine's weekend!! 

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  1. Whoa is that sunlight I see in MJ's room?!?! Love it all and you!