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I have been thinking about getting Maddie Jane a slide for forever and finally bit the bullet and snagged one off Amazon last week. And let me tell you.. best $25 I have spent in a LONG time! She looooved sliding from it into her baby pool. 

That smile! Worth every dollar in the world. Exactly what I needed after a rough week! 

Friday night Zac came over and we grilled out - chicken, corn, and pasta salad. YUM.

So good seeing those boys together after so long. 

Saturday morning we were up early doing yard work and coloring with chalk. 

And back on the slide!! She has to sit up there for a good 30 seconds and say ooooonnnneeeee, tttwwwwooooo, and then will never say three, haha! 

Sweet Molly girl loves that slide too! Poor thing never gets any love on the blog anymore! 

Going to miss the smell of sunscreen, a constantly wearing bathing suits, and having ice cream for dinner.. 

And my flowers!! They are gorgeous, but I know that first cold snap is quickly approaching and they will be gone in the blink of an eye! 

Silly girl after her after-church-nap! I love that she (most of the time) wakes up so smiley and happy!! 

After Daddy left for St. Louis, we had a girls night with Auntie Kel! Look how pretty her champagne is! 

We had dinner at CowFish (again, ha!) and I tried the bento box. LOVED it and really just want a bento box for every meal. I really like to concept of having a small amount of a ton of things! 

Wiggly girl wouldn't sit still for a picture with Mama! 

And this week MJ and I have been holding down the fort and eating too many chips and yogurt covered pretzels while Daddy is in St. Louis for a conference. He went over to one of his mom's friend's house that lives in St. Louis and I got this sweet picture!

We are SO ready for him to come home TONIGHT!!! 

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