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Five on Friday

1. Parents' Weekend!!!! Last night started our second EVER parents' weekend.  AJ and I have left her separately several times, but only once (Napa) for a whole weekend together. Last night started night one -- John Mayer concert! I was so worried about it pouring the entire time, but look at that gorgeous sky!

2. Gigi time! Mom and Grandma came up to Atlanta yesterday afternoon and snagged Maddie Jane for a weekend (full of spoiling I'm sure!) 

3. Lunches. I have been trying to change up my lunches AND pack them on Sunday nights to save some time during the week. Before AJ left for his business trip, he helped me assemble them all in THESE boxes I snagged - dishwasher and microwave friendly.

4. Special Time. Since AJ was on a business trip Sunday to Wednesday night and MJ would be going to my Mom's on Thursday, AJ kept Maddie home from school and they had a special day together complete with Burger King breakfast, playing on the playground, movie watching and no less than three servings of ice cream! 

While Daddy was gone MJ and I had special time too! We never eat out during the week, so this little Chick fil a date was pretty stinkin special! 

Little girl is a dipping queen like Mama! 

5. New face routine. Soooo a couple weeks ago, I grabbed the Publix brand of makeup remover wipes (opposed to Clearasil) and it completely broke my face out. I thought it was zits (when it was really just irritation) so I slathered my face in high power zit cream, and it made everything a million times worse. I went into panic mode and was about to order hundreds of dollars worth of Roden and Fields (totally not knocking their products, I'm sure they are great) when my mother-in-law suggested I just go back to the basics. 

So I stated removing my makeup with THIS, washing my face with THIS, and putting on a simple Clinique moisturizer. So cheap, so simple and look at the dramatic change in just 5 days. (That's not blush, my face was that red and splotchy!!) So happy to have calm, smooth skin back and really happy with my new routine!

And lastly... this is me today, HA. At work, we get "stars" for leads that turn into deals. So to promote participation, we were to dress as Hollywood stars. I was drafted at the last minute to be a Spice Girl.. so let's just pretend I look like Ginger Spice :)  

Happy Weekend friends!!! 

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  1. New to your blog from the link up! Love your look for today. We do similar competitions at my work!