In Maddie Jane Month by Month


Oh my sweet Maddie Jane.  I swear I just brought that tiny 5lb bundle home from the hospital, and here we are... planning your first birthday!! How in the world are you into double digits? You are the sweetest girl in the whole wide world. You are so full of life - you giggle and squeal You love everyone and everything around you SO big. You're just so stinkin happy all the time! And your happiness is infectious! Not a person we pass can look at you and not develop the cheesiest grin. Like your daddy, you are so laid back, and so go with the flow. We can take you anywhere! You adapt to whatever situation you're in and always save your meltdowns until we get back home haha! You're the light of our lives - we start our morning and end our evening soaking up every little ounce of your goodness. We are so insanely proud to be your parents little girl - you have blown our wildest dreams out of the water! 

Maddie girl you are an eating machine!! You love, love, love food and do SO well with picking up and chewing. We have pretty much done away with baby food all together and you eat what we are having or some pre-made meals I have made for you. Your favorites are yogurt, apple sauce, eggs, bread, pasta, ground turkey, cheerios, tomatoes, and bananas. You aren't a huge fan of anything green, so we trick you to eat them with apple sauce :) You are a MESSY eater and have to go immediately from your chair to the bath. Still consistently drinking formula bottles throughout the day, and one in the middle of the night (ugh). This is the month we are going to wean you off though, right!? 

You are doing a lot better in the sleep department this month. We have been very consistent with your routine and make sure you get in bed before you are too tired. You nap for two hours every morning and an hour in the afternoon. You go to bed around 8pm, wake up around midnight to eat and then sleep till 5/6am. It's not ideal, but we are going to get you back to that glorious sleeping through the night thing SOON. You wake up in the mornings SO happy - just standing up in your crib, grinning at us to pick you up. What a way to start our day!!! 

Holy cow, development. We can't keep up with you! You literally learn new things every single day. You are standing up now, often times without holding on. You have been cruising around the room holding on to the couch. You are a FAST crawler, and we cannot keep our eyes off you for one second. You said Mama once and never again, still constantly say Dada over and over and over. You read books and point at stuff with your tiny little finger. You play solo so, so well and love building with your blocks. You have zero separation anxiety - you will let anyone in the world hold you and could care less when I drop you off at daycare. When we keep the nursery at church, you are totally fine with me holding other babies. You are great at mimicking sounds I make, especially squeals!  You are still our tiny girl weighing 17 lbs (20th percentile), but with a big ole noggin. You are wearing size 3 diapers, and 6-9/6-12 months clothes. 

You LOVE playing with Mama's makeup every morning!! You LOVE food and pretty much snack You LOVE looking at your self in the mirror and crack yourself up. You HATE the car seat most days until you inevitably fall asleep. You HATE having your diaper changed or really having to be still for anything. You LOVE Mickey Mouse and have a pretty awesome Hot Dog Song dance of your own :) You LOVE banging on anything - especially the closed toilet while I get ready in the mornings, ha! You LOVE the bath and HATE when it's time to get out. You LOVE FaceTiming with your Gigi and just cannot figure out where she is!! You LOVE daycare and Ms. Jenny so stinkin much- you literally scream every morning when you see her!! You HATE being told "No-No Maddie" which happens about every 2 minutes. 

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