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Weekend Wrap Up

Friday afternoon we hit up one of our go to sushi joints - B.A.D. Sushi! See those bags under my eyes/zero make up/matted hair... it was a LONG week. 

Maddie Jane LOVES sushi rice!! She would grunt away when I wasn't shoveling it in fast enough!! 

Y'all .. that hair flip!! Obsessed.

Of course this picture is a blur because our girl is ALWAYS on the move. But I had to capture THAT HAIR!! I am so stinkin happy she has a little bit more wave than her mama! 

Maddie finally went to sleep and parents were partyingggg. Not really, were in our pjs drowning our aches and pains from the week. AJ is currently finishing up an extra degree/certificate and I have been doing the work of two people since someone left the firm and we are WIPED.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early calling the dawgs!! 

Quick trip to the grocery store to pick up food for the week! 

Maddie napped during the game and Molly and I watched the awfulness play out.. 

After the ridiculously close game, we headed to the beach to lift our spirits! 

75 degree temps and the ocean air can turn ANY day around!! So lucky to live so close! 

We stopped by the Santa Monica pier for some drinks and a Maddie snack.

Molly was the sweetest pup the whole time! Snacking on dropped cheerios :) 

Love this man of mine that never makes me drive, ha! 

Sunday morning getting ready to go to church. That Noah's Ark smocked bubble... IN LOVE. #givemeallthesmockeddresses #andallthebigbows

Oh this sweet baby.. she is pure JOY.

Every. Single. Sunday. she falls asleep as we are pulling out of the church parking lot and we do grand circus moves trying to get her inside while keeping her asleep. 

When your high chair breaks, you have to improvise and eat at the high up table.. 

Molly caught some zzz's all afternoon long on the balcony while AJ and I scrubbed every single inch of the apartment. (It smells amazing and I can now barely raise my arms over my head...)

Caved and got my toes done after 5 weeks of holding out.. ha! Really trying to cut back around here!

Maddie loves "helping" her Daddy play the guitar. This picture was what I always had in mind when I dreamed of having AJ's children. My whole life right there.. 

Lastly.. Isn't it crazy that 15 years have passed since September 11, 2001?? It is the most tragic US event of my entire lifetime, but I have been so removed from it all.. I didn't have family or friends in New York or DC that day.. I wasn't a part of the relief efforts for years to come.. I have had some family/friends serve in the military since then, but thank the Lord they have all come home safe and sound.. So what do we do? How do we help? 

A basket full of names of the thousands of people that died on September 11th was passed around at church on Sunday. AJ and I grabbed these few.. If you were looking for something to do, someway to help, even after all these years, perhaps you could pray for these families with us...

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  1. Im loving all of the left hand pics ;) "heart eye emojis" as you would say! :) Love y'all!