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Friday Favorites!

You guys... we have turned the corner on the terrible twos and we see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is not perfect by any means... but we have less crying, and tantrums, and lashing out. I think it's the development of more words to tells us how she feels. We have had some of the sweetest moments lately and I am so so thankful! 

Kell and I have a rule to never go more than two weeks without seeing each other. And with all her work travel and personal travel (she jetted off to Italy for two weeks - poor girl, right!?) and then I was in Chicago..We went like a month!!! But last night we downed a bottle of wine and made homemade pizza and it was the BEST.

I started adding radishes to my avocado toast and holy YUM. That little crunch is just so dang good. Crazy how starting your day with such an amazing breakfast can really set the bar for a solid day.

Backyard reno phase two is done!!! This picture is from minutes after they got done and there is still dust everywhere, but we are so in love!!! Extending the patio and adding the walkway has improved it so insanely much. I can't even imagine how pleased we will be once we get the patio roof!! Bring on all the summer nights out there! 

5. I PASSED!!!!!!
I saved the best for last. After months and months of studying, I took the SHRM certification test today and passed!!!! It was so insanely hard and exhausting, but I am so dang proud!! Going to add those little initials to my LinkedIn profile right now!! 

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! I am gearing up my belly and liver for 12 hours of food and drink at ATL Food and Wine Festival with Bev!!!!! 

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  1. That toast looks delicious! I never would have thought to add radishes. What sauce is on it? You have such a cute blog! Congratulations on passing your HR test! My best friend is really high up on an HR board in my town and I know how much time she puts into it!

  2. Yay on being SHRM certified!! I can't wait to see how your patio progresses along.