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Hawaii {part 1}

We arrived to out hotel around 8pm and we were all whipped! But the leis and fresh juice perked little miss right up! We ordered some room service and were all asleep by 9, ha! What a looonggg travel day.

We had originally planned to come to Hawaii Sunday-Sunday, but when we found out AJ's graduation was on Thursday, we decided to head over early! Because we had booked our house for Sunday, we need to stay a couple nights in the resort on the property. 

And that little mishap turned out to be a great turn of events! Maddie Jane practically lived in the big resort pool, we had tons of fruity drinks brought to us poolside, and enjoyed the cabanas and water sports the resort had to offer. 

Sweet Honey offered to take MJ up for a nap and this guy and I had a little celebratory lunch beach side! 

This was my first of about 25 poke bowls hahaha! 

Post nap, Maddie Jane met some locals and just hopped right on their surf board! That girl doesn't meet a stranger and has zero fear. 

She is still NOT a fan of sand, and needed a blanket in order to play in it. Nasty sand exhibit A.

Nasty sand exhibit B.

 Exhibit C. "Bath Daddy!!!" .. and we spent the rest of the vacation at the pool, ha! 

While Honey picked everyone else up from the airport, we had dinner at the resort. 

If the wind is blowing, this girl WILL find an elevated surface and pretend she is Elsa. Every time.

The next morning, we were up bright and early for breakfast with everyone.

After breakfast, I paddle boarded around the lagoon. It's on My Bucket List to surf in Hawaii, but I didn't think that was such a great idea with my recent back problems..

And after lunch, my Mama arrived!!! 

And CC!! Maddie Jane is so stinkin in love with her CC.

That afternoon we were finally able to check into our house! And this is where you will see Maddie Jane for the next six days straight.

You guys.... this house was out of this world. Breathtaking in every sense of the word. 

The first evening we had a private chef come in to cook dinner and the timing was PERFECT! No one was ready to start prepping or cooking this early in the vacay.

Meanwhile Nico was teaching Maddie Jane to floss.. 

Our whole crew! Minus the sleeping babe who had tuckered out from all the swimming. 

This house was completely open from one end to the other. I was so nervous about Maddie Jane jumping in the pool in the middle of the night, but they had this great cover that was operated with a key. 

First up on the menu was poke! I could be Hawaiian. I swear. (We also had kampachi sliders and mushroom risotto not pictured.) 

AJ, Chip and I had the best time sitting at the counter watching the chef do his thing. 

And our waitress kept the drinks flowing (probably too much) all night long.

The main was steak, marinated tomatoes, and potato souffle.

And the grand finale was Thai black sticky rice cooked in coconut milk, with caramelized bananas. The meal and the experience were both such an amazing treat. (AND having someone else do the dishes, ha!) WHAT a way to start the first day all together in Hawaii! 

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  1. I could look at pics of her jumping in the pool all day!!! This looks like so much fun! I’m so glad y’all were able to get some MUCH needed and deserved R&R after the past 5 years of hard work and sacrifices from all💗