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Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!!  It's Friday and I'm linking back up with Narci, Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites!!

1. Fresh flowers! 
There is a farmers market by my office every Thursday and I am loving grabbing up an $8 bouquet each week for the dining room table. Just makes life a little brighter with fresh flowers in the room! 

2. My sleeping girl! 
We finally gave up the swaddle this week. We had been debating it for awhile due to the dangers of her rolling around so much.. and we finally gave in! Man oh man I was nervous this was going to be a disaster and she would wake up every few hours.. but our girl has done so well! Three nights in a row of sleeping through the night. (I know the second I publish this blog she isn't going to sleep through the night.. why do I do this to myself??)

3. Clothes from Gigi! 
I thought my mom was off her rocker back when I was pregnant and she got me a bunch of 6 month long sleeve shirts monogrammed. Didn't she know my baby would be 6 months during the summer?!? But silly me wasn't thinking of "May Grey" or "June Gloom". Yes folks, these are the awful months in California when it is overcast and in the freeeeezing 60s. Thank goodness for Gigi's crazines,s because all we have are shorts and tanks! (Side note, why is my picture quality awful in the nursery??)

4. My girl Kell Bell! 
She is here!!! Well she's almost here! She was at a conference in San Diego this week, so she planned to drive up to LA and see us while she was on the Left Coast. I am PUMPED for girl time/wine time/gossip time. I neeeeed this in my life so badly. 

5. This article.. 
I steer clear of politics on my blog. I really steer clear of politics in general, because I am so middle of the road that I can be pretty contradictory in identifying with the traditional Republican I always thought I was.. But this article.. it tugged on my Mama heart.. 

I have big aspirations for my kids.. I want them to do great, amazing things and empower then and cheer them on every step of the way. But if there is ONE thing in this whole wide world that I want my children to be, it is kind.

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