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Friday Favorites - Good Friday Edition

Hey, y’all!!  It's Friday and I'm linking back up with NarciErika and Andrea for Friday Favorites!!

1. Maddie Daddy Time
This girl.. She LOVES her Daddy. She is OBSESSED with him. Like Mama doesn't matter at all. Oh that lady that carried me for 9 months?? Who cares!! hahah But seriously, it warms my heart. Their bond is like no other. And my little girl sure is lucky to have a Daddy that is attentive and loving.

My babe never has to worry about if he will be there, if he loves her. She will never have to experience disappointment of him not following through with a promise to her. I sure did love him just as my husband, but becoming Maddie's Daddy makes me love him so much more. 

2. My Husband
And just to continue my mushiness... I come home Tuesday to THIS. He had not only planned me a day at the spa, he picked out what I was getting done and paid for it all in advance. SWOON people. I'm appreciated and loved and it's more than I could ever ask for.. 

3. Shopping Trips
This little chickadee is always up for a shopping trip with Mama. She LOVES her stroller. She is either giggling out of control or snoozing away. Thank goodness I had her expert opinion on Thursday to help me pick out a new dress for the charity event we are going to tonight!

4. Easter Surprises 
The Easter surprises just kept rolling in this week!! Mom went overboard on the Maddie Jane clothes. She has some SUPER cute bathing suits for the beach this summer!! And of course some chocolate for parents :)

Brittany sent Maddie the girl code essentials: graphic tee, plaid and denim. And the monogrammed bunny!! I die. Maddie Jane is so lucky to have some super sweet aunties in her life!! 

And E sent Maddie a singing bunny! It claps and sings and makes my girl squeal in excitement during diaper changes!

5. Good Friday
So, so happy to have the day off with my girl! It's sunny outside and we have on our tank tops, we had some Chik fil A for lunch and we are thanking the good Lord for dying for our sins on this special Friday. What a great day to be alive! Have a great Easter weekend everyone!!

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