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Weekend Wrap Up / Menu Monday

This weekend was the last weekend with absolutely no plans until JUNE! That's right I said JUNE. So we decided to take it easy! Friday night we went to our favorite sports bar Barneys to watch some basketball and see just how terrible our brackets could get (I am beating him 440-420 btw!) We have big stakes on our brackets.. unloading the dish washer for a month! #married

Saturday we hit up Chik fil A for breakfast (thanks for the gift card mom!) and did our usual early morning grocery shopping. After mounds of laundry and more basketball, I drug AJ to the mall to help me find an Easter dress. Four stores and no dress later, we indulged in some yummy Bibigo Hot Stone. We ended the day doing our favorite thing.. balcony sitting :)

Sunday we began our mission to find a home church in LA. I was raised Southern Baptist and AJ was raised Episcopalian; we are trying to find something in the middle to raise our family in. So, this week we tried out Vintage Church. I was drawn to it by their different mission opportunities and the small groups they had on their website. We didn't get the "feeling" that this is our church.. perhaps a little too contemporary for us - on to the next! After church, we had a DELICIOUS lunch at Sugar Fish and spent the rest of the afternoon napping and watching basketball. I found these cute flowers/herbs to FINALLY plant on our balcony in the pots we received for our wedding, oops! Fingers crossed I can keep these bad boys alive! 

Dinner Menu 3/22/15

Sunday: Cheeseburger Pizza
This is a throw back from the Pizza Inn days in Sandersville that Age and I have re-created. We do pizza dough in the bread machine - super easy and makes enough for two pizzas! We top it with ketchup, mustard, ground turkey, cheese then after baking add the lettuce, dill pickles and a little extra mustard. SO yummy!!

Monday: Breakfast for Dinner
Or as AJ calls it.. BFD. I think that is something from his FIJI days. We found some fresh cut bacon in the "managers special" section for $2! I always leave a spot on the weekly menu to be decided at the store with something on sale. Pairing it with eggs and homemade waffles!

Tuesday: Steak and Asparagus
I'm not a huge fan of read meat.. the taste or the price. We had a light on the pocket grocery week with not many house hold supplies, so we picked out some marbled rib eyes and some HUGE asparagus to go with. (note the goldfish for size comparison)

Wednesday: Potstickers
We are big fans of Asian food in the Pryor household. AJ loves flavoring as many dishes as possible with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. And well I just love sushi. We use this recipe with a few amendments, I can't do chili oil and don't really like cabbage. Always thankful for my in home chef to cook things to my liking :)

Thursday: Chicken Wings & Toss Salad 

I purchased one of the family size bags of raw frozen chicken wings/drumsticks several weeks ago and we're pulling it out to finish it off this week. AJ fries them then tosses them in his honey mustard sauce (recipe below). Pairing this with a toss salad makes the whole meal healthy, right?

AJ's Sweet Mustard Wing Sauce
Yellow Mustard
Dijon Mustard
Sweetener (honey, sugar, fruit preserve)
Melted Butter

Wish I could give you the amounts of each but AJ does everything to taste! Apparently it's "lots of" yellow mustard with a little of everything else. Just keep playing with it till it's to your liking :)


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