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Show and Tell Tuesday - Favorite Room in Your House

I mentioned in my original post I would be doing "Show and Tell Tuesdays" grabbed from one of my favorite blogs, Momfessionals. Because I have missed a few months and some of the posts did not apply to me, I decided to amend it a bit.
Today's post is favorite room in your house. We moved from our shoe box one bedroom apartment to a much more spacious two bedroom at the beginning of December. Our new place has proven itself over and over again to easily be the best decision we have made since getting married. I'm literally in love with every room in our new place, so it was pretty hard choosing a favorite. I decided to go with the room I spend the most time in, our living room. I start each day with a cup of coffee on the couch and end each day with a glass of wine in the exact same place. 

Sweet Molly loves her bed by the sliding glass door to catch some sun rays. 

I purchased this chair from Wayfair to fill the void after we took down the Christmas tree. No one really sits in it unless we have company, but it's cute right? 

It kills me to buy pillows. I HATE spending +$30 on decorative pillows that no one uses. But I knew (and my mother was constantly telling me) that I needed to had some life to my boring couch. We got the three big ones at Marshalls (AJ will never admit to helping me pick them out) and my Grandmother made the others. 

As much as I hated spending money on them, they seriously make me smile every day seeing them all in a row.  Our "Enjoy the Little Things"  pillow is quite ironic of my hatred for small purchases, huh? 

This collage is a work in progress. I am anxiously awaiting my mother's arrival (58 more days!!) to help me with this project. I would love for it to look like this or this. Planning on hitting up Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, TJ Maxx - y'all let me know if you have any other suggestions! 

One of the most bizarre parts of our living room is our wet bar with saloon doors and a ceiling to counter mirror. However, it is really nice to have the extra storage and makes for a cute drink area for when we have people over.

This gas fire place is one of my favorite parts of our apartment! Especially for those frigid Southern California nights when it drops all the way down to 50 degrees! Those TV cords, however, are the bane of AJ's existence. We have ordered approximately 75 different cable covers with no luck - either not wide enough or long enough or wrong color. There will be much rejoicing when we own a house and can stick those bad boys through the wall (among a million other things). 

Love having this special little area for Molly! The stinkin cute mat, bowls and toy basket all came from Marshall's. We get all of our dog stuff from there - SO much more affordable than Petsmart or Target. (For all you dog moms, the best find so far has been poop bags - like 200 for $4!)

By far the best part of our living room, is ending the day with this view from the couch. Watching the sunset over the palm trees with the glow from the cafe lights makes me SO SO happy. 


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