I'm A Hot Mess!

I am SO busy today, running around trying to get a million things done. Somehow I turned off my alarm last night? Thankfully I have a 17 pound fur ball that loves to kick me in the back every morning, so I was only 30 minutes late. I didn't have a blog planned for today (something that I have been fretting over for the past 12 hours), so this is just going to be a hodge podge. To ensure this doesn't happen again, I planned out every topic until June! I have some good stuff planned! 

THANK THE LORD tomorrow is Friday! 

This sweet family is taking their baby boy home today!! So so happy for them!! So ready to get my hands on that bundle of joy! 
This is what I'm wearing today.. Ready for jeans Friday tomorrow! 
Shirt was a gift and skirt is from Target. Clearly I have a Target shopping problem.. 

Speaking of Target.. The Lilly Pulitzer for Target look book came out today!! Some people had such an issue with Lilly doing a line for Target, but I think it's awesome! Not everyone can afford $400 summer dresses, and I think it's great the Average Joe  Jill can now have some Lilly in their closet! Look at this cute stuff!! All in the $30 range!

And speaking of affordable.. Ann Taylor Loft is having a 40% off sale!! I went there last night in the continuous hunt for my Easter dress. I was torn between two dresses, so I just left to consult my friends' opinions. I finally decided between the two this morning, logged on to order it, and found out everything was now on sale!! I would have been so ill if I had purchased it last night! I was torn between these two:

I found this selfie and note on my cell today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my nieces. I am so incredibly blessed that my brother and sister have not given me just one niece to love, but three!! Can't wait for my breakfast date with this diva next Friday!  

Yesterday, I got over 500 views!! Thank you to whoever you are!! Please keep coming back and sharing it with others. I hope to provide not only funny e-cards and ramblings of my life, but truly some good advice/recipes/design ideas you can use too! 


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