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March Little Things

Well since April is half way through.. prob should get these March little things up on the blog. Pretty soon I won't even remember the details - thanks pregnancy brain! That pic up above was from Iliza Shleshinger in Atlanta - Lexie gave me tickets for my birthday and then the date was moved to March. Fun little excuse to get down to Atlanta for the night! 

I LOVE this girl's personality. She is such a performer and loooooves being the center of attention. Poor baby brother doesn't stand a chance. We joke he won't talk until he is three! 

On Dr. Seuess' birthday, Pamela and I took MJ and Lily to a story/craft time in Davidson. The girls had sooo much fun! Love their little relationship! 

Gigi sent Maddie Jane a big box of new spring clothes and this rainbow skirt with pockets is BY FAR her favorite! 

She has insists on braids almost every day lately for school to match her best friend, Wynter. I struggled at first with her super fine hair, but I'm getting pretty dang good if I say so myself! 

Every single day. Can't stop. Won't stop with the homemade yogurt parfaits! 

The guy is at the grocery store and it cost ONE PENNY to ride. Solid investment/bribe to get Maddie Jane to behave in the store. 

We started swim class in March. You can read all about Maddie's big week HERE.

We had some hibachi for a weekend dinner.. which is ALWAYS a treat around here! 

And started soccer! It's over now- just a 5 week intro class- MJ did great, but I think we will stick to solo sports for awhile :) 

We went to brunch at our favorite restaurant - Block Bistro - three times in March. Ooops! 

Daddy jamming and Mommy getting huge... 

We met some princesses that you can read about back HERE.

AJ and I went on a parents' only weekend to Charlottesville that you can read about back HERE

We've enjoyed the weather warming up! Soaking up alllllll the 70s weather before we are in the 90s! 

There was a gigantic consignment sale up here (over 80,000 items!!!) and I racked up on stuff. ALLLLL this (mostly Polo and Gap) for $50!

My side kick... doing what she does best.. 

Maddie Jane is in a stage where whoever is beside her is her "best friend" -- on this day, it was Molly!

Our neighbor Clara turned 4 and Maddie Jane went to their house for a birthday dinner! 

Then celebrated again the next day at her friend birthday party! These two are soooo cute together! 

And the weather turned back cold and I was back in my uniform. I have worn these same leggings almost every single day with a rotation of 4 shirts. Today it's going to be 80 though!! I'm breaking out my shorts and tanks! 

Naps are rare for MJ these days, so I love snapping a pic. Especially when it includes her best friend Molly.

And rounding off the month in Sandersville for two showers that you can read about HERE!

Per usual, I'm going to do some marathon blogging. So check back here tomorrow and Friday!! 

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