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Big Week of FIRSTS

That picture up there describes how Maddie Jane felt about last week. It was a BIG week in the Pryor house, with a bunch of firsts. Thank goodness Gigi is coming this week, because I don't think Mama can compete with all the excitement we had! 

First up we had our very first swim class! We did a mommy/me type class in LA, but it was really just exposure, not learning to swim. With this class, she went in the pool by herself, and I watched behind a glass wall. When I told her we signed up for it, she asked me pretty much every hour if it was time for swim class.

I'm pretty sure her cheeks were sore from all the smiling she did during those 30 minutes. That girl is FEARLESS. Afterwards, the teacher came to let me know how the class went. She said with most kids, they are getting them comfortable and not scared.. with Maddie Jane we have to work on her actually having reservation until she is a strong swimmer, ha! 

As soon as class was over, she asked if we could come back again the next day. Safe to say... Wednesdays are her favorite day of the week now :) 

We unintentionally had two new sports start all in the same week. About a month ago, we signed Maddie Jane up for a 5 week soccer league called 3 and Easy. It's totally for fun, no actual games, just teaching kids the basics. 

Again, this girl couldn't stop giggling with anticipation of trying something new! It was a chilly, foggy morning, but that didn't damper her spirits a bit! 

They asked for parent volunteers and Age was a "tiger" .. the kids chased him around trying to steal his "tail". 

And she scored her first goal!! The coach is absolutely amazing with the kids. He totally hams it up, and makes them feel like superstars! 

She LOVED soccer, but her first words off the field were... "Mommy, I'm really dirty. I need to take a bath and put on my jammies." Oh my diva girl. Never change. 

And to really top off this wiz bang of a weekend, we went to our first princess party with Lily! We dressed for the occassion as Elena of Avalor! 

It was the sweetest little event.. the princesses showed them how to curtsy, wave, and twirl like a princess. 

We got to meet and greet with each of the four princesses that were there. And Maddie Jane promptly talked their ears off! haha

Maddie Jane thinks Lily hung the moon. These two are the cutest together! 

One of Maddie Jane's favorites - Rapunzel! She tells me almost daily how she will have Rapunzel hair soon.

 The smiles! Oh it was just the sweetest little morning event! 

Belle did a story time, Moana did some games, and Rapunzel did a dance party! 

And I promptly started researching Disney cruises after all this fun! 

Fam pictures are rare these days! Thankful for Pamela snagging this one for us.

And that was a whooooolle lot of excitement and firsts for one week. I think we need to spend the next month exclusively on the playground or at home to bring it all down a notch around here. HA

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