In Gigi Maddie Jane Parties Weekends

Weekend in Sandersville

Last weekend we headed down to Sandersville for a baby shower AND a wedding shower. Love when things work out like that :) On Friday night, Grandma cooked a huge spread and then we topped it off with Dairy Lane of course! Amanda and Barrett were there too and I can't believe I have zero pics of Maddie and "Farrett". 

First shower up - my bestie's baby shower! We hosted it in Milledgeville and appropriately had a nautical theme for these coastal water lovin folks. 

Gigi brought Maddie Jane a little later and she was on her best behavior. Love that girl of mine and that we have finallyyyy turned the corner of the terrible twos! 

It was totally unplanned to be pregnant together (she wasn't trying and I was trying for over a year), but how stinkin special is it that we are both having boys within two months of each other!? 

We rested up all afternoon at Grandma's house before the next shower. Please note the pose, and the new dress she got from Gigi for being such a sweet girl, haha

Shower number two was a couple's wedding shower for Brent and Kayley. Love being able to hop down to my hometown for special things like this! 

Meanwhile... Maddie Jane was with the fam at Herb's. Apparently she ate grits, shrimp, hushpuppies, AND fish. That tiny little girl can put away some food! 

On Sunday morning we were up and out the door by 10am heading back to North Carolina. It will never be lost on me getting to hop down to Georgia to spend time with family and friends. Counting down to the next one! 

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  1. That is so special you and your friend are expecting baby boys so close! Loved your bump outfits!