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Mom's Retirement

Last Wednesday Mom celebrated her last day at OFTC after working for over 30 years with the state of Georgia. I am so incredibly proud of my mom retiring at the insanely young age of 53!! She has worked her butt off moving up the ranks in the state's HR world, and there were so many sweet faces in that room to show for it! 

This sweet guy calls my Mom his own. She has led and guided him through a lot over the years. They have the sweetest bond - and I'm pretty sure he was a little teary eyed! 

And here is a big pic drop of the real star of the party. She loves her Gigi BIG. 

"Whose buddy are you? I'm Gigi's buddy!!"

Mom and sweet Noah! He wasn't going to miss an opportunity to party! 

Teresa was my second mom growing up - and crazy thing they both retired early within ONE day of each other from different tech colleges! 

Four generations of some pretty strong women.. Maddie girl is SO lucky to be in this club.

These are my people. We loved getting to celebrate the boss lady that keeps us all in line! 

She is leaving some insanely big shoes to fill as the HR Director at our local technical college. I hope I leave half the impressions on people at the workplace as she has..

And today, she starts a new journey! She is pretty much doing the exact same job, but at a technical college in South Carolina. For the past 4 years she has lived in a different state than her husband knowing it would all be worth it. (Hellooooo pension!) And now she is FINALLY moving to the Palmetto State, filling up a new home near the water with so many memories, and has a whole new group of employees to leave lasting impressions on. I'm SO PROUD of you Mom and I love you to the moon and back! 

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