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Miscellaneous Monday

Hey hey! I am back from a jammed pack weekend that I will get to blogging about eventually. But until then, let me get a bunch of miscellaneous things up now! I was so happy to see this cute image this morning and run with the inspiration! Sit back, it's going to be a long one.

Rewind a couple weeks, and Maddie Jane was living her best life at Grandma camp! 

She ate all the ice cream and saw alllll the baseball, and got to spend a ton of time with her favorite person, Peyton Turner.

She got to spend one day with Anna Kat and Sarah too! LOVE that the girls I babysat in high school now love on my girl! Really special, full circle stuff right there. 

(She even got to drink out of this special cup for pee pee'ing in the potty. Have I mentioned that SHE IS POTTY TRAINED!? Thank the Lord, hallelujah!!!) 

I took advantage of having a toddler free house to organize all the things. I ordered a label maker and a bajillion plastic boxes and got to town. 

New medicine "cabinet"...

This closet doesn't look spectacular but you REALLY should have seen the before. I was too embarrassed to even take a pic, ha! 

Our outdoor tool cabinet is my fav! SO nice finally being able to find anything I need.

And on our last night of freedom, we had the best date night! Was totally feeling this outfit I put together, ha 

If you're a local, St Cecila is a must. It's been on my list for forever, and it did NOT disappoint. 

And just one more, because date nights are rare. And I love this guy a ton.

I also got a mani/pedi and had lunch with Bev! 

Maddie Jane arrived back home to a bunch of new dress up clothes from Honey. And she pretty much hasn't taken this Elsa outfit off since! 

So.. on our way back from getting Maddie Jane from Gigi, we got stuck in traffic on i20. Maddie was getting a little stir crazy, so I rolled down the windows and we were dancing to Disney radio. And then we started moving again and MJ accidentally let her beloved Peng go out the window. I tried turning around to get him, but he was in the middle of traffic on the interstate and there was just NO way. You guys... Maddie cried, I cried, I'm even tearing up writing this now. Honey got Peng on her cruise to Antarctica and he has been pretty much EVERY where with us. AJ quickly hopped online and ordered a new one. but Maddie Jane instantly knew he wasn't the same. So if anyone sees our beloved Peng on the side of i20 north, around exit 68, please send him to us... I'll love you forever!!


We've had several pool days with our bestie, Natalie.

We traded out our carpet downstairs for hardwood and I couldn't love them more! Now to find rugs/runners...

And a new TV! Our old one was pretty small and not great quality, and we couldn't be happier with this new one! (And PS it's on sale at Bust Buy - it's a sony)

It's been so dang hot outside, we have been inside a ton! Which pretty much always involves Maddie Jane saying, "Alexa, play Let it Go!" and having a dance party with her Daddy.

And lastly... I'm going to leave you with a big ole photo dump of Maddie Jane and her sass. I can't even put into words how sassy, dramatic, and over the top this girl is - no clue where she gets it from, ha! I couldn't love her more if I tried!! 

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