Paige’s Wedding Weekend

Sorry I have been MIA guys. I finally woke up this morning without a headache for the first time in NINE days. I finally just had to result to getting shots to knock the bad boy out. Whorst headache of my life. So anywho, I'm finally back! And want to do a quick recap of my best friend's wedding weekend. I was SO terrible at taking pictures while chasing a two year old, but here's what I got :)

We started Friday morning out with the Bridesmaids Luncheon. Maddie Jane did great and ate everything on her fancy china like a champ. 

I brought five dresses for the weekend and ended up wearing Katie's at the last minute, ha! I really wanted to wear these fun earrings! 

We did this really cool New Orleans tradition called a "pull cake". Each string had a charm on the end that gave us our fortune for the coming year. I pulled the stork and I am pleased as punch about that (and I think all the other girls were sighing with relief that I pulled it too! haha)

Banks was so enamored with Maddie Jane. He was just the sweetest with her :) 

Best attempt at a Mommy Maddie pic... 

Pictures are quite the struggle these days.. HA

And she was out! She slept for three whole hours after that eventful morning! (Complete with her new shoes from Auntie Paige and Bride Bear!)

Next up was the rehearsal. Aren't these flower girls just the sweetest little things ever!? 

Gigi took Maddie Jane home and we had a fun parents night at the rehearsal dinner. Ross did it in his renovated office downtown Milledgeville and it was to DIE FOR.

Forever wedding date .. he's pretty dreamy :) 

We stayed at Paige's lake house that night and work up to a yummy brunch with bloody marys and mimosas! 

LOVED my hair!

And these sweet babies played so well waiting on the ceremony to start. 

Maddie Jane saw all the people and sprinted ahead of the other flower girls to walk down the aisle. She TOTALLY thought Kayley was her Mama. (Might I add she has a dinner roll in her hand....)

And this was the 15 seconds of her standing on the dock then promptly leaving the wedding with AJ. Ya win some, you lose some... 

Post wedding fun - I think this should be our Christmas card picture, ha! 

I mean isn't this bride just DREAMY!? Her wedding day was the most gorgeous event I have EVER been too. Props to her vision and Ms Cemory making it come to life. 

This band was AMAZING. Seriously best band I have ever heard at a wedding. (And that iPhone photography just never ceases to amaze me..)

And that's a wrap! I will be back for What's Up Wednesday tomorrow and hopefully a two year well visit recap soon too. Life is SO CRAY right now. Can't wait to tell you all about it :) 

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