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Cruise Part 1: Barbados | St. Lucia

After my last day of work at Ares, we had a red eye flight to join E on the Crystal Serenity for 10 amaaazzzing days in the Caribbean. 

Maddie watched a little bit of Barney, then she slept the entire way to Miami! The flight from Miami to Barbados wasn't as smooth, but we survived!! 

After a missing bag, we FINALLY made it to the ship to be greeted by this bottle of champagne from our travel agent and a niiiice hot bath. 

We wasted no time and were ready in time for dinner with Honey!! 

Little girl didn't take long at all to get use to the amazing Crystal service. Our server, Lily, quickly found out Maddie's favorites, and had them waiting for us every single night. She was a GEM and the only we way we made it through 10 nights of over an hour long dinner!! 

Ahhh SO happy to finally be on the ship!! (E had been on since February, so I think she was a little excited to have some dining partners :))

I woke up around 6am and AJ and Maddie were still snoozing (she slept through the night!!). So I snuck out to grab some coffee solo. 

And all the Mamas said amen. First day of vacation and FUNemployment and I was having coffee right by myself on a ship in Barbados. Talk about a pinch me moment. 

Maddie girl had her first of a million fruit plates. 

And I had my first (of many, eek!!) spa appointments. I got my teeth whitened! It was a little uncomfortable, but I am happy with the results. Probs should cut back on the coffee and red wine to keep the pearly whites! 

The ship was still docked in Barbados, so we hopped off to do a little exploring. 

A local trying to get us to take a tour via Maddie. Wonder what's going through that little mind!! 

Back on the ship for our first of a bajillion cups of ice cream. 

Dinner night two - we all made it to the dining room! 

The next morning we woke up in St. Lucia!! 

E had an excursion booked, so we took a cab to a popular beach. Maddie Jane was knocked out by the time we got there! 

We let her snooze a little bit while we took in the insanely gorgeous views. 

This is her token "OH" face! haha She was amazed at the waves. 

But not amused with the sand. She REFUSES to put her feet in the sand!! 

But wants to be in the water so badly!! So most of the day was spent like this.. 

The three of us spent about 2 hours on the beach before heading back to the ship. It was the perfect amount of time to soak up with beauty and time together before any meltdowns occurred. ha 

Back on the ship, we discovered Maddie is OBSESSED with blueberries. So blueberry room service with Mr. Pengiun happened more times than I can count.. 

Night three we had a babysitter and went to the Italian restaurant with E. Ever since we were on the ship back in 2013, I have been dreaming of that beef carpaccio. And let me tell ya. It was EXACTLY as amazing as I remembered.. 

I will be back with more tomorrow!! 

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