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Cruise Part 2: Martinique | St. Barts

We woke up bright and early and were still cruising toward Martinique, Fort de France. Man oh man waking up to this is so relaxing. 

Every morning we would order room service coffee for us and blueberries for Maddie. And let me tell ya, I could get used to that life. 

Finally we arrived at this interesting little port while we were having breakfast! 

And we hopped right off to explore! 

All we really wanted to do was find a beach! So we found this tiny little one after walking past some shops. 

Maddie, Daddy, and the Crystal Serenity! 

After a quick swim, we walked around looking at Maddie's favorites... birds ("Buh!")! 

We got back on board, had a long nap, and had reservations at Silk Road (Nobu!!). 

AJ and his super tiny spoon haha. Maddie had a meltdown and E was gracious enough to take her up to bed and let Age and I have dinner. 

We decided to take advantage of Honey being with Maddie and watched our favorite guitarist in the Avenue Saloon. 

The next morning our girl was still knocked out when the sun came up in St. Barts!! 

E and I had talked to the concierge and arranged for us to have day passes at a resort on St. Barts. And ohhhh myyyy gooooodness, it absolutely exceeded our expectations. 

This is Maddie's TA DA!! Maddie and I hung out in our tiki hut while AJ and E enjoyed their included massage at the spa! 

Those piggies. This island. I can't think of much more that I love more!!! 

Had to put a towel down so she would put her feet on the ground!! HAHA 

Next up I had my massage and we all headed to our lunch that was included as well. (This day pass was AMAZING. I can't say enough about the Guanahani Resort in St. Barts. GO. NOW.)

Maddie Jane has never fallen asleep anywhere other than her crib/pack n play/carseat/stroller.. So this much needed nap was a feat!! But after a little soothing, she fell asleep in my arms and I was in HEAVEN. 

Not too shabby of a place for a nap, huh? 

Y'all. That portrait setting on the new iPhone 7 is AMAZING. 

I'm still thinking about this salmon tartar. Top 3 best things I had on vacation. 

Maddie woke up and had some pizza and shrimp and of course... ice cream! 

We headed back to the beach for a couple more rays.. If only you could see her face in this picture. She is SO mad that I set her right down in the sand, ha! 

Picture attempt with Mom #1... 

Picture attempt #2... 

And third time is a charm! 

Love this little family of mine and this island. Of all the places we visited, this is the ABSOLUTE must go back location. I cannot say enough good things about St. Barts. 

After a long day in the sun, we decided to head to a more casual dinner at Taste. (Side note: at least 45% of the cruise was spent watching Maddie Jane climb stairs. She could not get enough, ha!)

And little girl LOVES limes (???). They were a big component in keeping her happy waiting on food!! 

She still had some energy after a loooonnggg nap, so we headed up to Palm Court for some dancing! Then called it a night after our self proclaimed, BEST DAY of the entire trip. 

Part three (and maybe four?) coming tomorrow!! 

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